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					LASIKViews                                                                                    Fall 2003

     Experience the Innovation...
  With Custom LASIK at the Pankratz Eye Institute!
          leader in the field of refractive   better than 20/20 vision without           of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and

A         surgery, Ophthalmologist and
          eye surgeon Michael Pankratz,
M.D., is committed to offering
                                              glasses or contact lenses. In addition,
                                              four times as many people were very
                                              satisfied with their night vision after
                                                                                         astigmatism. Dr. Pankratz offers other
                                                                                         procedures as well, such as PRELEX,sm
                                                                                         which can treat extreme degrees of
state-of-the-art technology for his           custom laser vision correction,            nearsightedness and farsightedness and
patients. When it comes to laser vision       compared to their night vision with        allows most patients over the age of 40
correction, newer technology often            glasses or contacts before their           to reduce or eliminate their need for
means better visual results with              procedure.                                 bifocals, trifocals, and reading glasses!
increased safety. Dr. Pankratz has been
utilizing the VISX WaveScan vision            Dr. Pankratz is the only eye surgeon in    To learn more about some of the
analysis system for his patients for          the area performing custom laser vision    exciting new advances in eye surgery
many months, and he was one of the            correction (LASIK, LASEK, and PRK)         and laser vision correction offered at
first in Indiana to do so. This               for the treatment of nearly all degrees    the Pankratz Eye Institute, visit our
technology captures a                                                                             website anytime.
“fingerprint” of the eye, and is                                                                  If you would like to
25 times more precise than                                                                        “Experience the Innovation“
was previously measurable by                                                                      for yourself, call for a FREE
standard methods. Recently,                                                                       consultation with
the FDA gave approval for                                                                         Dr. Pankratz at
WaveScan-guided CUSTOM                                                                            (812) 373-7777 or toll-free
laser vision correction                                                                           at 1-877-758-EYES.
treatments, and Dr. Pankratz                                                                      The Pankratz Eye Institute
is now performing custom                                                                          also offers evening and
laser vision correction for his                                                                   weekend appointments to
patients. According to the                                                                        accommodate your
FDA trials, patients who had                                                                      busy schedule.
custom laser vision correction                     Dr. Pankratz using VISX WaveScan
                                                technology to measure a patient’s eye.
had an increased chance of attaining

                                               Visit us on the Web
Bargain Shopping + Your Vision =
Disaster!                                      A Pankratz Eye Institute patient learns the hard way that
                                               bargain shopping is never a good idea when it comes to your vision

       ill Calhoun of Columbus saw          Cincinnati for nearsightedness.                                  still unable to get

B      the ad for a discount LASIK
       provider, and decided that
saving money was the way to go.
                                            I learned that, prior to his procedure
                                            in Cincinnati, Mr. Calhoun had been
                                            able to see up-close without glasses.”
                                                                                                             any information
                                                                                                             regarding his
He soon learned that he was wrong.                                                                           evaluation or
                                            However, because of Bill’s age, he was                           his surgical
“I wish that I had come to the Pankratz     not able to see up-close without glasses                         procedure.”
Eye Institute first. I went to a cut-rate   after his procedure was performed to
                                                                                       Bill Calhoun
facility the first time, and I had to       correct his distance vision. “Even                                Fortunately for Bill
come to Dr. Pankratz to get my vision       though they corrected his distance         Calhoun, the end result was positive.
corrected after they messed me up,”         vision, Mr. Calhoun was obviously          “After a long discussion with Mr.
Bill says.                                  upset about being dependent on             Calhoun, and after investigating his
                                            reading glasses,” Dr. Pankratz says.       diabetes control, I performed a
Dr. Pankratz of the Pankratz Eye                                                       procedure to restore his near vision
Institute explains, “Mr. Calhoun came       According to Bill, the surgeon and staff   while maintaining his ability to see
to us after having LASIK in                 members at the other facility did not      at a distance,” Dr. Pankratz concludes.
                                            take the time to explain this situation    “As a result, he no longer needs to wear
                                            pre-operatively, nor did they explain      glasses for reading.”
                                            the options for avoiding the need for
  Brain Surgery                             reading glasses afterwards.                According to Bill, choosing the Pankratz
                                                                                       Eye Institute was a smart move. “I was
                                            “I also learned that, although Mr.         impressed with the professionalism and
                                            Calhoun informed them that he is a         personal attention to my case at the
                                            diabetic, they did not recommend           Pankratz Eye Institute,” he says. “After
                                            obtaining blood tests to ensure that his   LASIK at the Pankratz Eye Institute,
                                            diabetes was stable,” Dr. Pankratz         I can now see at a distance, read
                                            explains. “This serious omission could     without glasses, and my night vision is
       Only $299                            have led to a disastrous result for Mr.
                                            Calhoun, because poorly-controlled
                                                                                       also good. The results are even better
                                                                                       than I expected!”
                                            diabetes can significantly affect the
                                            degree of one’s nearsightedness.”          Like Bill, you also can discover the
                                                                                       difference between the Pankratz Eye
     You wouldn’t pick your
                                            Dr. Pankratz continues, “Making            Institute and discount laser vision
     brain surgeon this way,
                                            matters worse, we tried to obtain          correction centers. To learn more,
   so why would you consider                Mr. Calhoun’s medical records from the     call us today at (812) 373-7777 or
    picking your eye surgeon                facility in Cincinnati, but learned that   toll-free at 1-877-758-EYES.
        any differently?                    they had gone bankrupt. After multiple
                                            phone calls over several weeks, we were
    Three common misconceptions
     about laser vision correction
   1. “It’s painful”
   While we cannot guarantee that there will be absolutely no discomfort, the vast majority of patients having laser vision
   correction report little, if any, discomfort both during and afterwards. Don’t let this needless fear prohibit you from
   enjoying years of better vision without glasses or contact lenses.

