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Asus Tablet PC-7 inch google android tablet pc LY901


									?7 inch google android tablet pc LY901
This Ly901 HDMI Tablet PC has google android 2.1 operation system, adn has
camera with in,
and it support the external 3G function,if you want the 3G function,you can pay more
USD 29,
then we will add it to this tablet PC.and it built in speaker and support 32 gb
flash memory card max
Color: Red,black,silver
CPU: Rockchip2818 700Mhz
OS: Google Android 2.1
Storage: 2 nand flash
Display: 7 inch TFT resistance-type touch screen 800*480

Asus recently announced the launch of its Eee Tablet PC edition - a digital notebook
that offers impressive touch screen and appears as a hybrid of note taker and eBook


Asus Tablet PC includes a 10.1 inch high resolution Stylus based 2450 dpi with
resistive touch screen based display, most likely powered by Tegra graphics chipset by
NVIDIA, and laced with 3D accelerator. This allows a complete 108 p resolution of
1024 x 768 pixels, as in case of the recently launched EE Pad devices by Asus.

Asus claims that the resistive touch screen display gives the user a feeling as if he is
writing on paper, allowing him to not only have an electronic notepad, but also an
e-reader and a media player.


Powered by ARM processor, the Asus EE comes with a flash memory of 64 GB. It is
also equipped with a digital camera of 2.0 mega pixel allowing the user to grab lecture
slide screenshots and instantly write notes on them. Additionally, the device's user
interface provides tagging support, enabling the user to quickly retrieve and locate

The EE tablet PC features integrated WI networking and super fast second page load
times and an added micro SD memory support card for expandable flash memory. It
also permits easy syncs with a notebook or a PC through USB wired connection port,
apart from Micro SD memory card to ensure that all content, calendars and notes are
kept up to date.

The EE tablet by Asus also contains integrated GPS support, permitting 3G
connectivity with tri-band connection. Boasting a 10 hour extended battery life, the
Tablet PC would be available this year in September, coming at a price tag of $ 299 to
$ 199 - affordable for those new to the tablet version.

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