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									?More and more consumers are increasing the amount of data that they store on their
computers. We store 1000s of pictures, music, movies expensive software and even
TV shows on our computers. Even though a lot of information can be stored on our
personal computers that makes that information vulnerable to viruses and hard drive
crashes. Investing in an Automatic PC Backup program should be a consideration for
any one who has a computer.

The best way to protect your information against loss or corruption is to back it up
with a duplicate copy. You can make a copy of all your infromation and store it on an
external hard drive. Your information can be taken off the device and put back on
your computer if you loss or damage something. Many times an external hard drive
are used for storage. They generally retail for between 70 and 150 dollars and can be
found online or in most consumer electronics stores. Setup and laptop backup
software is installed on the drive or included in the packaging. Of course, there are
other alternatives such as saving music to CDs or another computer. It is not unusual
to get the automatic PC backup software free with the purchase of a hard drive. A
computer is prompted to create a backup of the areas you selected as long as it is

This is good enough if you only want to protect small amounts of data, but as the data
increases the time it takes to backup gets longer. Systems like these are commonly
backed up and maintained by third party servers with much more power and
capabilities than cheap consumer products or software. Druva inSync is a product that
provides automatic PC backup software as well as remote PC backup solutions for

Information stored on a laptop computer can be easily lost or destroyed costing t he
company money. Customers personal information can be lost which is why a PC
backup solution must be in place. Computer hackers routinely target companies large
and small to try to obtain credit card or social security numbers and other customer
data. In the process of breaking in to a system hackers use software that can contain
malicious code that damage the systems they target. Losing customer data can be the
kiss of death for a company, which makes frequent and fast automatic PC backup of
information crucial to overall success.

A fire or other natural disaster can happen which would cause loss of data. Without a
backup, the company might not have the abillity to recover from a huge loss of
information. A fire can destroy but it is the water that puts the fire out that causes the
total damage. A rare earthquake or flood can destroy your information but even a little
power surge can take out a server. An automatic PC backup system will guarantee that
your information remains safe.

In recent years we have begun to store records documents as well as personal pictures
and music on our personal computers. There are many ways that computers can fail.
For a business it is crucial that frequent backups are made of their business data.
Making backups by hand with cds and external hard drives are fine for individuals but
large amounts by necessity need more powerful and fast backup services like those
provided by Druva, a leader in automatic pc backup and corporate data restoration.

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