   2. “It’s too risky”
   While all surgeries have some risk, laser vision correction is one of the safest procedures in medicine. There are rare
   complications that can occur, but most problems are treatable and the risk of losing vision permanently with laser vision
   correction is extremely small. Hundreds of eye care professionals (including Dr. Pankratz!) have trusted the safety of
   LASIK by having the procedure performed on their own eyes.

   3. “I’m a poor candidate because I wear thick glasses
      or bifocals” or “I’m too old to have it done”
   With the advent of newer procedures and advances in technology, nearly all patients can consider refractive surgery as an
   alternative to wearing glasses or contact lenses. With options such as LASIK, LASEK, PRK, and PRELEX, nearly all
   degrees of nearsightedness and farsightedness can be corrected. Astigmatism can also be corrected, as can the need for
   reading glasses, bifocals, and trifocals…no matter how “old” you are!

Considering LASIK?                                                                        require that employees put aside funds
                                                                                          in October for the coming year, so plan
                                                                                          ahead for LASIK in 2004!”
Don’t let cost be a barrier!
                                                                                          To discuss our interest-free financing

              ith various plans available   Make the most of your FSA!
              to meet your individual                                                     and FSA options – or the results of her
                                            Paying for LASIK qualifies under              personal refractive surgical experience
              budget and with easily-
                                            the terms of medical expense                  – call Janet today at (812) 373-7777
accessible financing, the Pankratz Eye
                                            reimbursement accounts, so you can            or toll-free at 1-877-758-EYES.
Institute makes refractive surgery an
                                            pay for your procedure with tax-free
affordable investment for every patient.
                                            dollars! Janet Green, our refractive
                                            coordinator, works closely with patients          When you consider the cost
• We offer “interest-free” financing
                                            in planning the use of Flexible                  of a lifetime of wearing and
  for 12 months
                                            Spending Accounts (FSAs) for                     replacing expensive glasses
• We offer term loans for up to
                                            their procedures.                                    and contact lenses –
  48 months
• Our loans are through local                                                                    including solutions –
                                            “Many companies offer the FSA as a
  financial institutions, offering                                                           having laser vision correction
                                            way to pay for medical procedures like
  convenience and ease                                                                         could end up saving you
                                            LASIK, and the tax-free savings are
                                                                                                money in the long run!
                                            significant,” says Janet. “Most plans
An affordable investment
                                                                                                         *Nidek laser only. Price may
                                                                                                         increase based on RX and
Think of all the money you spend. Replacing your contacts, buying cleaning                               astigmatism as determined by
                                                                                                         bilateral procedure. See
solution, needing new glasses every few years. When you look at the costs associated

