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									?According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the majority of stroller
accidents are caused by tipping. Whether caused by standing children, or unbalanced
loads, the result is usually an abrasion or laceration.

However, a much more serious accident that doubles in number each year, is one
involving a motor vehicle and a stroller. Every year, hundreds of children are
seriously injured or killed by otherwise cautious drivers that simply do not see a child
stroller in a crosswalk or a parking lot.

Picture this real-life scenario:
You’re waiting at the cross walk with your baby in a stroller, trying to peek
over the car parked on the side of the road to see if it’s clear so that you and
your baby can cross safely.

It looks all clear. You push your stroller in front of you, and as the stroller is emerging
from behind the parked car suddenly a car or truck comes speeding down the street or
around the corner.

The driver does not see the stroller because it’s below his eye level, the driver
does not see you because you are blocked by the parked car, the driver has no idea
that your stroller and your baby are in his path.

After a near miss of his own, Brett Cohen, a New York father of three, felt compelled
to find a solution.

With the go ahead from his wife, he started development on the Stroller Safety Flag.
During the development process, Mr. Cohen continued hearing stories of tragedies
from all over the U.S., and with news of each tragedy, he poured more time and
resources into his invention.

The purpose of the Stroller Safety Flag is to slightly lead the stroller so the flag is
seen before the stroller emerges. It mounts quickly, easily, and securely on all models
of strollers through the use of a patent pending universal device. It can even be
mounted horizontally to jogging strollers to prevent cars from getting too close.

Indoors, the flag can be instantly shortened to half its height.
The Stroller Safety Flag is also useful for ride-on toys, bicycles, and wheelchairs.

Useful resource of stroller safety flag for dads.

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