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									New York State Horse Council, Inc.
     “To create a strong unified voice for all horse interests toward
      the preservation of a future for horses in New York State.”
                                                                                                                       Volume 15
President’s Message                                                                                                    Number 1
By George W. King                                                                                                      2009
   Welcome to our first newsletter of the year. Unfor-        together a series of displays to show the best side of
tunately, due to a number of problems it is a little late,   the Council. We have now purchased two portable
but we will work hard to catch up. We apologize for          display boards and have an expert helping us put
any inconvenience this may have caused.                      these displays together. These combined with our new
                                                             literature program will help us really shine when we
Ride~Drive Program                                           are in front of the public.
    The Horse Council Board has a number of new
members and, as with any organization, this means            A Challenge for Members
rejuvenation and increase in energy on the part of the           Our membership numbers, just like many other
board. One of the first and most visible results of this      organizations in these times, have fallen off. We are
new energy is the development of the Councilʼs new           not a large organization and any drop in numbers is
Ride and Drive Program. This is a great way of accom-        truly of concern. Especially since it makes it harder
plishing two things, the first is to begin to record the      for the board and all the committees to work. Remem-
time spent with our best friends. This will astonish you,    ber, this is an all volunteer organization and we do
either in that it is less than you thought (hopefully get-   all of our good work with a very meager budget. So
ting you out more) or it will be more than you thought       I would like to put out a challenge for all members
(for which you should pat yourself on the back). But         to talk to their friends and urge them to join. If ev-
either way the second major accomplishment will be           eryone brings in at least one member, we naturally
some recognition that you can show others. We have           can double our membership, double or triple our
the best sport in the world; letʼs resolve to enjoy it to    workload and make a much greater impact on our
its fullest.                                                 industry in the state.
                                                                 Lastly, I want to point out our new format for the
Best Side of the Council                                     newsletter. This is another example of the renewed
    Another action which is ongoing is to look at the        energy. Although, I will still collect and provide info
literature that the Horse Council uses and also the web-     to the newsletter, the new editor is Mary Szarek from
site. These are two very important items in allowing         our Western Chapter. Not only is she picking up this
us to communicate with you and the rest of the equine        important item, she is also the designer of the new
world. We need to develop these items to really put          display boards. We need to give her great, heartfelt
our best foot, face or whatever other part of the body       Thanks and hope she hangs in with us.
is applicable forward. We really think that you will be          All for now, go out and fight the black flies, mos-
surprised with the result.                                   quitoes, horse flies and deer flies and have a great
    We have been regulars at the Empire Farm Days            spring riding season.
and a number of the smaller expositions, farm days
or horse get-togethers over the past few years. As                George
we have done so, we realized that we needed to put

  Fall Trail Ride Loses a Long Term Rider
     Our friend, Erica Lee Raab, passed away peacefully February 11,
  2009 knowing she had a great ride. Courageously battling numer-
  ous brain tumors, she was wintering in New Smyrna Beach with her
  husband, Marvin, friends and also one of her horses. A vibrant horse-
  woman, Erica was trail riding with friends when she collapsed and
  required hospitalization.
     We are sure she is now riding with her friends who have gone on
  before her. Remember all the good times you had with her and keep
  those special memories close to your heart.
                                                      40th NYSHC Fall Pleasure Ride
                                                      by: Carolyn Moore, Chair, Spring & Fall Pleasure Rides
                                                         Picture perfect weather greeted the 102 participants of the 40th Fall Pleasure Ride,
                                                      Columbus Day Weekend at the Madison County Fairground in Brookfield, New York.
                                                      The ride was attended by riders from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida and
    New York State Horse Council                      Kentucky. We welcomed 18 new attendees and 8 new members of the NYSHC.
    44 Egglestoon Lane, Westpoort, NY 12993
                               First Ride Held in 1969
                                                          The theme for the celebration of the 40th ride was to look back on the goals and
                       Officers                        traditions of the first ride held in 1969. The Empire State Horsemenʼs Association, Inc.
    President           (Ret) Col. George W. King     (forerunner of the New York State Horse Council) with the cooperation of the New York
    518-962-2316         State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) sponsored the first New York
    44 Eggleston Lane, Westport NY 12993
                                                      State Pleasure Trail Ride in September of 1969. The purpose of the Trail Ride was to
    Exec.Vice President Debbie Morano
                                                      acquaint horsemen with trail facilities provided by the D.E.C. in New York State, and to
                           encourage good horsemanship on the trail. The Pleasure Ride also provided a means to
    50 Samsondale Ave, West Haverstraw, NY 10993      bring together horsemen representing all segments of the horse world. Not only veteran
    Treasurer           Stephen Ropel                 trail riders but people from hunt clubs, horse shows, sheriffʼs posses and boarding stables
    518-766-7413           took part in the ride. Under the guidance of Joseph Vanorio and Robert Nicholson DVM,
    221 New Rd, Nassau, NY 12123
                                                      it was one of the first large scale projects of the Association. In keeping with tradition
    Secretary           Teresa Passaretti
    518-235-2974       the ride is dedicated to the demonstration of the spirit of friendship, brotherhood and
    89 Columbia Gardens, Cohoes, NY 12047             unity that prevails when horsemen join in a common goal.
    Past President &                                      Friday evening the group celebrated the
    President Emeritus Diane K. Jones                 40th Ride by watching a slideshow of photos
    760 Webster Road, Webster, NY 14580
                                                      from previous years and enjoyed a special
                                                      cake baked by a resident of Brookfield.
              Region Vice Presidents                  During the social hour on Saturday, Mark
    Capitol V.P.          Marsha Himler               Wehnau and Carrie Brosnan organized a
    518-664-8370      pumpkin carving contest with four teams
    22 Route 423, Stillwater, NY 12170
                                                      competing. The benefit auction, reaping
    Central V.P.      Sara T. Chevako                 $1200 in proceeds, was held Saturday eve-
    PO Box 290, New Woodstock, NY 13122               ning with Jim Weidman from New Berlin
    Finger Lakes V.P.     Sue Knauer                  selling the numerous donations made to the Horse Council. The high priced items of the
    585-359-3065   evening were the Oak Table made by Jim Miller and Free Registration for the NYSHC
    4563 E. Henrietta Rd, Henrietta NY 14467          Spring Ride at Pure Country Campground, donated by Anthony Simonetti. Auction run-
    Mid-Hudson V.P.      Chip Watson                  ners, Charylie Dines, Gabbie Audino and Joy Gordon modeled, displayed and delivered the
    8 Michaels Lane, Walden, NY 12586
                                                      merchandise. Laurie Snyder and Melissa Mason did a terrific job of tracking all the sales
                                                      and cashing out the buyers. Thank you to all who made and/or solicited donations for the
    Northern V.P.         Karen Lassell
    518-846-7121 x 120            auction and to all who bid high and often!
    Miner Institute, PO Box 90, Chazy, NY 12921           To complement the historical aspect of the ride, Caroline Keith, the Brookfield Town
    Southeast V.P.        Cherryl Mitchell            Historian was the guest speaker for the Sunday evening program. She enlightened the
    718-967-0742         group about the pioneers who established the Madison County area and how Franklin
    322 Sharrotts Road, Staten Island, NY 10309
                                                      D. Roosevelt earmarked Beaver Creek farmland and the Brookfield Railroad land for
    Southern Tier V.P. Daryel Jensen
                                                      the Charles E. Baker Forest State Lands. Mrs. Keith, who recently celebrated her 90th
    1469 State Hwy 26, So. Otselic NY 13155           birthday, delighted the audience with her sense of humor and interesting tidbits of in-
    Western V.P.        Robert Pfohl                  formation about the past.
    79 Pfohl Rd, Cheektowaga, NY 14225                Congratulations to the Winners!
                                                         The Sunday evening program also serves as an opportunity to give special awards and
                                                      certificates to the trail riders. Congratulations to the winners of this yearʼs awards:
    The New York State Horse Council is New              • Billie Castagnasso, from Ft.McCoy, Florida, who registered for each and every Fall
    Yorkʼs Equine Umbrella organization devot-             Pleasure Ride since the first ride in 1969.
    ed to creating a forum in which horsemen of          • Joe Theriault, oldest male rider.
    diverse interests can use their “horsepower”         • Linda Schlichting, oldest female rider and also sent the first complete registration
    to guarantee a future of horses, horse sports,
    and horse-related businesses in New York               received.
    State. We are especially interested in exist-        • Gabbie Audino, youngest rider.
    ing organizations joining us in a recognized         • Midnight, age, 29, ridden by Pat Robinson, oldest horse.
    capacity. The more we band together the              • JuJu, ridden by Ellen Miller, 11 years of attendance to the ride.
    stronger our voice will become.                      • Tallest horse was ridden by Al Richner.
                                                         • Shortest horse, a mustang, was ridden by Judy Joffee.