                                                                                                         center for details.
with corrective eyewear, having LASIK does make financial sense – it’s forever.                          Price per eye. Price subject
                                                                                                         to change without notice.
In addition, not having the hassles resulting from glasses and contacts is priceless.                    **Candidacy for procedure
                                                                                                         to be subsequently
                                                                                                         determined by an
                                                                                                         independent physician.
At the Pankratz Eye Institute, our fees are straightforward. There are no hidden
costs, no asterisks, and no fine print to read. And, since the Pankratz Eye Institute
offers several attractive financing plans for laser vision correction, LASIK truly is an
affordable investment. We also have a lifetime guarantee to make sure that you’ll be             At the Pankratz Eye Institute,
happy with your decision for years to come.                                                       you’ll never see asterisks or
                                                                                                     fine print in our ads.
To learn more about our attractive payment plans and procedure fees, call the                      We have nothing to hide!
Pankratz Eye Institute today and ask to speak with Janet Green, our refractive
surgery coordinator.
                                                                                                          Attend a
                                                                                                 FREE seminar
Make the right choice                                                                           For many of our patients, the
      electing an eye surgeon to               > The eye center you choose should               best way to learn more about

S     perform your laser vision
      correction is an important
decision. At the Pankratz Eye Institute,
                                                 utilize only the most advanced
                                                 technology and staff only qualified
                                                 nurses and technicians.
                                                                                                refractive surgery at the
                                                                                                Pankratz Eye Institute is to
                                                                                                attend a FREE seminar.

we recommend using these criteria:             > Stay away from centers that use                During our presentation, we
                                                 mobile lasers. The lasers used for             will provide an overview of all
> Your eye surgeon should consult                eye surgery are very delicate, precise,        the refractive surgical options,
  with you at no charge and without              and sophisticated instruments, and             offer a tour of the area’s only
  any obligation before your                     frequent changes in temperature,               laser vision correction suite,
  procedure.                                     vibrations, and humidity can result            provide a demonstration of
> Your eye surgeon should personally             in a less-than-perfect laser                   our custom and tracking laser
                                                                                                technology, and answer any
  participate in your pre-operative              performance.
                                                                                                questions you may have.
  care.                                        > Stay away from discount centers
> The eye surgeon performing your                or franchises with out-of-town                 Plan on attending our next
  procedure should be the same                   management. Their prices may                   seminar. Call (812) 373 -7777
  doctor with whom you met during                seem too good to be true – because             or toll-free 1-877-758 - EYES to
  your consultation.                             they are. Plus, your eye surgeon may           make your reservation. Or,
                                                 be here today but gone tomorrow!               register online today at
      At the Pankratz Eye Institute, you’ll meet
      personally with Dr. Pankratz (not just a                            FREE
      counselor) during your free consultation!                       CONSULTATION
                                                                      With a LASIK counselor*
            > I n s i g h t s <

“It has been a great convenience to     “My LASIK experience was a very
not have to wear glasses or take time   positive one. The staff was very
to put in contacts. LASIK was           caring and even held my hand
a painless and stress-free procedure    during the procedure. It was very
for me. I would strongly                quick and easy, and it made a
recommend the Pankratz                  tremendous difference in my vision
Eye Institute.”                         and in the overall ease of life.”

Patrick Leach, M.D.                     Lynette Tynan
Columbus, IN                            Columbus, IN

“Having LASIK is truly a life-          “My LASIK procedure was quick,
changing event. Anyone who has          easy, and painless. I’m not sure why
worn glasses for a long period of       I waited so long, but it is absolutely
time has dreamed about being able       the best thing I have done for myself.
to see clearly without them.            If I had it to do over again, I would
It is now possible to make that         do it as soon as possible.”
dream a reality!”
                                        J. Clayton Callaway, DDS
Marc Rothbart                           Columbus, IN
Columbus, IN

“Dr. Pankratz went above and            “I can see better now than I could
beyond with the personal care he        with my contacts. Dr. Pankratz was
gave me, and my results are             wonderful and even phoned me
fantastic. I would highly               personally on the evening of my
recommend the LASIK procedure           procedure to make sure things were
and the Pankratz Eye Institute          going well. You don’t get that kind
to all who would like a                 of service often!”
life-changing event.”
                                        Lisa Phillips
Charolotte DeBurger                     Trafalgar, IN
Columbus, IN

“I would recommend the                  “I have sent a number of patients to
Pankratz Eye Institute because          have LASIK surgery in the past. I
of their undying commitment to          always heard my patients raving
professionalism. The staff guided       about it. I never imagined though
me through the entire procedure,        what a true miracle it is. The whole
every step of the way. I can’t          experience was a pleasure to go
imagine a better LASIK                  through, needless to mention the
experience.”                            results: fantastic!”

