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Auto-tracking PTZ camera track robberies


									?"The most certain test by which we judge whether a country is really free is the
amount of security enjoyed by minorities." Lord Acton

    CCTV shared the whole security and Surveillance world with its latest innovation
of Pan-Tilt-Zone (PTZ) cameras. Particularly; the Auto-Tracking PTZ, which has
been undergone under many technical developments to satisfy the market customers'
needs and demands.

    Being alerted in case of troubles, will keep an eye overhead, and due to the new
revolution of Auto-Tracking PTZ, you will be able to track robberies, if not easily,
more early, especially; if your PTZ camera is connected to an IP system. But the
question, how these auto-tracking cameras can follow suspicious acts? Equipped with
highly-developed features, PTZ cameras can present high levels of performance. They
can monitor every move or activity happened at night because of the inferred filters,
which have motion-sensors that detect motion by people or objects within the
monitored scene. These sensors provide a full-color image that can be zoomed in for
specific zones. The monitored zone is usually determined, by the end-user of this
technology, either manually or automatically.

     PTZ cameras in addition to its motion-sensors have the capacity to capture
sounds within its local area. To draw the whole image in your prospecting mind, think
of a PTZ camera that detects motion (objects or people), picks up sound (normal
sounds or noisy ones), and has an IP address (a flexible access throughout the world
and any time). These at least, are some of the most prominent and effective features in
such camera. However, what would you do if you receive a night call, a text message
or an alarmed e-mail stating that you are plundered or robbed? Frank answer, dress up
and go to check your property (house, company, building, mall, restaurant, etc…)
because some PTZ cameras nowadays can phone you to report the robbery. The call,
the text message or the targeted e-mail were sent to you over the internet to alert you
as soon as possible, and give you the chance to report that case to the police to make
the necessary procedures. Now, Do you think you need this level of security and
surveillance system?

    Don't bewildered; your PTZ will give a very good detailed images and videos
containing description every thing happened around the monitored environment
determined with date and specific time. There are many manufactures of Pan-tilt-Zone
cameras such as: Veilux; Bosch Security; 2MSolutions; Canon; DVTel; GE Security;
Honeywell Security; Ikegami; JVC; Panasonic; Pelco; Samsung; Vicon; Videology;
Vitek, and others.

    Auto tracking PTZ are available for indoor/outdoor usage. They can eliminate the
need of multiple cameras at one location. They also come in various styles and
models that fit day/night modes, weather changes regarding its sophisticated levels of
panning and tilting speed and quality. Customers can download PTZ object auto
tracking with the previous mentioned features and with configuration options. So
watch out robberies and keep rational! You are not safe any more because of the
amazing technology of Auto-tracking PTZ cameras.

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