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Assignments of an investigator by iupon13


									?Gathering factual information and evidence is the main duty of an effctive
investigator.Investigator can use many kinds of methods such as observation,
questioning, examination, and experimentation upon which information will be get.In
order to achieve success as an investigator, 9 necessary basic assignments must be

1.Insurance claims or insurance fraud.This is the most usual and very tough category
and includes credit claims on traffic accidents, false claims by individuals and
organized fraud rings, hit and run with vehicle liability, phony and exaggerated
personal injury claims, fraudulent income, and paid or lying witnesses.
2.Prospecting for witness.At the beginning of an investigation the investigator should
research public records and the telephone books, records, and listings.
3.Service of legal process.Service of summons and complaint, service for civil
subpoena for deposition, service for civil subpoena duces tecum, and service for civil
subpoena for trial testimony.
4.Investigations for employment.Investigation of the applicants's pre-employment and
prior several bosses, comments from prior colleague ,business partner thefts and fraud,
employee theft.

5.Worker's compensation Claims.This involves investigations about community and
employment background, medical background and earlier claims history.

6.Private family investigations. Investigations involving the location of missing
persons and runaways,corruption and theft of family funds, theft and embezzlement of
trust and property.

7.Services for shopping.Investigations involving overseeing salepersons in stores to
make sure that all the sales money is put in record,conducting drug screens on
prospective employees.

8.Physical injury or misconduct claims.Physical injury or misconduct claims where
the complaint claims total or serious disability. Evidence like photos or videos of a
day or a week of activity often convince the complaint to abandon the suit or at least
settle for a substantially smaller award.

9.Backdoor investigations.This often involves a business that tries to identify
problems by hiring investigators to pose as his private employees.

Finally,true success in any profession is based on interest and passion in it. Your
knowledge and efforts can bring a criminal to justice, locate a missing loved one, or
save a business large sums of money,which can also bring you immense pride.
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