   • Gunner, ridden by Paula Dennis, was the youngest and most newly acquired horse
     present at the ride.
   • Al Richner, spent the most hours in the saddle for the weekend.
   • Dottie Payne and Joe Theriault, longest distance (219 miles) hauling a horse to the ride.
   • Cindy Kohlmaier, pest control for last yearʼs skunk incident.
   • Jay Freeman, horse catcher of the year.
   • The Fun Country Pace was won by the team of Mark Gisselbrecht, Vera Toth, and
     Lesley Toth. The pace had 35 entries and was routed from the fairground to the
     Murphy road and trail loop.

Sunday Evening Jar Wars
    Nancy Miller put together an interesting variety of themed baskets for Sunday evening
Jar Wars and Jim Moore sold all the lucky tickets. Mark Wehnau was the lucky winner
of $ 213 in the 50/50 raffle.
    Jim Miller, our barn manager, was kept busy much of the weekend making minor re-
pairs to latches and boards in the aged barns. Our unofficial photographer, Nancy, snapped
and printed many photos for riders to enjoy. The Pleasure Ride committee regrets having
to say good-bye to Nancy and Jim Miller. They have served on the committee for five
years and have participated in the ride since 1992. Jimʼs woodworking skills are well
known to attendees who have vied over the years for his folding tables and stools that he
made for the Auction or Jar Wars. Jim and Nancy have scoured garage sales, auctions,
and church sales for the majority of items given as awards, door prizes and for Jar Wars.
They are to be commended for continuing to assist with the Pleasure Ride even though
they have not been active trail riders for the past several years.
    We are happy to welcome a new member to the committee, Karen Giroux from
Glenfield, New York. We also had many people who volunteered to help out at the ride
next fall. The spirit of the ride continues!
    The NYSHC appreciates the efforts of all who contributed to the success of the ride.
Chuck Baker spent many hours manning the NYSHC merchandise counter. Jim Knauer did
the math to determine the winner and prizes of the Country Pace and judged the Pumpkin
Contest. The special edition T-Shirts and enameled pins with logos designed by Dottie
Payne to mark the 40th Fall Pleasure Ride were a big hit. John Travis, on-call farrier, was
quick to answer an emergency call almost before the ride began. The Leatherstocking
Equine Center in New Berlin was on-call for equine emergencies. We would like to thank
Don Fehr, Jeff Mayne and other members & friends of the Madison County Fairground
Association for all of their hard work and for providing us with excellent meals. Last,
but not least, we must applaud Mother Nature for the glorious weather!

Fall & Spring Rides
   The 41th Fall Pleasure Trail Ride is scheduled for Columbus Day Weekend, October
9-12, 2009 at Brookfield, NY. Registration forms will be mailed in late May and avail-
able on the NYSHC web site by June 1st. We are also pleased to announce a Spring
Ride, June 12-14, 2009 at Pure Country Campground, New Berlin, N.Y. (The location
gives easy access to southern section of Brookfield Trail System). Information about the
Spring Ride will arrive by e-mail only and registration will be completed online. E-mail to be added to the mailing list. We hope you will join us!

Round 1                                                                                                                   Members Present:
Minutes of the AFBF Equine Advisory Committee                                                                             William Benham, Florida
                                                                                                                          Donald Bogle, New Mexico
February 15 - 17, 2009, Gaylord National, 201 Waterfront Street National Harbor, MD 20745                                 John Dougherty, Massachusetts
                                                                                                                          Jack Haefling, Indiana
The following recommendations will be forwarded to the AFBF Board for their consideration:                                Karen Havens, Iowa
                                                                                                                          Bob Henderson, Oklahoma
 1. The Equine Advisory Committee recommends               consider the following issues for Policy Develop-              David Johnson, Arizona
    that AFBF become a member of the Unwanted              ment this year:                                                James Mahan, Kentucky
                                                                                                                          Daniel McAninch, Pennsylvania
    Horse Coalition.                                                                                                      Hans Mobius, New York
                                                            1. The Equine Advisory Committee recommends
 2. The Equine Advisory Committee rec          o m-                                                                       Lou Nave, Tennessee – Chair
                                                               that AFBF oppose the transportation of equines             Jim Steele, Maryland
    mends that AFBF host an equine industry
                                                               in double-decker trailers.                                 Steve Wickersham, Ohio
    summit to develop uniform industry standards
                                                            2. The Equine Advisory Committee recommends                   AFBF Staff Secretary:
    and best management practices, which could                                                                            Megan Provost
                                                               that the phrase “horse slaughter” be replaced in
    be accomplished through a seminar at the                                                                              AFBF Board Member:
                                                               the AFBF Policy Book with the phrase “horse
    2010AFBF Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA.                                                                               Alex Dowse, Massachusetts
 3. The Equine Advisory Committee recommends                                                                              Observers:
                                                            3. The Equine Advisory Committee recommends                   Mike Baise, Indiana
    that AFBF support the development of equine/
                                                               that AFBF supports proper funding for equine               Todd Honer, Oklahoma
    livestock liability and inherent risk policy law                                                                      Janet Aldrich, Missouri
                                                               research, specifically disease research and medi-
    in every state.                                                                                                       Bill Winton, Texas
                                                               cine/vaccination development (including CEM,               Phyllis McAninch, Pennsylvania
   The committee recommends the AFBF Board                     EVA, West Nile).                                           Jeff Harper, Kentucky

Horse Auction Reflects Economy
By Paul Post, The Saratogian
     SARATOGA SPRINGS - Shawn Collins              the saleʼs official record, from Mike McMahon         such as pumpkins, mums and bales of hay,
sees a silver lining in the economic storm         of McMahon of Saratoga Thoroughbreds LLC.            and a bright red Ferrari shone in the after-
clouds that produced somewhat mixed results        There were 130 “buy-backs,” horses that didnʼt       noon sun.
at Sundayʼs fall horse sale at Saratoga Race       meet the sellerʼs reserve auction price. Collins         Organizers had hoped that Fridayʼs naming
Course.                                            said he believes many such horses changed            of an Aqueduct gaming operator would boost
     Average and median prices were higher,        hands after the saleʼs official closing.              sales by renewing optimism in New York
but fewer horses sold and the sales total of           “Thatʼs another part of the story,” he said.     racingʼs future. Aqueductʼs racino is expected
$1,777,150 was down slightly from a year           “Thereʼs a lot of action after the auction. In       to raise tens of millions of dollars for purses
ago.                                               multiple cases Iʼve been at the winnerʼs circle      and breedersʼ rewards.
     Typical of investments whenever money         at Saratoga with ʻbuy-backs.ʼ “                          “The New York breedersʼ incentive fund
is tight, buyers gravitated toward top quality         A bay filly by 2000 Kentucky Derby winner         is one of the most lucrative in the country,”
horses and shunned perceived marginal live-        Fusaichi Pegasus went for $95,000, the highest       Collins said. “It allows the original breeder to
stock less apt to produce a return.                price of the day, while some went for as little as   realize a percentage of earnings for horses that
     “Thereʼs a stronger high-end and middle       $1,000 and others attracted no bids at all.          finish first, second or third at a NYRA track
market,” said Collins, a veteran bloodstock            “What we donʼt see in the ring is what they      (Saratoga, Belmont, Aqueduct).”
agent, who has a farm in Delmar and offices         have in the heart and mind,” Colalins said.              His 9-year-old daughter, Emma, is already
in Versailles, Ky.                                     The day started with the sale of stallion        something of a racing aficionado with a
     His firm, Mare Solutions, is to the horse      seasons, in which buyers pay to breed mares          genuine love for the sport. Regardless of the
world what Realtors are to real estate - dedi-     to a standing stallion. The highest amount paid      financial results, she said that Sundayʼs event
cated to connecting buyers and sellers.            was $45,000. Celebrity David Cassidy of Par-         was valuable simply for the role it played in
     Hosted by New York Breedersʼ Sales Co.,       tridge Family fame, a frequent Saratoga Race         bringing like-minded people together.
founded four years ago, Sundayʼs day-long          Course patron, was among those on hand and               “People relate to horses,” she said. “Itʼs
event was held inside a white tent on the          paid $10,000 for breeding rights.                    good for all of us to find things we have in
trackʼs backstretch. The main attraction was           “As weʼve seen this sale evolve, the wean-       common.”
a group of about 130 selected weanlings - fil-      ling market has been pretty good,” Ballston              Many people in racing wish that state lead-
lies and colts born last spring. The dream is      Thoroughbreds owner Jack Wolferseder said.           ers could do the same, because Gov. David
to get them across the field to the racecourse      “Thatʼs what this sale has come to be known          Patersonʼs gaming decision has already drawn
winnerʼs circle.                                   for. The purpose is to flip these babies next         opposition from Senate Republicans, meaning
     “There were many more important buyers        summer across the street at the (Fasig-Tipton)       that actual awarding of a contract might face
there than when this company started,” Col-        Selected Yearling Sale. Or on occasion, people       further delays.
lins said. “Itʼs come a long ways. Itʼs grown      will buy them as racing prospects as well.”              “I think people will believe it (VLTs) when
in size and importance. Itʼs an important sale         The 1,000 or so horse enthusiasts that           they see it,” said sales company Vice Presi-
in terms of getting horses to the New York         turned out were rewarded with ideal autumn           dent Joseph McMahon, owner of McMahon
race track.”                                       weather and brightly colored foliage on the          of Saratoga Thoroughbreds LLC. “Theyʼve
     He personally bought four mares, one in the   picturesque grounds of the historic racetrack.       been let down too many times before with
sales ring and three others that werenʼt part of   Barn areas were decorated with fall displays         this thing.”
               American Horse Council
               January 23, 2009

