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					?Babies grow an incredible amount during their first year of life. Growth, naturally,
means buying baby clothes that will fit during that time. Below are some practical tips
that will help you when shopping.

Don't buy necessarily according to size. As you probably noticed at your baby shower,
you were given clothes that vary in size. This is so your baby will have something to
wear on a weekly and monthly basis. The sizes marked on the clothes, as with
garments for adults, do not always match up accordingly. That is why it is okay to buy
larger sizes. If they don't fit your baby yet, they will very soon. This is especially true
of shirts and one piece outfits.

Consider unisex clothes. Many parents do this when they begin the buying process
before the baby is born. It isn't a bad idea and will give you time to purchase a good
amount of clothes in advance.

Buy items that are on sale. Even if the clothes are too big now, they won't be in the
future. Infants generally won't complain about the baby clothes they wear as long as
they are comfortable. This means you can buy clothes for a one-year-old although
your baby is only six months old. Another perk is that baby clothes are generally
regarded as adorable no matter what style they are, so you won't have to worry about
this year's clothes being out of fashion when next year rolls around.

Give yourself some Leigh weigh when predicting sizes for next winter or summer. All
babies grow at different rates, so try not to purchase important items such as coats too
far in advance. After all, you wouldn't want the coat to fit just right the following

Keep your budget in mind. If you are on a tight budget, you might want to consider
buying baby clothes a little at a time. You were probably given a good amount at your
various baby showers, so you should be set for a while. Still, it doesn't hurt to begin
purchasing clothes the baby is born. If you do not know the sex, make sure they are
unisex items, but if you do, you will know what colors and types of items to buy.
Purchase as you go along and look for stores that carry quality items at lower prices.
You don't need to pay for a brand. Quality if more important and if you can get it at
the right price, that's even better.

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