Avon Review; Is It A Scam

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					?Avon began more than 120 years ago, in 1886, by David McConnell. He wanted to
bring his perfumed products directly to its customers. When the company was first
formed, is was actually called the California Perfume Company. The name was
eventually changed to Avon after McConnell visited Shakespeare's home in
Stratford-upon-Avon. Avon has been a household name for so long hence, the Avon
scam rumor is most absolutely false.

The first official representative for Avon was a woman and this set the pace for the
company now known as "the company for women". The majority of representatives
are within, even though men are welcome to join the company as well.Avon is
actually the largest direct selling company in the world and they have over 5 million
representatives in more than 100 countries. The company empowers women and
allows them to work from home and earn whatever income they desire. Unfortunately
from a recruiting standpoint, since mostly women are involved with Avon, this
eliminates half of the population of potential recruits.

People interested in becoming Avon representatives have a one-time investment of
only $10. Few would have difficulty coming up with the initial startup cost of $10.
Money is made by moving product recruiting new representatives and earning faster
bonuses and commissions based on your team members' income.Your first four orders
earning 50% commission, but after that he commissions range between 20 and 50%.
Unit leaders earn between three and 7% commission based on their team members'

Along with empowering women, Avon has donated over $500 million to various
causes. Breast cancer research, domestic violence prevention, emergency relief for
women and families and many others are among the charities Avon contributes to.
Avon sets a great example of giving back.

With Avon, what products will you sell? Avon is probably best known for its makeup
lines, skincare products, perfumes and other personal items. Their time-tested
products are constantly reevaluated for the quality. They frequently have new
campaigns, new products and new sales and marketing strategies. They post new
catalogs nearly every two weeks. All-new representatives have available to them
training tools and websites will help them grow their Avon business.

The downside is that new recruits will need to sell a lot of product and recruit a lot of
new people in order to make a decent income on a monthly basis. In order to move
product and recruit new reps, this means continuously hosting parties, making phone
calls, sending out e-mails and bugging family and friends. This can make the task of
growing your Avon business daunting and time-consuming.
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