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 Finance Office/Accounting Services
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Accounting Services Agenda
   The Big Picture             Internal Controls
   Stewardship Obligation      Reports
   Fiscal Culture              Personal Liability
   AVC Finance/Admin           Training Resources
   Sponsored Project           Compliance Resources
    Funds                       Contacts
   Gift Funds
The Big Picture
Stewardship Obligation

   The responsibility for sound financial
    management resides with every employee
    or affiliate who spends or manages
    university funds.

   In general, the public nature of University
    funds and State requirements impose a
    more restrictive standard than that used in
    the private sector
Fiscal Culture
   CU's organizational units obtain and utilize resources to
    carry out the university’s missions, the financial impact of
    which is accumulated and summarized in the
    University's financial records.
   CU is obligated to comply with numerous laws, policies,
    rules, regulations, and sponsor / donor requirements.
    External entities trust that the university's financial
    statements are complete and accurate, which cannot
    happen without the help of all employees and affiliates who
    have financial management duties.
   It is important for all employees / affiliates to understand:
       the hierarchy of policies, procedural statements, and guidelines
       the driving forces behind our current fiscal culture, and the main
        tenets of the related policies
Fiscal Culture

   Policy Hierarchy:
Fiscal Culture
   Driving Forces - CU Regents and External Forces
    The Regents of the University of Colorado sit atop our
    policy hierarchy, and create laws and policies that lower
    level policies, like APS, PPS, and campus-specific policies
    strive to support:
       Laws of the Regents
       Policies of the Regents
    The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, which influences best-
    practices in fiscal management, is the driving force behind
    many of CU's new and revised Administrative Policy
       Fiscal Roles and Responsibilities
       Fiscal Code of Ethics
       Fiscal Certification
       Officer Disclosure of Interests
Fiscal Culture
   Driving Forces – Transparency and Accountability
    Other factors, like the need for transparency and
    accountability have impacted APS/PPS:
       Propriety of Expenses
            Sensitive Expenses
       Alcohol Purchase and Provision
           Alcohol
       CU Foundation Transfers
       Recognition and Training
       Personal Technology and Telecommunications
AVC Finance and Administration

   Finance Office Responsibilities
     Accounting Services
     Financial Compliance and Training
     Sponsored Programs Accounting (Downtown
     Resource Management
     Student Financial Services
Sponsored Project Funds
(Anschutz Medical Campus)

   Office of Grants and Contracts (OGC)
     Pre-Award
     Contracting
     Accounting
     Post-Award
     Policy and Education
Sponsored Project Funds
(Downtown Campus)

   Division of Sponsored Programs
    Administration (DSPA)
     Pre-Award
     Contracting

   Sponsored Programs Accounting (SPA)
     Accounting
     Post-Award
     Policy and Education
Gift Funds
 Gift funds are financial awards received from
  external donors
 Expenditures must be made in accordance
  with donor wishes, and must be in
  compliance with all applicable rules,
  regulations, policies, and procedures.
 Online training is available at: and is
  required for those with gift fiscal
Internal Controls

   Promote the use of sound business and
    financial management practices.
     One major control is achieved through proper
      segregation of duties so that no single
      individual controls all (e.g. "create" and
      "approve") aspects of a financial transaction.
     Another control is the review of monthly
      financial statements, whether burst or ad-hoc

 Reports   can be viewed in the my.CU portal:

 Click   on the my.Reports tab:
   Depending on your roles and Finance System access, you’ll
    view reports via one or more of the channels:
Personal Liability
   Colorado Governmental Immunity Act
   Three main areas in which an employee can be
    held liable for actions at work:
    •   Criminally
    •   Civilly
    •   Employment discipline
   Personal financial liability if:
    •   After-the-fact purchases
    •   Signing contracts on behalf of University (see signature
Training Resources
   Blackboard Online training (
    Use 6-digit Employee ID# to login)
      Research Administration Start to Finish
      Direct Charging to Sponsored Projects
      Electronic Personnel Effort Reporting (ePER)
      Finance / Procurement System Training – multiple courses

   Financial Inquiry Online training
   Instructor-led Finance / Procurement Training
   Procurement Card Training
Compliance Resources
   UCD Financial Compliance
       Effectiveness of administrative training programs
       Adequacy of fiscal policies and procedures
       Propriety of financial transactions

   Internal Audit Fraud Hotline

   UCD Finance Office website:
   UCD Finance Office main phone #: 303.315.2250
   DSPA (Downtown Campus) website:
   SPA (Downtown Campus) website:

   Grants and Contracts (AMC) website: