Astrology And Human Life

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					?1.Astrology and its Influence on Human Life

Astrology can be defined as "the study of the real or supposed relationship between
the Heavens and the people on the earth". It is, in fact, the science of divination,
which calculates the supposed influence of planets upon human affairs and aims at
foretelling the events on the earth by their movements, Postions and aspects. In simple
words, it is the ancient science of predicting the course of human destiny with the help
of indications deduced from the positions and movements of heavenly bodies.* It can
be best summarized up in the saying, "As above, so below". Astrology believes that
the Universe is the manifestation of ‘Divine Will and hence, is subject to
interpretation. The basic premise of Astrology, therefore, is that the events in the
Havens correspond to those on earth.

2.Horoscope/Birth Chart

Just as a solider cannot fight without a gun, similarly an astrologer must have the
horoscope or "The map of the Hour" as his chief weapon. Separate chapters have been
assigned to the ‘Casting of a horoscope Zodiac hours, signs, constellations ECT. For
the convenience of the readers and to facilitate exact interpretation of the birth chart.


The earth revolves around the sun once in a year and it appears to make a circle of the
Zodiac. The sign or constellation against which the sun appears to rise on the day of
birth is called the ‘sun-sign'. In parties we often hear people telling each other, "I am a
Leo, are you a Virgo?" Thus the sun-sign is the most important factor in the chart as
the Sun represents the creative life force.

4.Ascendant or Rising Sign (Lagna)

As the earth rotates on its axis once a day, we have the second daily cycle of the
zodiac. The sign at the time of birth of an individual is called the ‘Rising Sign' and the
sunrise point itself is called the ‘Ascendant'. This is equally important in the
interpretation of a horoscope. The ‘Ascendant' further determines the division of the
horoscope into twelve houses.
5.Three Broad Classifications of Astrology

There are three broad classifications of astrology, viz. Natal Astrology, Mundane
Astrology and Horary Astrology:

(a)Natal Astrology :- Natal Astrology aims at analyzing the character of the individual
and predicting his future on the basis of horoscope.

(b)Mundane Astrology :- It deals with Universal phenomena such as wars, natural
calamities, earthquakes, floods, famines, political turmoil and upheaval etc.

(c)Horary Astrology :- It is based upon the assumption that the horoscope of any
given moment can determine the meaning and significance of that moment. A
question is put to an
astrologer at a particular moment and he prepares the chart for that moment when the
particular question is asked.He accordingly makes his predictions.
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