               CEM Outbreak - Canada Restrictions
     Due to the current outbreak in the United States of Contagious              stallion positive for CEM, or a stallion resident upon a positive
Equine Metritis (CEM), Canada has imposed additional restrictions                premises or under quarantine or investigation for CEM
on horse imports from the U.S. into Canada. Additional certifica-              5. Showed no clinical signs of CEM on the day of inspection.
tion for horses (including Canadian horses returning to Canada but               The full protocol can be found on the following website:
excluding horses for immediate slaughter) will be required on all  
U.S. export health certificates issued after January 19, 2009 and             loads/ca_eq.pdf
for Canadian horses exported to the U.S. after January 19, 2009                  Additionally, for Canadian horses returning to Canada on a
and returning on a Canadian health certificate. The new certifica-             Canadian health certificate, a supplemental certification docu-
tion statements are reflected in point 4 and 5 of the protocol. At            ment with the above mentioned requirements will be provided by
the present moment, the import permit for the U.S. origin horses             the CFIA endorsing office when advised of intended return. The
is not required, except for the horses from Florida where it is still        supplemental certification will need to be attached to the Canadian
required because of the recent Equine Piroplasmosis situation.               health certificate after completion and endorsed by USDA before
     Points 4 and 5 of the protocol read as follows:                         return of the horse(s) to Canada.
  4. The horse(s) have not been on premises where T. equigenitalis               Canada is also aiming to have new import requirements for
     has been isolated during the 60 days immediately preceding              horse germplasm (semen and embryos) implemented in the com-
     exportation to Canada or a premises currently under quarantine          ing weeks.
     or investigation for CEM. Any female(s) in the shipment have                Please call us with any questions, 202-296-4031, AHC@
     not been bred naturally to, or inseminated with, semen from a 

Campaign to Save Farmers’ Lives Enters Third Year
Rebate Effort Surpasses 500 Tractors
    Cooperstown, N.Y. – The New York               I couldnʼt work for months and almost lost        assistance available.” In fact, the average
Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health        the family farm, and I was one of the lucky       out-of-pocket cost to farmers is just $380
(NYCAMH) announces that it has fitted the           ones.” Since that time, Tetreault has retrofit-    compared in many cases to nearly $1,000
565th tractor with a rollover protection system    ted all of his tractors with ROPS.                before the ROPS program.
(ROPS) through its rebate program, now en-             The ads will appear in Country Folks,             Farmers should call toll free 1-877-
tering its third year. According to the Centers    Grassroots, Focus on Farming and other New        ROPS-R4U (or 1-877-767-7748) for more
for Disease Control and Prevention, 1,412          York newspapers. The ROPS program will            information. By calling the “ROPS-R4U”
workers on farms died from tractor overturns       also be promoted during the annual New York       hotline, farmers can both receive informa-
between 1992 and 2005. NYCAMHʼs efforts            State Farm Show in Syracuse Feb. 26-28.           tion on the program and allow hotline staff
have saved hundreds of New York farmers                “We are grateful to the New York State        to do the legwork for them. In addition to
from potential injury and death.                   Legislature for their support of this pro-        saving farmers money, the ROPS program
    “Our campaign has increased by ten-            gram, in particular lead proponents State         is specifically designed to reduce the hassle
fold the number of farmers making their            Senators James L. Seward and Catharine            of retrofitting a farm tractor with an ap-
tractors safe by retrofitting them with            M. Young, both members of the Senate              proved rollbar and seatbelt. The rebate
rollover protection systems,” said Dr. John        Agriculture Committee,” Dr. May said. “It         amounts to 70 percent of the cost of pur-
May, director of NYCAMH. “This is im-              is especially important in this economic          chasing and installing rollover protection on
portant because a farmerʼs risk of dying on        climate to continue to make this financial         a tractor, a savings of up to $765.
the job is 800 percent higher than that of
the average American worker.”
    Tractor overturns are the primary cause         Advertise in the NYSHC Newsletter
of these fatal and permanently crippling            Members Only
injuries. In the event of a rollover, the use of    Per Issue Rate
ROPS and a seatbelt reduces the risk of in-         Camera Ready Art
jury by 99 percent. Tractors built after 1985       Business Card $10
have built-in rollover protection, but most          3-1/2 x 2
tractors in use today are older than that.
                                                    Quarter Page       $30
    This month, NYCAMH began its ROPS                3-5/8 x 4-7/8
print advertising campaign featuring New
                                                    Half Page          $45
York farmer Don Tetreault of Hidden View             7-1/2 x 4-7/8
Farm in Champlain, New York. “When my
tractor flipped over, I broke all the ribs on one    Full Page          $80
                                                     7-1/2 x 10
side,” Tetreault said in one ad. “I had tractor
tracks on my back when they pulled me out.
                                           SEPTEMBER 25 – 27, 2009

            RESRVATIONS ARE REQUIRED for all of the following Annual Meeting Events.
Please mark as appropriate and send to Leising, 12503 Cottage Rd., South Dayton, NY 14138 with the correct
amount of payment made out to the Catt/Chaut Chapter of the NYSHC by September 15, 2009. (Entry is by ticket only)

                                     2009 ANNUAL MEETING LUNCH
                                    catered by The Mustard Seed of South Dayton, NY
    Saturday Sept 26 12 pm                  Hot Meal Buffet Luncheon                                                    $25 _____
                       To help with preferences and quantity preparation please mark preferred choice of meat:
                       Artichoke Stuffed Chicken [ ]     Roasted Pork Loin [ ]     Cheese Stuffed Ravioli [ ]

       Please Let us know if you will be joining us for the Extra Events
     that we have planned for this great fun filled weekend which follow.
    Friday Sept 25     Ride 1 pm SHARP 2-3 hour trail ride                           Free ________ (number of riders)
         Bring your own horse or rental horses ($) are available. Please mark how many riders will be attending the ride.

                                   COWBOY COOKOUT
                     Outdoor Cooking by The Crosspatch in Little Valley, NY
                 Join us with Tom Seay and enjoy a delicious outdoor cooked meal with all the fixings
    Friday Sept 25        6:30 pm      Steak or Chicken Dinner & Fixings. Please mark choice: Steak [ ] Chicken [ ]         $25 _____

                        MERRITT WINERY TOUR & WINE TASTING
                      & BEEF ON WICK SUPPER IN FORESTVILLE, NY
    Saturday Sept 26      6:30 pm      Wine Tour & Tasting is free                                               Supper $10 _____

               Morning Meet & Greet with Tom Seay of Ride America (RFD TV) Coffee and Goodies
    Sunday Sept 27     Ride 9am SHARP 3 hour ride                                 Free __________(number of riders)
           Bring your own horse or rental horses ($) available. Please mark how many riders will be attending the ride.