Ryan Bradbury                           Julio R. Sanchez, M.D.
Columbus, IN                            Edinburgh, IN
           The road to better vision                                                        W     hen it comes to laser vision
                                                                                                  correction, it just doesn’t

           shouldn’t be a long one                                                          make sense to go very far.

                                                                                            The Pankratz Eye Institute in
                                                                                            Columbus has everything you
                                                                                            need for better vision – just a
                                                                                            few miles from home.

                                                                                            Here you’ll find a board certified
                                                                                            eye surgeon. A private laser vision
                                                                                            correction suite. Free seminars,
                                                                                            weeknight and weekend hours,
                                                                                            and surgeries on Fridays so you can
                                                                                            recuperate over the weekend.
                                                                                            A commitment to innovative
                                                                                            technology and the latest
                                                                                            techniques. And results that have
                                                                                            helped thousands of people rely
                                                                                            less on their glasses and contact
                                                                                            lenses – or eliminate them

                                                                                            Your time is valuable. And nobody
                                                                                            wants to fight traffic in a large city
                                                                                            – especially when unsurpassed
                                                                                            expertise is so close to home.

   The Pankratz Eye Institute:
It’s where the doctors
   go for LASIK
You can trust the surgeon whom the
doctors trust with their eyes.

There are 28 local physicians who         Dr. David Porter        Dr. George Albers       Dr. Bob Kavelman
have trusted their eyes to Dr. Pankratz
and are now enjoying life without the
need for glasses or contacts.

In addition, there have been many
spouses of local physicians who have
selected the Pankratz Eye Institute for
their LASIK procedures.

                                          Dr. Christopher Iorio   Dr. Douglas Rookstool   Dr. Thomas Fox
                                              are saying about laser vision correction and
What Local Optometrists                       the Pankratz Eye Institute
      Carla Blankenship, O.D.              Linda Fischer, O.D.                  Merle Pickel, O.D.
      Franklin/Edinburgh                   Seymour                              Nashville
      Why would anyone not want            Dr. Pankratz is an exceptional       Dr. Pankratz is an exceptionally
      LASIK or PRELEXsm from this          surgeon with consistent results.     skilled surgeon. His commitment
      surgeon? With an extremely high      The Pankratz Eye Institute           to high quality care combined
      success rate, he can make            staff is very easy to work           with a caring and attentive
      nearly everyone less dependent       with and are friendly and            staff provides patients with
      on glasses – or even totally         accommodating.                       unparalleled results.
      free of them.

      Carmen Bullock, O.D.                 Linda Frechette, O.D.                Jerry Roberts, O.D.
      Franklin/Edinburgh                   Franklin/Edinburgh                   Seymour
      Dr. Pankratz and his staff provide   Comfort, convenience and             I had been nearsighted since
      outstanding service to all of our    clarity are the three words          the age of eight and totally
      LASIK patients. The results are      that best describe LASIK at          dependent on glasses for every
      simply excellent.                    the Pankratz Eye Institute.          activity. My LASIK surgery has
                                                                                given me total freedom and
                                                                                dependence from my glasses –
                                                                                a freedom unlike anything I
                                                                                ever imagined. Now I can enjoy
                                                                                water sports and my golf game
                                                                                has improved tremendously.

      Kelley Deak O.D.                     Michael Frische, O.D.                Kristina Ross, O.D
      Columbus                             Seymour                              Seymour
      It’s a pleasure working with         I believe eye doctors should         Patients love the freedom from
      Dr. Pankratz and his staff. When     “practice what they preach,” and     their glasses and contacts.
      my patients are interested in        having refractive surgery was the    I have found nothing but good
      refractive surgery, I don’t          single best thing I have done for    outcomes with the Pankratz
      hesitate to recommend the            myself. Selecting a qualified and    Eye Institute, and Dr. Pankratz
      Pankratz Eye Institute. Many         experienced surgeon is critical in   has one of the best success
      patients who previously were         obtaining exceptional results.       rates I have ever seen.
      not candidates for LASIK now         Dr. Pankratz and his staff provide
      have options due to the variety      exceptional care. It is an honor
      of procedures that Dr. Pankratz      to share in the care of our
      offers.                              mutual patients.

