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									?Diaper rash is a very ordinary condition that can reason a baby's skin to turn into
sore, red, scaly, and tender.

The rash more often than not occurs since the skin is provoked by soiled diapers that
are left on for too long; resistance from the diaper; or certain brands of detergent,
soaps, or baby wipes on sensitive skin.

Diaper rash is a widespread term representative any skin annoyance (regardless of
cause) that develop in the diaper-covered region.

Synonyms include diaper dermatitis (dermatitis = inflammation of the skin), napkin
(or "nappy") dermatitis and ammonia dermatitis. While there are a more than a few
broad categories of causes of diaper rash, contact annoyance is the most ordinary

Diaper rashes are rash in the diaper area of babies typically caused by dirty diapers
that are left on too long, or by the use of brands of detergents or soaps or baby wipe
that don't suit the baby.

This online group on diaper rash will let you contact other parents and pediatricians
and professional who can help you and your baby cope with diaper rash and other

Causes of Diaper Rash

Most common cause for diaper rash is custody the moist diaper on your baby's body
for long time as the damp diaper (because of baby's urine) come in contact with the
baby's skin and makes it bad-tempered and develops skin rashes.

Bad quality or ill-fitted diapers do not let the air to pass in and your child feels
irritating and moist in. This also leads to diaper rash.

Symptoms of a Diaper Rash

1. Red, itchy, scaly rash patch in the diaper area and legs
2. Redness approximately the anus
3. Bright red and tender rash and/or spots in the folds flanked by the thighs and
4. Deep red rash with yellowish scales

Treatment of Diaper Rash

Almost all babies will get diaper rash a little bit in their young years. It is one of the
most normal belongings that come about to them and it does not denote in any way
you are a bad parent.
There are a few chief causes of diaper rash that you be supposed to be aware of.

1. First of all your baby may be responsive to the urine.
2. They may also be responsive to certain types of diapers.
3. If you are by cloth diapers they may be allergic to the soap that you are washing
them in.
4. If you leave a dirty diaper on your baby too long.
5. If their diapers are too small.
6. Some rashes are even cause by some bacterial infection.

Home Remedies for Diaper Rash

1. Let your baby be with no a diaper for 15-30 minutes a few times a day.

2. Wash the baby's underneath with warm water and dry well. Then spread Vegetable
Oil on the baby's diaper rash.

3. Put unwrap tea bags in the baby's diaper, to heal the rash within 1 day (Beware! it
will turn the baby's bottom brown).

4. Fill up the baby's tub with water and add several oatmeal. Put the baby in the bath
and wash the region that has the diaper rash for 15 minutes.

5. Mix corn starch and Vaseline to make a paste and spread on the baby's diaper rash

6. Cook some flour in a boiling pan on medium heat; keep sift the flour with a fork
until it turns light fair-haired brown. At each diaper change, sprinkle a little bit on the
baby's bottom. You be supposed to see results within 2-3 days.

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