      For rental horse information, pricing & payment contact The Crosspatch directly @ 716-938-6313
   For information on nearby accommodations for people and horses 716-532-3357 or

NAME ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS _________________________________________________________________________________________________

PHONE _________________________________ EMAIL ___________________________________________________________

ANY SPECIAL DIETARY REQUESTS __________________________________________________________________________

NYSHC MEMBER [ ] yes          [ ] no                                                         Office Use: Date ________________________

                                                                                                       Amount paid _________________
       NYSHC ANNUAL of the NYSHC
  2009 Hosted by the Cattaraugus/Chautauqua ChapterMEETING
                                      To be held in beautiful
                             CHAUTAUQUA COUNTY
                           at the Historic Cherry Creek Inn
                         SEPTEMBER 26, 2009
NYSHC BOD MEETING                                               10am – 12pm
LUNCH (RESERVATIONS REQUIRED)                                   12pm – 1pm
AFTERNOON PROGRAM                                                1pm – 5pm
Afternoon Program Includes:
 •Speaker -Tom Seay From Best Of America by Horseback (RFD TV)
 •Program at Pineapple Juction—Pine Hill/South Valley Stateland
  Showcasing our Adopt-a-Resource Horse Trails Project and our NYSHC Grant Project---the Pineapple
  Junction Horse Parking/Camping Area in the Pine Hill/South Valley State Land in Cattaraugus County.
  There will be horse drawn wagon & walking tours.

EVENING EVENT                                                   6:30pm – ?
 •Merritt Winery Tour & Wine Tasting (free) & Beef on Wick Supper (RESERVATIONS REQUIRED)


Come join us for the weekend—we have a fun filled weekend of activities planned!
Friday September 25        1:00pm       Trail Ride at Pine Hill/South Valley State Land
                                        (RESERVATIONS REQUIRED—Bring your horse or rentals available)

FridaySeptember 25         6:30pm       Cowboy Cookout Supper in Little Valley
                                        Cooked over open fire, Dine with Tom Seay
                                        (RESERVATIONS REQUIRED)

Sunday September 27 9:00 am             Trail Ride in Cherry Creek @ Cockaigne Ski Resort
                                        Meet, greet & share coffee with Tom Seay
                                        (RESERVATIONS REQUIRED—Bring your horse or rentals available)

  FOR INFORMATION CALL: 716-532-3357, 716-353-4461 or
   For rental horse information, pricing & payment contact The Crosspatch directly @ 716-938-6313
                  New York State Horse Council Web Site:

Councilman Daniel Garodnick Wants Electric Model T to Replace Carriage Horses
    February 9, 2009                                                     Councilman Tony Avella.
    After 82 years, the Model T is set to replace the horse - again.         The Queens Democrat claims the buggies amount to animal
    A city lawmaker wants to phase out controversial buggy-pull-         abuse.
ing horses and replace them with eco-friendly electric replicas of           “I support the car plan, but we still have to institute the ban
vintage Model T Fords.                                                   and then say to the carriage operators, this is what we want to
    The proposal - which has been pitched by animal-rights activists     replace it with,” said Avella last week.
for months - has been taken up by Councilman Daniel Garodnick                “I think the intention is to get the carriage drivers to operate
(D-Manhattan), who is hoping to put it before the City Council           the cars, which would cause the least disruption and take care of
this spring.                                                             the job issue.”
    “We have been exploring the idea that would essentially create           Carolyn Daly, a spokeswoman for the Horse and Carriage As-
a substitute for the horses,” said a source close to Garodnick.          sociation of New York, said Garodnick had promised to speak to
    Michael McGraw, a representative of the animal-rights group          the operatorsʼ union, Teamsters Local 553.
PETA who has spoken to Garodnick about the proposed bill, said               “The proposal is absolutely absurd,” she said.
the plan is to develop electric or hybrid cars, which would tour the         “These are men and women who have dedicated their lives
same park course that horse-drawn buggies use now - and could            to horses, who love working with horses, and [Garodnick] thinks
even be driven by current carriage operators.                            they can change to drive electric cars?”
    “It would be the cutting edge of eco-tourism,” he said.                  During a Central Park rally yesterday, the carriage operators
    Emotions are running high about horse-drawn carriages after          and their supporters continued to say “neigh” to the proposal
a public hearing last month into a bill to ban them, introduced by       banning the carriages.

Right Time. Right Place. The Wagon Teamser!
    October 20, 2008                             perfect addition for my calendar that I plan
    I had to go to Tractor Supply Co. in Bata-   to make of various nature pictures I have
via, NY on Friday 10/17/08 to return a ball      taken over the years.
mount that didnʼt have a deep enough drop            So, photo after photo, I am scurrying to
for my camper. When I pulled in, I looked        always get that last picture before they can
to my left and there was a wagon and four        leave. As they begin to exit the parking lot
absolutely beautiful large work horses with      and make their way left, across Rte. 5, I
wonderful halters on. Now, I am absolutely       rush to my vehicle and slowly drive ahead
curious, but I have to make sure that I donʼt    of them. I pull over into the parking lot of a
get sidetracked and that I make sure that I      small welding business that is about 300 feet
keep my focus. I went in and made the return,    in front where they are currently traveling.
trying to rush to get back outside to investi-   I jump out of my vehicle with my camera
gate. After what seems to be hours, I finally     and started taking pictures of them coming       train were struck by an 18-wheeler on
get back outside and I start walking towards     at me on the main roadway. It is neat to         Tuesday February 10, 2009 while traveling
these beautiful creatures that are contently     watch these four horses loyally and proudly      through Kemper County, Mississippi. Two
huddling around an odd looking wagon.            pulling their friend and his wagon.              of the horses were killed when the truck
    As I begin to look at one of the horses, I       As they begin to pass by me, I wave to       apparently hit the wagon from behind.
hear some rustling to my left. A middle-aged     Bob and tell him thank you. Thank you for            Skelding was taken to a hospital in Me-
man comes walking around and we make             being you, thank you for caring and keep-        ridian in critical condition. He had multiple
the make our introductions. With making          ing these beautiful animals, thank you for       internal injuries and quite a few broken
conversation, I was able to to collect some      being so courageous and unique to travel         bones. The truck driver was not hurt.
interesting information: the manʼs name is       all over the American north east with them,
Bob; his horses are of Percheron breed; their    and a much bigger thank you for providing        Bob Skelding’s latest blog
                                                                                                  since the accident
names are Doc, Dolly, Joyce and Dee Dee;         and showing this neat phenomena to the
he travels with his horses and wagon; and he     world. In response to my thanks, he gave             On February 10, 2009, after traveling
is currently packing up to head back west.       a very kind gentlemanʼs nod and replied,         1800 miles, we were rear-ended by a fully
After chatting with Bob, I noticed some          “Your welcome.” I snapped a few more             loaded tanker truck at highway speed. The
    spectators starting to show interest, so     photos as they continued down the road and       first wagon was completely destroyed and
I figured I would take one more look at           muttered to myself, with the utmost amount       Dolly and Deedee were killed. This required
the horses and then go on my way. As I           of satisfaction, “Right place. Right time.”      construction of a new wagon and a new team.
am walking back to my vehicle, I figure                                                            Thereʼs new places to see and new people to
that I should take some quick pictures of        UPDATE:                                          meet! So after knitting some bones, Iʼm off
this unique situation. Though I am not a            The wagon teamster whose journey              to see them. By Mid-May, 2009, Iʼve healed
professional photographer by any means, I        across the United States took him through        up enough where I can start working on the
grabbed my camera from my vehicle and            the Rochester area is badly injured and          second wagon and training a new team.
took as many pictures as I could before          recovering in a Mississippi hospital.            For more info, visit their website:
they could leave. I figured this would be a          Bob Skelding and his four-horse wagon
Changing Carbohydrate Evaluations in Animal Diets
by: Christy West, Webmaster

