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									?Not only a single Austin school but a lot many deserve to be categorized under the
Best Austin Schools. There are High Schools, Middle Schools, Elementary Schools
and Preparatory Schools in Austin. Most of these schools have all the facilities. Many
Austin schools are technologically very advanced. The Austin schools take care of the
overall development of the child. Every Austin school makes an effort to educate the
child in such a manner that his inner qualities get a platform and enough opportunity.

Austin City is full of schools so that the parents do not find any problem in locating
schools in some particular area. Mostly the High schools cover 9th to 12th Standards.
Some of the good High Schools can be found in the Austin Independent School
District. Some quality High schools in Austin include- the Akins High School,
Anderson High School, Austin High School, Bowie High School and Sidney Lanier
High School etc. Akins High School can be located in South Austin. This Austin
school was named after Dr. William Charles Akins who was a resident of Austin. He
founded this Austin High school in 2000.Though it is among the newest schools in the
Austin Independent School District but still it has reached the student enrolment
number of 2,700 students. The school has a number of departments so that the
students can avail the benefit in their studies. These departments include Athletics
Deptt., Career and Technical Education Deptt., Language Arts Deptt., Fine Arts Deptt.,
Mathematics Deptt., Science Deptt., Social Studies Deptt. and also the Special
Education Deptt. The Austin Education has got very high standards here.

Anderson High School was established in 1889.This Austin school was the first to
impart education to both African-American children. This Austin High School in San
Marcos, 11th Streets, became an independent school in 1907 and was shifted to Olive
and Curve Streets and finally it moved to Pennsylvania Street. Academically,
Anderson is one of the top-ranked schools in Texas. Washington Post had ranked it as
one of the nations' Top 250 high schools and Newsweek mentioned this school in Top
500 . This school has also got the Baccalaureate Program.

The Austin High School was named after Stephen F. Austin, who is known as the
Father of Texas and it was founded in 1881.Today this high school in Austin is one of
the oldest public high schools situated in the west of Mississippi River. Its campus is
situated near Austin Downtown. This Austin School runs various athletic programs for
its students like that of Football, Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Swimming, Baseball, and
Volleyball etc. The Austin High Football team has won several State Championships

The Bowie High School better known as James Bowie High School is another Austin
school situated in the Independent School District. This High school in southwest
Austin has got 2,850 students and it has a great campus on 120 acres. The Bowie
School has got a very large and beautiful campus. Not only this, it is also the largest
secondary school in Central Texas. Some of the famous Alumni of this school include
Twins Marcus and Michael Griffin who used to play football for the Bowie school
before they started playing for the University of Texas.

Another Austin school is Sidney Lanier High School. It was formed in 1961.
Originally, this school was located in the building of Burnet Middle School. This
school is named after a famous soldier and poet Sidney Lanier. The recent campus of
this school was opened in 1966. At present the school is located on Peyton Gin Road.
It was recognised as a Blue Ribbon School in 1977.This honour used to be the highest
honour of that time. The school is growing every year.

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