ATI Technologies Driver- The Different Forms In Which is Available In Market Today

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					?ATI is a leading company in the manufacture of technologies driver in many forms.
From desktops, laptops and work stations to video game stations and handheld
devices it is at its zenith in the design and development of revolutionary drivers.ATI
promotes some of its products with a animation character called "ruby" and is
described as "mercenary for hire". A driver is a part of the processor or a graphic card
and is used to interact with the hardware. It is necessary to install drivers for the
proper working of the connected hardware. The various driver packages provided by
ATI comes in different series like R100, R200, R 300, etc.

ATI technologies driver are available for free download from their official website
and ensures a very customer friendly relationship.ATI technologies driver are
available as different driver packages for different operating systems. Windows
operating system has catalyst driver packages and fglrx is the name of the linux
display driver. The driver can work without the kernel module although the direct
rendering infrastructure will not be present. It is being considered to make atleast the
functional part of ATI technologies driver free. ATI technology driver also makes use
of third party drivers called omega drivers to ensure that gamers have more options
and features with the additional driver set.

ATI technologies driver can be segregated into two categories. Firstly ATI technology
display and video driver and ATI technology main board drivers and utility driver. All
ATI technology video and display driver can be searched and downloaded in open
drivers. The driver installation information, support resources, etc are also provided.
All main board drivers and utilities for Intel, gigabyte, Acorp, etc have been listed in
open drivers. Thus the influence of drivers on performance is wide and far spread and
the driver packages are designed by ATI to be compatible with multiple operating

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