Nutritionists are doing away with                    easily digestible and yield more energy to      in the large intestine. Fructans are rarely
“nonstructural carbohydrates” in favor of            the horse than the fiber carbohydrates, but      analyzed separately from other WSC.
more specific measures.
                                                     theyʼre not all digested in the same part of        Ethanol-soluble carbohydrates (ESC)-
    If you own a horse with laminitis or a           the horseʼs gastrointestinal tract or by the    -These carbohydrates are soluble in 80%
metabolic problem such as insulin resis-             same process. Thus, they affect a horseʼs       ethanol; they are a subset of WSC that is
tance or Cushingʼs disease, chances are              blood sugar and gastrointestinal health dif-    primarily digestible in the small intestine and
youʼve heard recommendations to minimize             ferently, and this is why itʼs important that   includes much fewer fructans. As such, this
his intake of nonstructural carbohydrates            they be evaluated separately.                   fraction is generally used to evaluate one set
(NSC). However, many nutritionists and                   Sirois explains: “Letʼs say one hay         of carbohydrates in a feed that will induce a
feed analysts are now saying that NSC isnʼt          sample has 5% simple sugars+starch and          high glycemic response. Depending upon the
the best measure to evaluate when youʼre             10% fructan, with an NSC value of 15%.          lab doing the analysis, WSC and ESC may
counting a horseʼs carbs.                            And you have another with 10% simple            both be reported as “sugar.” This has caused
    One major reason is significant variation         sugars+starch and 5% fructan that is also       a lot of the confusion in the industry, notes
in the way different laboratories measure            15% NSC. Theyʼre not the same hay even          Sirois. “At Dairy One/Equi-analytical, we no
NSC components and calculate its value.              though they have the same NSC value.            longer report ʻsugar,ʼ “ he adds. “Carbs are
Interpreting research and making dietary             The one thatʼs 10% simple sugars+starch         correctly identified as either WSC or ESC.”
recommendations are impossible when                  might be more of a problem for the insulin-         Starch--Made up of many glucose mol-
feeds are not analyzed consistently.                 resistant horse (because simple sugars and      ecules, the starches are mostly broken down
    “I do not use NSC anymore because it             starch, which are primarily digested in the     to single glucose molecules. Thus, they also
has different meanings to different people,”         small intestine, cause a greater glycemic or    induce a high glycemic response. Histori-
comments Laurie Lawrence, PhD, profes-               blood sugar response than fructans). The        cally, NSC values have been calculated by
sor of equine nutrition at the University of         hay thatʼs 10% fructan could be more of a       adding starch to either WSC or ESC.
Kentucky and chair of the committee that             problem for a laminitic horse.” (Fructans
recently revised the National Research               are primarily digested in the large intes-      Interpreting the “New” Numbers
Councilʼs publication Nutrient Require-              tine; large doses can upset the microbial           Lawrence provides guidance on us-
ments of Horses.                                     population there, resulting in colic and/or     ing WSC, ESC, and starch values to plan
    The other reason--probably the biggest           laminitis. Some fructans are in fact used       equine diets: “If the values for starch and
one for horse owners--is the fact that NSC           at high doses to induce laminitis in some       ESC are low, there will be little glucose
doesnʼt give you a complete picture of the           research situations.)                           available to be absorbed from the small
types of carbohydrates in a feed or forage               “If youʼre evaluating a horseʼs ration      intestine.” This would mean a low glycemic
that can affect your horseʼs condition (more         based only on NSC, youʼre not getting the       response, which is good for insulin-resistant
on this shortly).                                    whole picture,” he summarizes.                  horses or others that canʼt handle large
    “We need to do a better job of under-                                                            swings in blood sugar levels.
standing carbohydrate components and                 So What Do We Use?                                  “If the WSC and starch values are low,
balancing rations based on them, because                 Instead of looking at NSC, nutritionists    there should be only a small amount of ma-
all carbs are not created equal,” states Paul        are recommending that we evaluate wa-           terial reaching the large intestine that will
Sirois, manager of Dairy One/Equi-analyti-           ter-soluble carbohydrates, ethanol-soluble      be rapidly fermented,” she adds. “Thus low
cal Forage Analysis Laboratories in Ithaca,          carbohydrates, and starch. None of these        starch + low WSC should mean less op-
N.Y., and one of the leaders of the move-            measures are new, and each describes car-       portunity for large intestinal disturbances.”
ment away from NSC. “NSC was a good                  bohydrates that affect the horse differently    This feed would be good for a laminitic
place to start, but we can do better now.”           based on how theyʼre digested.                  horse, particularly one whose disease was
    Following extensive collaboration between            Water-soluble carbohydrates (WSC)—          initiated by diet-related colic.
feed analysts, nutritionists for multiple species,   These include carbohydrates that are ex-            But what numbers are “low” for these
nutrition researchers, and feed industry regu-       tracted from a sample by dissolving them        carb values and what numbers are “high?”
lators, the NSC value will be progressively          in water. Simple sugars and fructans make           “Lots of people have opinions on that,
dropped from many laboratory analyses, re-           up this measure, which is simply termed         but there is a lack of good data to support
search methodologies, and feeding guidelines         “sugar” on some analyses. Interpreting and      a specific number,” says Lawrence. Hope-
across multiple animal species. In fact, Dairy       using this value depends on the proportions     fully, standardizing the way researchers and
One/Equi-analytical has already dropped NSC          of sugars and fructans in the sample; simple    nutritionists evaluate carbs will provide us
from its reports, effective April 1.                 sugars are digested and absorbed in the         with research we all know how to interpret,
                                                     small intestine and have a significant impact    so we can get these numbers in the future.
What NSC Doesn’t Tell You                            on blood sugar (glycemic response), while       An equine nutritionist can help you sort
   The group of carbohydrates lumped                 fructans are fermented in the large intestine   through the carbohydrate types to plan a
under the NSC label includes nearly all the          and induce a much smaller response. How-        diet with carbohydrate levels that are most
non-fiber carbohydrates--those that come              ever, when eaten in large amounts, some         suitable for your horse.
from plant cell contents rather than tough,          fructans have been shown to cause laminitis         “Carbohydrate analysis is complicated be-
fibrous cell walls. They are generally more           due to disruption of the bacterial population                     see Carbohydrate page 10
Carbohydrate continued from page 9                 carbohydrate evaluation affect labeling and       fiber, and fermentation acids; calculation
cause there are so many different compounds        marketing of those feeds?                         may vary, but generally equals 100% minus
produced by plants,” she comments. “Most of            “On a national level, you wonʼt see a         (CP+NDF+Fat+Ash). A rough estimate of
us think of starch and cellulose as the main       definition of what low-carb or low-sugar           carbohydrate value (high NFC generally
                                                   feed is,” he commented. “Low compared             indicates more digestible carbohydrates
carbohydrates in plants, which they are in
                                                   to what? In Oregon, we picked a number            than indigestible fiber types).
many feed ingredients. But as we use new and
different ingredients and we look closely at the   for our guidelines, but you probably wonʼt        • NSC (non-structural carbohydrates) In-
plant in different growth stages, it becomes       see anything like that nationally (at least not   tended to describe easily digestible carbohy-
clear that there are many, many other carbo-       without more research). We will probably          drate components of a feed more specifically
                                                   let our guideline stand until the AAFCO           than those in NFC; usually calculated as
hydrates that we need to be aware of.”
                                                   revision comes out.”                              WSC+starch or ESC+starch. Questionable
    The recently released revision of the Nutri-                                                     because of varying analysis methods and
ent Requirements of Horses discusses metabo-           But he notes that feed companies can
lism and analysis of the various carbohydrate      already include on labels values for NSC,
                                                   WSC, ESC, or anything else they can mea-          • WSC (water-soluble carbohydrates) Car-
types and measures, including NSC, but
                                                   sure and guarantee.                               bohydrates solubilized and extracted with
does not recommend using NSC to evaluate
                                                                                                     water, including simple sugars and fructans
whether a feed is suitable for a horseʼs diet.                                                       (see below); sometimes called “sugar” on
    “The publication recognizes that diets low     Take-Home Message
                                                                                                     analysis reports. Interpretation of WSC is
in starch and sugars are helpful in managing           Itʼs been proposed that carbohydrates be      dependent upon the relative proportions of
horses with certain disorders, such as polysac-    classified based on their digestion method         simple sugars and fructan as they are metab-
charide storage myopathy, and that high levels     and nutritional effects on animals rather than    olized at different sites in the gastrointestinal
of dietary starch may affect gastrointesinal       by analytical method (i.e., ethanol or water      tract. High WSC might indicate high fructan
function, but it does not include carbohydrate     extraction), as they are now. Unfortunately,      levels in grasses or high simple sugars in
recommendations for most categories of             analytical methods are not yet available          nongrass forages and grains.
horses,” notes Lawrence. Consistent analysis       to give us this information, so we must           • Fructans Carbohydrate compound made
methods should help researchers develop            continue to classify carbohydrate groups          up of many fructose molecules (complex
these recommendations in the future.               based on the methods we can currently use         sugar); fermented and digested primarily in
                                                   to analyze them. We just need to pick the         the large intestine. Occasionally analyzed
Regulatory Implications Minimal                    right carb measures so we can choose feeds        separately from WSC. Present in primarily
    You wonʼt see any updated regulations          based on their effects on the horse.              grass forages; one type is used at high doses
or laws on animal feed carbohydrates for               “Moving away from NSC is a step in the        in many laboratories to induce laminitis.
some time, but the industry is working on it.      right direction,” Sirois comments.” A lot of      • ESC (ethanol-soluble carbohydrates) Car-
Richard Ten Eyck is the Oregon Department          people sample multiple hays just for that,        bohydrates that dissolve in 80% ethanol
of Agriculture Feed Specialist and chair of        to see which one has the lowest value, then       solution; these carbohydrates are a subset of
the Carbohydrate Working Group of the Feed         do a full nutrient analysis on their selec-       WSC that are primarily digested in the small
Labeling Committee for the Association of          tion. (NSC) was a good place to start, but        intestine and give a true glycemic (blood
                                                   we need to move away from that mindset            sugar) response. However, some fructans
Animal Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).
                                                   and replace it with the evaluation of more        can be included in this fraction. High ESC
He says that while his group intends to                                                              generally means a feed will generate a high
present carbohydrate fraction terminology          specific carbohydrate types.”
                                                                                                     glycemic response (unless there is a high
and labeling guidelines for discussion at the                                                        level of fructans in this fraction). Might be
organizationʼs August meeting, he doesnʼt          Carbohydrate Analysis Overview
                                                                                                     helpful for hard-working horses that need
expect them to appear in the AAFCO Official            If it seems like you need a graduate           lots of energy, not so good for horses that
Publication until at least 2009.                   degree to make sense of the many types            are sensitive to large blood sugar changes
                                                   of carbohydrates, donʼt worry—weʼve put           (i.e., insulin-resistant horses). However, low
    “After that, it would take a period of time
                                                   together a guide to the carbohydrate types        ESC does not necessarily mean the feed
for the industry and states to adopt them          youʼre most likely to see on a feed/forage
(if they even choose to; AAFCO develops                                                              will have a low glycemic response, because
                                                   analysis report. Weʼll give you the carbo-        starch could keep it high.
advisory guidelines but has no regulatory          hydrate name, description, and nutritional
authority),” he notes. “Itʼs years away from       significance for horses:                           • Starch A polysaccharide composed of
anything possibly becoming law.” Remov-                                                              many linked glucose molecules found
                                                   • NDF (neutral detergent fiber) Total plant
ing NSC from AAFCO publications isnʼt an                                                             mainly in grains; mostly digested in the
                                                   cell wall carbohydrates, including ADF (see       small intestine, where they are broken
issue; he says that carbohydrate estimation        below) and hemicellulose; often considered
never was included in the guidelines.                                                                down and absorbed as glucose (simple
                                                   an indicator of forage quality and intake         sugar). Some starches are resistant to small
    There are already feeds/forage products        potential (lower NDF=less hard-to-digest          intestine digestion and are fermented in the
being marketed as “low-carb” or “low-              fiber=higher “quality,” higher intake).            large intestine; a typical analysis does not
NSC.” Some of them are in Ten Eyckʼs               • ADF (acid detergent fiber) Less digest-          differentiate between the two types. Low
state of Oregon, which is one of very few          ible carbohydrates in plant cell walls,           starch content generally means little glucose
states with any carbohydrate guidelines for        including cellulose and lignin ; higher           will be absorbed in the small intestine (low
feed labels (these are based on NSC content        ADF=lower digestibility.                          glycemic response). This is good for horses
and can be seen at                                                               that canʼt handle large blood sugar changes
                                                   •NFC (non-fiber carbohydrates) A calcu-
AHID/commercial_feed/low_nsc605.pdf).                                                                (i.e., insulin-resistant horses). High starch
                                                   lated estimate of carbohydrates composed
One might wonder: How will this shift in                                                             generally means a high glycemic response.
                                                   of starch, simple sugars, fructan, soluble
USEF Perks for Horse Council Members
   Through its membership in the United States Equestrian Federation the NYSHC makes the following perks available to itʼs mem-
bers. Call USEF MerberPerks toll free: 877-576-6872.

