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					                     KCC’s Associate of Science Degree in Accounting
                    UH-Hilo’s Bachelor of Business Administration Degree

            University of Hawaii at Hilo                        Kapiolani Community College
 UHH courses in Bold have no KCC equivalent and        KCC Courses in Bold may be taken as part of the A.S
               must be taken at UHH                                      requirements
                                          General Education (46 CR)
Communication Skills
ENG 100,         Expository Writing;
100T or ESL      Expository Writing, with Tutorial  ENG 100,      Expository Writing;
100              Expository Writing/Nonnative       ESL 100       Expository Writing, Guided
ENG 209          Writing for Business               ENG 209       Business And Managerial Writing
COM 251          Public Speaking                    SP 251        Principles of effective public speaking
Quantitative Reasoning
MATH 104F,       Pre-Calculus I: Elementary         MATH 133,     Pre-Calculus I
                 Functions                          135,          Elementary Functions
115,             Applied Calculus                   203 or        Calculus for Business and the Social
205 or higher    Calculus I or higher               higher        Sciences
QBA 260          Business Statistics
                 Art, English,
                                                    3 CR          A.S. Arts & Humanities Elective
                 Hawaiian/Indigenous Studies,
2 courses
                 Languages, Linguistics,
(6 CR)                                                            Additional course in a different Humanities
                 Performing Arts, Philosophy, or    3 CR
                 Religious Studies                                area
Social Sciences
                                                                  Principles of Economics
ECON 130         Introduction to Microeconomics     ECON 130
1 course
                 ANTH, PSY, or SOC                  3 CR          A.S. Social Sciences Elective
(3 CR)
1 course                                                          Additional course in a different Social
                 Any other Social Science area      3 CR
(3 CR)                                                            Science area
Natural Sciences
                                                    3 CR          A.S. Natural Sciences Elective
3 courses + 1    Three different Natural Sciences
                                                    7 Add’l CR    Additional course in a different Natural
lab (10 CR)      areas
                                                                  Sciences areas, including 1 lab
World Cultures
                 Two of AG 230, ANTH 100, ENG
2 courses                                           2 courses     Two of ANTH 152 or 200, ENG 253 0r 254,
                 253 0r 254, GEOG 102, HIST 151,
(6 CR)                                              (6 CR)        GEOG 102, HIST 151, 152, REL 150
                 152, KIND 240
                                  Pre-Business Core Requirements (15 CR)
ACC 250          Financial Accounting               ACC 201       Introduction to Financial Accounting
ACC 251          Managerial Accounting              ACC 202       Introduction to Managerial Accounting
BUS 240          Business Law                       BLAW 200      Legal Environment of Business
                                                                  Principles of Economics
ECON 131         Introduction to Macroeconomics     ECON 131
ECON 300 OR Intermediate Microeconomics
340              or Money and Banking
                                    Business Core Requirements (27 CR)
FIN 320          Principles of Business Finance
                 Management, Organizations,
MGT 300
                 and Human Behavior
                 International Business
MGT 333
MGT 423 or       Business and Society or
PHIL 323         Professional Ethics
MKT 310          Principles of Marketing
QBA 360          Management Science
QBA 361          Operations Management
                 Management Information
QBA 362
MGT 490          Strategic Management
                                  Upper-Division Business Electives (18 CR)
Any 300 or 400 level ACC, BUS, FIN, MGT,
MKT, QBA, TOUR courses. (May use one ECON
                             General Electives (15 CR in non-business courses)
                                                    ENG 160       Business And Technical Writing
Any non-business courses, at any level.             ITS 102 or    Information Technology Tools
                                                    ICS 101       Business Tools For The Information Age