; At last a Letterbox that serves the purpose
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At last a Letterbox that serves the purpose


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									?I don't know why it has taken so long but I'm delighted to say that I have found the
perfect letterbox for Australian conditions, both urban and rural. It is designed and
made here in Australia what's more. The Nuquoll Urbo, as it is called, is available
everywhere as it is sold via the website .au . First to the design features which make it
so special as a box - it is made from rotor-molded polyethylene - what's so good about
that? It is seamless, waterproof, rustproof, unbreakable and capacious. There are no
sharp edges or corners to damage either you or anything which may come into contact
with it. Scrape it with your car - the box is still perfect, and so is the car. The Urbo is
for posts or the top of fences.

Then there is the Nuquoll Upright. It has all the great features of the Urbo but is
designed for those tight driveways and apartment blocks. It's brilliant with its
breadbox type opening. You don't even have to get out of the car. And it takes easily
foolscap mail which can be removed with the pull down opening. As with the Urbo,
all the lines are soft, no sharp corners, and no possibility of water getting in.

Australia is a land of extreme weather. All Nuquoll letterboxes take that into account.
When it pours, the mail in this letterbox stays dry thanks to the computer designed
construction, the thickness of the polyurethane and the uniquely-designed and water
tested openings which prevent rain from entering the box. No more soggily protruding
envelopes and packages.

When it's as hot as an Australian summer can be, the box remains durable and as
freshly coloured as the day it was bought. There are colours to choose from - some
bright, some subtle shades of nature. Have a look on their website. You won't find
anything like it anywhere else. Beautiful, colourful and bright. Eight different colours
to choose from. Want to choose your own colours? No problem, Nuquoll will make to
your colour requirements (but you will need to order a few..) Again, how thoughtful
of Nuquoll - in a country where the rural mailbox is often the marker for the property
- it's a real help to be able to say, "We're the bright yellow mailbox - you can't miss it."
"Look for the big bright blue letterbox." Or the traditional postie red.

The capacity of the Nuquoll letterboxes beats any other box I have had. The wide slot
makes the postie's job easier in that it takes the full width of magazines and large
envelopes without folding. Once in the box there is room for a real stack of mail -
very handy if you're unable to clear the box for a number of days. The sort of package
which is too big for normal boxes can be fitted into this one - saving a pick up trip to
the Post Office. Even the locking system has been thoughtfully designed. It can be
installed so that the box is opened with or without a key.

On the subject of installation, this is brilliant, innovative and unique. Nuquoll have
solved that problem of needing home handyman skills and the need to go looking for
screws and tools to install letterboxes. The online purchasing site provides all that is
required for easy do-it-yourself installation. Nuquoll have thought of everything, with
an eye to making installation as easy as possible. The box comes with a mounting
plate and all the screws, allen keys and a lock and key plus clear English instructions
(nothing quaintly quirky in translation here - after all this is an entirely Australian
product). It can be mounted on top of or on the side of your existing post or wall (a
side-mounting bracket is available if needed). The attaching order is designed
specifically to protect your box from thieves - and there will be those who covet it -
once it is installed on the mounting bracket and locked, the nuts cannot be accessed
from the exterior of the box. A Nuquoll post is available in a variety of toning colours
if preferred.

Nuquoll have gone beyond my expectations. All their letterboxes are made from
materials that can be recycled, even in the knowledge that their letterboxes have
lifetime guarantees! And a nice touch is that Nuquoll have a community spirit. A
percentage of their profits go towards the protection of the Australian endangered
Quoll (hence the name Nuquoll). Nice. Well done Nuquoll!

This all-Australian made mailbox looks good in town or country, addresses every
requirement of a high quality letterbox and will not break the bank.

At last a Letterbox that serves the purpose.

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