Study provides evidence of long-term memory in horses
February 21, 2009

    A study of three horses has added weight to the belief of many       lections based on shared characteristics within a given category.
owners that their equine companions have long memories.                      The horse tested for long-term memory after the decade-long
    The study, led by Equine Research Foundation co-director             interval immediately and consistently applied the previously
Evelyn Hanggi, has just been published in the January edition of         learned categorisation rule to not only familiar but also novel
the journal Animal Cognition.                                            sets of stimuli.
    Dr Hanggi and fellow researcher Jerry Ingersoll took three               The third experiment tested another horse for long-term
horses that had performed cognitive tasks in research dating back        memory for a relative size concept - something it had been trained
several years. The tasks had involved discrimination learning,           to do for research years earlier.
categorisation, and concept use.                                             “More than seven years later and without further training, this
    The horses were tested to evaluate their long-term memory in         horse reliably applied the previously established size concept to
three experiments.                                                       both familiar and novel sets of stimuli,” the researchers said.
    In addition, the reseachers used LCD displays for the first time          “These findings are the first reports of long-term categorical and
with the horses in presenting some of the images at the centre of        conceptual memory in horses and are consistent with observations
the experiments.                                                         of domestic and wild horses, which indicate that behavioural and
    The first experiment tested long-term memory for discrimi-            ecological events may be remembered for long periods of time.
nation learning that had originally occurred with the horses six             “These studies also demonstrate the adaptive nature of horses
years earlier.                                                           with regard to their ability to generalise over several different
    Five sets of stimuli were used and the two horses tested showed      testing conditions.”
no decrease in selection performance on four of the sets. However,
                                                                         Long-term memory for categories and concepts in horses (Equus
both horses did score below chance on one set.                           caballus). Authors Hanggi EB, Ingersoll JF; Equine Research
    Experiment two examined long-term categorisation recall 10           Foundation, P.O. Box 1900, Aptos, CA, 95001, USA, EquiResF@aol.
years after horses had demonstrated the ability to make stimulus se-     com. Source: Animal Cognition 2009 Jan 16.

