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					Holder of the Certificate of                       Do not fill in this area. This will be done by
                                                   the Office of the Public Trustee.
Purchase Affidavit                                                                                       San Miguel County
Foreclosure Sale No.: _____________________
                                                   Total Due to CP Holder: $__________________       Office of the Public Trustee
                                                   Public Trustee Fee: $______________________
Amount of Bid at Sale: $___________________
                                                   Total to Redeem: $_______________________
Interest @ _____%: $_____________________
                                                   Figures Good Thru: ______________________
Additional Charges: $_____________________

Allowed charges under C.R.S. 38-38-301 for
which I have provided the attached invoice or
                                                   Please be advised that the office of the San
Total Due to CP Holder: $__________________        Miguel County Public Trustee does not give
                                                   legal advice. This brochure has been created
                                                                                                     Proper Charges
Per Diem: $__________

The undersigned swears and affirms that the
                                                   as an INFORMATIONAL tool for citizens; it is
                                                   NOT intended to serve as legal advice. Parties   that a Certificate
                                                   in need of legal advice are encouraged to
foregoing amount to redeem is true and correct.    conduct their own investigation into the
                                                   foreclosure process and/or seek legal counsel
                                                                                                       of Purchase
_______________________________________            in the private sector.
Holder of the Certificate of Purchase                                                                 Holder May
The foregoing affidavit has been subscribed and
affirmed, or sworn to before me in the County of                                                       Include in a
San Miguel, State of Colorado this ______ day
of _______________, 20____.                               Janice M. Stout                             Redemption
                                                        San Miguel County
Notary Public
                                                          Public Trustee                                 Amount
                                                      305 West Colorado Ave.
My Commission Expires: __________________                   PO Box 488
                                                        Telluride, CO 81435                                    2009 Edition
                    (SEAL)                                       (970) 728-4451
                                                               Fax (970) 728-4397
                                                      Website: www.sanmiguelcounty.org
                                                   E-mail: eforeclosures@sanmiguelcounty.org
C.R.S. 38-38-301 & 302 – Effective for all            property and any governmental or quasi-               allowable and shall be included in the statement
foreclosures started after January 1,                 governmental lien, fine, penalty, or assessment       of redemption if such amounts have not been
2008.                                                 against the property;                                 included in a prior bid or statement of
                                                      (III) The premiums on any property, casualty,         redemption. . If such amounts in 38-38-107 (I)
After the receipt of notice that an intent was        general liability, or title insurance acquired to     thru (VIII) have not been included in a prior bid
filed; the holder of the Certificate of Purchase      protect the holder’s interest in the property or      or statement of redemption, they can be included
shall submit a signed and acknowledged                improvements on the property;                         also.
statement with the Public Trustee no later than       (IV) Sums due on any prior lien or encumbrance
thirteen (13) business days following the date of     on the property, including the portion of an          C.R.S. 38-38-302 (3)(b)
sale. The statement must specify all sums             assessment by a homeowners’ association that
necessary to redeem as of the statement, plus the     constitutes a lien prior to the lien being            If the holder of the Certificate of Purchase fails
per diem interest accrued and rate of interest        foreclosed; except that any principal that would      to submit the written statement to the Public
accrual. The statement may be amended from            not have been due in the absence of acceleration      Trustee within the period specified then the
time to time, but in no event may the statement       shall not be included in the sum due unless paid      Public Trustee shall calculate the amount
be amended after the second (2) business day          after the expiration of the time to cure the          necessary to redeem by adding the successful
prior to the commencement of the redemption           indebtedness pursuant to this article;                bid and the accrued interest from the date of sale
period. The redemption amount must be as              (V) If the property is subject to a lease, all sums   through the redemption date. The estimate of
follows:                                              due under the lease;                                  accrued interest shall be calculated by
                                                      (VI) The reasonable costs and expenses of             multiplying the amount of the bid by the regular
1. The amount that was bid as sale.                   defending, protecting, securing, and maintaining      rate of annual interest specified in the evidence
2. Interest from the date of sale. Such interest      and repairing the property and the holder’s           of debt, deed of trust or mortgage, divided by
     shall be charged at the default rate if          interest in the property or the improvements on       three hundred sixty-five (365), and then
     specified or the regular rate specified in the   the property, receiver’s fees and expenses,           multiplied by the number of days from the sale
     evidence of debt, deed of trust, or mortgage.    inspections fees, court costs, attorney fees, and     date through the date of redemption.
3. Fees and costs include but are not limited to      fees and costs of the attorney in the employment
     the following amounts that have been paid        of the owner of the evidence of debt;                 Any redemption based on an estimate by the
     or incurred.                                     (VII) Costs and expenses made pursuant to a           Public Trustee as described above shall
     (a) Cost and expenses allowable under the        valid order from a court of competent                 constitute a full redemption and shall be deemed
     evidence of debt, deed of trust, or other lien   jurisdiction to bring the property and the            to by payments of all sums which the holder of
     being foreclosed.                                improvements on the property into compliance          the Certificate of Purchase is entitled. The
     (b) Reasonable attorney fees and the costs       with the federal state, county, and local laws,       Public Trustee shall have no liability with
     incurred by the holder or the attorney for the   ordinances, and regulations affecting the             respect to any action required.
     holder in enforcing the evidence of debt, the    property, the improvements on the property, or
     deed of trust, or other lien being foreclosed    the use of the property; and                          As the Holder of a Certificate of Purchase it is
     or in defending, protecting and insuring the     (VIII) Other costs and expenses that may be           your responsibility to be informed and
     holder’s interest in the foreclosed property     permitted by the deed of trust, mortgage or other     knowledgeable of the Colorado Revised Statutes
     or any improvements on the property,             lien securing the debt or that may be authorized      regarding the foreclosure process.
     including but no limited to:                     by a court of competent jurisdiction.
(I) All expenses actually incurred by the office                                                            A copy of the Colorado Revised Statutes may be
conducting the sale;                                  4. The fees and costs listed above if incurred        purchased through Bradford Publishing at 1-
(II) Any general or special taxes or ditch or         by the holder of the certificate of purchase or       800-446-2831      or    their    website    at
water assessments levied or accruing against the      redemption at the time of filing the statement are    www.bradfordpublishing.com.

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