Audio Extender- Stream audio and microphone long distances over Cat5 cable by iupon13


									?An Audio Extender is used to extend stereo audio and microphone up to 300 meters
away from the source system over Cat5e cables. Since Cat5 cables are used to make
the long distance connection, it reduces the cost as well as eliminates the need for
multiple cables for audio and microphone. These extension devices consist of a
transmitter, receiver and a power supply. While the former unit is connected to the
local audio/mic source, the latter is connected to remote speakers.

The audio out setting on these devices support multimedia speakers, headphones or
earphones, the Mic in setting supports condenser microphone as well as a dynamic
microphone and the audio input supports a 3.5mm stereo audio connection. The CAT5
audio extenders have a built in microphone preamplifier and the microphone gain can
be adjustable. The best thing about this device is that it does not change the audio
signal and supports high quality audio. Additionally, this device is compatible with
any 3.5mm stereo audio system. Most popular amongst the variety of models
available is the basic audio extension version. Other varieties include VGA
Video/audio extension unit which comes in 2, 4, 8 and 16 port versions and the
composite audio/video extension unit which is available in point to point as well as 2
and 4 port versions.

The audio extender cat5 have a frequency range of 10Hz - 25 KHz / -3dB and can be
installed without any additional software requirements. They have a bidirectional
transmission for speaker and mic and install using simple plug and play technology.
Simply, the audio source is connected to the sender and the speakers are connected to
the receiver. These devices help a user to play music through an entertainment system
or active speakers in any room of the house by setting up an audio network. Easy
installation and stability of use make it a popular device in recording studios as it
eliminates the need for noisy PC's in the studios, where uninterrupted sound
reproduction is vital. The Audio extender is being used in a variety of arenas such as
auditoriums, schools, home theatre systems, airports, hotels, hospitals, bars,
conference rooms.

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