Maintain Trailer Breakaway Systems for Safe Hauling
    Emergency breakaway systems lock              tery terminals clean. A small wire brush           To help maintain a batteryʼs charge,
trailer brakes automatically if the trailer be-   and dielectric grease will help maintain the   USRider highly recommends a built-in
comes disconnected from the tow vehicle.          electrical connection. The battery should be   battery charger. These systems can be in-
Maintaining this equipment is an aspect           removed from the trailer when the trailer is   stalled on your tow vehicle to charge your
of trailer maintenance you donʼt want to          stored or not used for extended periods. If    battery every time you tow. For rigs that are
overlook, although hopefully youʼll never         possible, store the battery in a warm area     used infrequently, they recommend using
need to use it.                                   away from children.                            a charging system that provides a “float”
    “Be a good steward--donʼt take chances            Be sure that the proper battery is being   charge for extended times when your trailer
with the safety and welfare                                                                                    is not in use.
of your precious cargo,” said                                                                                      “For frequent travelers,
Mark Cole, managing member                                                                                     we especially like break-
for USRider, a nationwide                                                                                      away battery systems with
roadside assistance program                                                                                    built-in chargers and bat-
for equestrians, which provides                                                                                tery status LEDs,” said Cole.
emergency road service to its                                                                                      In addition to maintain-
members in the continental                                                                                     ing your breakaway battery,
United States, Canada, and                                                                                     be sure to keep your trailerʼs
Alaska.                                                                                                        brake and electrical system in
    To ensure your breakaway                                                                                   good condition as well.
system is in good working order, USRider          used for your breakaway system. Consult            For additional trailer safety informa-
offers the following safety tips:                 your ownerʼs manual, or check with the         tion, visit the Equine Travel Safety Area
    Have a qualified mechanic test the sys-        trailer manufacturer.                          at
tem for proper operation annually.                    If your battery has removable cell caps,
    Have your battery load tested to check        maintain acid levels by adding distilled       USRider provides roadside assistance and
the current in the battery. A qualified trailer    water. Take care when adding water. Be         towing services along with other travel-
mechanic or personnel at most auto parts          sure to wear protective eyewear and do         related benefits to its members through the
                                                                                                 Equestrian Motor Plan. It includes standard
stores can do this test. Replace old and          not overfill.                                   features such as flat-tire repair, battery
weak batteries.                                       Maintain charge--do not allow a battery    assistance, and lockout services, plus towing
    Regularly inspect the cable and switch        to remain discharged for extended periods.     up to 100 miles and roadside repairs for tow
for the breakaway system. Replace the             12 volt batteries are considered totally       vehicles and trailers with horses, emergency
cable if it is showing signs of wear.             discharged below 11.9 volts. Use a digital     stabling, veterinary referrals, and more.
    Keep the top of the battery and the bat-      voltmeter to check.
Staying Legal on the Road
by: Nancy S. Loving, DVM                          is not infected with a contagious disease--      towed vehicles carrying livestock must pull
                                                  most notably respiratory or skin ailments.       over. McCart advises, “Requirements for
    Youʼve checked the horse, trailer, truck,     Most states require the CVI must be issued       private horse owners to stop at state point-
and equipment, but are you even legal to          within 30 days of transport, but others only     of-entry checkpoints vary from state to
be on the road?                                   honor a CVI that has been done in the last       state. Therefore, drivers would be advised
    Thereʼs not a cloud in the sky as the sun     10 days. Your veterinarian will have up-to-      to read the signs and, when in doubt, stop
brightens the horizon, and it appears to be a     date information regarding timetables for        and inquire.”
fine day for a drive. Your truck and trailer       both a Coggins test and health certificate
stand gleaming in the driveway, hitched           for the state(s) you wish to enter.               Vehicle and Trailer Compliance
and waiting. At your command, your horse                                                               Vehicle and trailer compliance laws are
clomps into the trailer and busies himself        Interstate Equine Passport                       mostly decided at the state level. Toby com-
in the hay while you close the doors and              Some states (Alabama, Arkansas, Geor-        ments, “If there is a conflict between state
secure the latches. Youʼre loaded and ready       gia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North     and federal law, the federal law controls,
to hit the road. This scenario occurs count-      Carolina, Tennessee, Oklahoma, South             unless the state law is more restrictive, in
less times throughout the riding season as        Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia) are       which case the state law will control.”
you venture near and far to places to ride        currently honoring an interstate equine              He comments on federal laws that might
or compete. You have attended to all the          passport that serves as shipping papers for a    supersede state regulations: “If you are a
recommended maintenance and servicing of          horse for six months following a veterinary      ʻcommercialʼ interstate horse hauler, there
both truck and trailer to ensure safety and       health examination or until the expiration       are many federal requirements for record-
reliability, but what about the legal aspects     date of a Coggins test. Other states (Arizona,   keeping and safety equipment, among other
of hauling a horse? What must you do to           Montana, and Oregon) additionally require        things. It is noteworthy that a person may
comply with regulations and laws?                 permits prior to entry; their state regulatory   be classified as a ʻcommercialʼ shipper,
                                                  offices must be contacted to issue approvals      even if not hauling horses for money. As an
Negative Coggins                                  and permit numbers to include on CVIs.           example, hauling horses in connection with
    When traveling between states, there                                                           a commercial training stable might classify
are specific legal documents that should           Canada                                           one as a ʻcommercialʼ shipper.”
accompany your horse. The first of these is           If you plan to haul into Canada, your             He adds, “For interstate travel, federal
a negative Coggins test, which is a blood         horse must be accompanied by a special-          regulations require a commercial driverʼs
test for the presence of equine infectious        ized international health certificate filled       license (CDL) if the gross vehicle weight
anemia (EIA). This virus is similar to the        out by your veterinarian and endorsed            (GVW) is more than 26,000 pounds.”
human HIV virus and is transmitted mostly         by the USDAʼs Animal Plant and Health                Toby suggests that it is best to check
by large biting flies, like horse or deerflies.     Inspection Service (APHIS).                      with the U.S. Department of Transportation
A horse testing positive for EIA might be            Milton Toby, JD, an attorney, chair of        in regard to interstate CDL/ commercial
actively infected or a carrier; in either case,   the Equine Division at Midway College            hauler requirements.
the horse must be quarantined for life away       in Kentucky, and author of The Complete              McCart similarly recognizes that every
from other horses or euthanized. In attempts      Equine Legal and Business Handbook,              state has its own legal requirements when
to eradicate this disease in the horse popu-      adds, “Each individual Canadian province         it comes to trailer brakes, safety chains,
lation, regulations are enforced for horses       has its own transportation department,           fire extinguishers, towing speed, size di-
crossing state lines.                             similar to our state agencies, each with their   mensions of truck and trailer, license plate
    Rachel Kosmal McCart, JD, senior              own set of regulations.”                         placement and visibility, etc.
counsel at Equine Legal Solutions in Bea-                                                              Both Toby and McCart strongly urge
vercreek, Ore., says, “Each state regulates       Brand Inspection                                 haulers to monitor each stateʼs current
the transport of livestock within that state,         Domestically, in some Western states,        information for up-to-date regulations, and
including entry requirements, therefore the       another document must accompany a horse          to check with specific state departments of
requirements vary from state to state.”           that travels more than 75 miles from home:       transportation through which one might be
    Some states require a negative Coggins        a brand inspection. A brand inspection is        hauling a horse.
test that was performed within the prior 12       intended to certify proof of ownership, re-          On occasion, a horse owner might
months, while others require the test to have     gardless of whether a horse has a physical       wish to ride in the trailer when hauling a
been done within the preceding six-month          brand or tattoo or not. A brand inspector        sick horse to an emergency clinic or when
period. Many boarding and show barns              reviews a bill of sale and registration papers   transporting a foal. Some states allow a
often require a negative Coggins test for         when available, compares this information        person to travel in the trailer, while others
the horse to enter the premises.                  to the horse and its markings, and then either   do not; check your state regulations before
                                                  writes up a temporary brand inspection, or, if   climbing into the trailer.
Certificate of Veterinary Inspection               you desire, he prepares a laminated card that
    Another required document for interstate      is good for as long as you own that horse.       Unloading on the Road
travel is a certificate of veterinary inspection                                                        There are also times when it is necessary
(CVI). This health certificate, filled out fol-     Point-of-Entry Checkpoints                       to unload a horse from the trailer while on
lowing a veterinary exam, is meant to ensure          As your rig crosses the state line, weigh    the side of the road. McCart clarifies some
that a horse has a clean bill of health and       stations often have a sign requesting that all                    see Staying Legal page 14
Staying Legal continued from page 13               you to obtain medical care for the horse in    potential legal quagmires. She recommends
questions that come up about this issue, not-      an emergency. This allows you to call a vet    a thorough check of all equipment before
ing, “Laws regarding livestock on highways         for my horse, and obligates me to pay the      hitting the road. “Because trailers are usu-
vary state by state. However, in general, if       bill. A limited POA also gives you the au-     ally stored outside, spare tires mounted on
a horse you are unloading gets loose on the        thority to make medical decisions about the    the outside of the trailer and/or regular tires
highway and someone is injured or killed           horse without having to contact me. This       of parked trailers may be ruined by sun and
or their vehicle or property is damaged as a       can be important in an emergency.”             weather. Use tire covers, especially if a
result, you will probably be liable. For the           In addition, Toby notes there are situa-   trailer is infrequently used,” she says. “Re-
safety of other motorists as well as your          tions where a horseʼs injuries are sufficient   member to rotate the tires on your trailer
horses, only unload on the side of a high-         to necessitate euthanasia. He says, “If the    just like you rotate the tires on your truck.
way if there is an extreme emergency.”             horse is insured, the insurance carrier must   Check your lug nuts after the rotation to
    She continues, “Because AAA will               be notified and authorization given prior to    ensure that they remain tight.”
typically require horses to be unloaded            carrying out an ownerʼs or agentʼs decision        In addition, she notes, “Not all tire irons
before they will change a trailer tire, haul-      for euthanasia.”                               fit all lug nuts, so make sure that the tire
ers should be prepared to change their own             Insurance policies and contact informa-    iron in your rig fits your trailer lug nuts.
trailer tires. With a drive-on ramp product        tion should be included with the horseʼs       Donʼt count on the one for your truck to
such as a Jiffy Jack, changing a trailer tire      other travel papers.                           work on your trailer!”
on a loaded horse trailer is akin to changing          McCart discusses a variation on how            McCart advises owners to frequently
a tire on a truck.”                                to obtain medical care for a horse being       check the hitch, trailer doors, and all con-
                                                   transported by someone other than the          nections after parking your rig during a trip,
Accidents                                          owner: “When a hauler (commercial or           stating, “You never know when some unscru-
    In the event of an accident, McCart            private) needs to seek veterinary care for a   pulous person might tinker with something or
stresses, “Your auto insurance will gener-         horse, a horse may be treated as quickly as    when something might come loose.”
ally not cover damage to your trailer or the       possible if the hauler is given a document         She urges everyone to carry flares and a
contents of your trailer. So, if you get into an   from the horse owner that authorizes the       powerful flashlight (with charged batteries),
accident and your trailer, horses, and show        hauler to seek treatment for the horse and     since emergencies donʼt always happen in
saddle are a total loss, you will probably         promise to pay the veterinarian for such       the daytime. “And,” she says, “keep a spare
not receive any compensation from your             care. For even faster service, a horse owner   halter and lead with a stud chain in your
auto insurance company. For that reason, a         may want to provide credit card and bill-      trailer as an added precaution for control
horse owner may wish to consider separate          ing information in the authorization form.     of your horse.”
coverage, such as horse trailer insurance,         Unlike a traditional power of attorney, a
equine mortality insurance, and a rider on         veterinary care authorization form need not    Take-Home Message
homeownerʼs insurance to cover big-ticket          be notarized to be effective, only requiring       Transporting your horse is not just about
items, such as expensive horses, the trailer,      a signature by the horse owner.”               trailer safety, clean air, and a comfortable
or saddles. Fortunately, your auto collision                                                      environment for your horse to withstand
policy usually covers damage to your vehicle       Safety & Potential Legal Hassles               the stress of hauling. It is also important to
and to a vehicle with which you collide, as           McCart offers other suggestions for         comply with federal and state laws about
well as damage to contents. To clarify what        safe hauling, gleaned from personal ex-        specific documents for your horse and state
is and is not covered by your auto insurance       perience, for avoiding accidents and their     regulations on your vehicle and trailer.
policy, contact your insurance agent.”

Authorizing Veterinary Care
    Sometimes a horse is hauled by some-
one other than the owner and the driver
must act as a decision-making agent in lieu
of an owner. One such occasion involves
acquisition of veterinary care for an injury
or illness. One means to do this is by a
power of attorney (POA), which can be ei-
ther “general” or “limited.” A general POA
allows the person with the power of attor-
ney to do anything the grantor could do,
while a limited POA authorizes an agent to
make legally binding decisions on behalf of
an absentee owner for a limited duration of
time or for a specific circumstance.
    Toby explains the specifics on how a
limited POA works: “For example, if you
are shipping my horse across the country,
I can give you a limited POA authorizing
                                                       ��� ���� ����� ����� �������� ����
                                                                         ���� ���������� ����
                                                           Memberships are for the calendar year January 1, 2009 to December 31, 2009
Please check one: Renewal           New Membership
_____________________________________________________________________________________                                     Indicate all disciplines
Membership Information (������ ����� �������): _______________________________________________                            you participate in:
_____________________________________________________________________________________                                     ___ Driving
Primary Member: ______________________________________________________________________                                    ___ Dressage
_____________________________________________________________________________________                                     ___ Hunter
Club/Business/Farm Name: ______________________________________________________________                                   ___ Jumper
_____________________________________________________________________________________                                     ___ Eventing
Street Address: ________________________________________________________________________                                  ___ Halter Classes
 ____________________________________________________________________________________                                     ___ Pleasure-English
City: __________________________________ State: _______ Zip Code: ______________________                                  ___ Pleasure-Western
_____________________________________________________________________________________                                     ___ Trails
County:________________________________ Phone: (              ) _______ - _____________________                           ___ Barrels
_____________________________________________________________________________________                                     ___ Team Penning
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_____________________________________________________________________________________                                     ������
Website: _____________________________________________________________________________                                    __________________
_____________________________________________________________________________________                                     __________________
Volunteer Availability and Interests: _______________________________________________________                             __________________

Please check age of Primary Member for Vintage Equestrian Program records: Under 18                     19-29     30-49        50-62       63+

���� ��� ����� ������� ��� ���� �� ����� A portion of your dues is transferred to that chapter for activities
___ General Membership (�� ������� �����������)  ___ Orange County                         ___ Ulster County
___ Cattaraugus/Chautauqua Counties              ___ Palisades (Rockland County)           ___ Westchester County
___ New York City                                ___ Putnam County                         ___ Western (Erie/Niagara County)

�����������������                                 ������ ����                        ��������������                   ������ �����������
___ Individual1 �                      $ 55       ___ 1- 50 members:         $ 50    ___ 0- 50 employees: $ 50        ___ Recognized equine
___ Family2 �                          $ 75       ___ 51-100 members:        $ 75    ___ 51-250 employees: $100           programs:     $ 50
___ Life Membership3                   $500       ___ 101-250 members:       $150    ___ Over 251employees: $ 20
___ Life: ���������� ���������4        $ 20       ___ 251-500 members:       $175
___ Life: ������ ���������4            $ 40       ___ Over 500 members:      $200

Individual or Family membership includes $1,000,000 individual 24/7 liability coverage for equine related accidents, one newsletter
and one vote at meetings: 1 Individual - Includes one adult + all children� in the household under age 18.
                            Family - Includes two adults + all children� in the household under age 18.
                            Life Membership - Includes individual insurance coverage for one (1) year only.
                            Life Members’ insurance coverage only - Individual or Family coverage.
�List name/age of children: _________________/___ _________________/___ ________________/___ ________________/___
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Clubs, Businesses, or Educational Institutions will receive one newsletter and one vote at meetings regardless of size. These
memberships DO NOT receive insurance coverage.

    Check this box if you wish to receive a newsletter via email only and DO NOT want to receive a paper copy.

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Your cancelled check will be your receipt. Please photocopy this application and keep for your records
   Check this box if a receipt is requested �������� �����
���� ���     NYSHC Membership
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             221 New Road                         518-366-8998
             Nassau, NY 12123           

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New York State Horse Council Membership Benefits                                              Earn awards with our
                                                                                            NEW Ride-Drive Program!
• Insurance: $1M personal liability insurance for each GENERAL member.
• You become part of a strong membership, joining together for the welfare of our horses.
• NYSHC works to represent our industry in Albany and Washington,
  partnership with: The American Horse Council
                    The American Animal Welfare Council
                    The New York State Farm Bureau
                    The Equine Industry Leaders Forum
                    The Empire State Council of Agricultural Organizations
                    The Council of Agricultural Organizations
                    New York State Agriculture and Markets
                    New York State Department of Conservation
                    New York State Office of Parks and Historical Recreation
• Access to NYSHCʼs frequently updated information packed website at
• Link to your website on our website at
                                                                                                Simply accumulating hours riding/
• Quarterly information packed NYSHC Newsletters
                                                                                            driving your horse to achieve each award
• Discounted advertising fees in our quarterly newsletter                                   level. Any forward-going movement
• Opportunity to volunteer for a committee and become actively involved in the NYSHC.       gets you closer to an award. No, hours
                                                                                            spent grooming does not count toward
• NYSHC committees include: Safety, Trails, Humane, Racing, Legislative, Legal              your total!
                            Affairs, Senior Riding Program, Therapeutic Riding
                                                                                                There is no limit on how long it takes
• Discounted fees at NYSHC annual trail rides and Competitive Trail Riding Clinic           you to achieve each award so sign up
  held at Otter Creek every June. Check the events page on our website www.nyshc.           today and get moving. Information and
  org for further details.                                                                  an official NYSHC log sheet are on the
                                                                                            NYSHC Web site;

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