      Barry Downing, O.D.                  Jamie Galle, O.D.                    Christa Walling, O.D.
      Seymour                              Franklin/Edinburgh                   Franklin/Edinburgh
      I have prescribed glasses for        The reduced or eliminated            LASIK at the Pankratz Eye
      over twenty years, but having        need for vision correction can be    Institute is a life-changing
      laser vision correction and          life-changing. Many patients         procedure. Our patients are
      getting rid of my glasses has        comment on being able to             thrilled with the results and
      been great. One hundred              more fully enjoy sports-related      comforted by the care
      percent of our laser vision          activities, especially water         they receive.
      correction patients have also        sports, following LASIK.
      been happy with the decision         The Pankratz Eye Institute
      to become less dependent on          provides LASIK in a comfortable,
      — or totally free of — glasses.      professional atmosphere.

      Kevin Fischer, O.D.                  Michael Mangas, O.D.                 Tom Welage, O.D.
      Seymour                              Columbus                             Greensburg
      Dr. Pankratz extends the same        Having had LASIK, I am very          LASIK is a wonderful procedure
      quality of care and high             pleased with this vision             that has improved the quality
      surgical standards that we           correction option. I have had        of life of many of my patients,
      demand for our patients.             the pleasure of co-managing          as well as my own. Dr. Pankratz
      He is an asset to our practice       patients with Dr. Pankratz,          provides top quality care and
      and to central Indiana.              and am most impressed with           his surgical results have been
                                           the results and quality of           outstanding. All of my patients
                                           care from everyone at the            who have visited the Pankratz
                                           Pankratz Eye Institute.              Eye Institute were impressed with
                                                                                the personal attention they
                                                                                received from Dr. Pankratz and
                                                                                his staff.
Why choose the Pankratz Eye Institute?
        eciding to have laser vision        technology, lasers, and computer                In fact, you may not even meet your

D       correction is a big step. Equally
        important, however, is choosing
the eye care center that will best meet
                                            software to ensure the best possible
                                            chance for a perfect result for your eyes.
                                            The equipment we use minimizes the
                                                                                            surgeon prior to your procedure at
                                                                                            some of these laser centers. At the
                                                                                            Pankratz Eye Institute, however, we can
your needs.                                 risk and maximizes the safety and               assure that you will never feel like you
                                            precision of your LASIK procedure.              are on an assembly line. Remember,
Convenience                                                                                 bargain shopping when it comes to
                                            Comfort                                         your eyes is never a good idea.
The Pankratz Eye Institute is
conveniently located in Columbus,           At the Pankatz Eye Institute, we are
Indiana, just off US Highway 31. We         committed to making your laser vision           To learn more about why you should
are the only specialized eye care center    correction experience wonderful. Our            choose the Pankratz Eye Institute for
in the region with an on-site excimer       new, attractive facility and comfortable,       laser vision correction, call us today
laser – ensuring that your entire LASIK     serene setting ensure that our patients         at (812) 373 7777 or toll-free at
experience occurs in one familiar place.    are confident and relaxed during their          1-877-758-EYES.
Instead of spending hours in traffic        entire LASIK procedure.
traveling to Indianapolis or Louisville
for your procedure and for care before      Personal Care
and afterwards – which is usually five      We know that any medical procedure
to seven trips or more in total! – you      performed on your eyes means you’ll
can receive excellent care locally.         be concerned about the surgery, the
We also work closely with your local        results, the recovery, and so on. Our
optometrist to allow you the option of      staff takes extra time to answer your
having your pre- and post-procedure         questions, explain each step we take,
care in a familiar setting close to home.   and help ease any concerns you may
In addition, the Pankratz Eye Institute     have about your LASIK experience.
offers weeknight and weekend hours          Other high volume, or “discount” laser
for the convenience of today’s busy         centers cannot offer this personal care.

Experience                                                                                                             PRSRT STD
                                                                             2400 NorthPark Road, Suite 20            US POSTAGE
Dr. Pankratz is not new to eye care                                          Columbus, IN 47203                          PAID
and refractive surgery. He has been                                                                                   UNITED MAIL
performing refractive surgery since
1995, and he has performed thousands
of procedures. He is a LASIK specialist,
and he has devoted his entire career to
providing the finest results possible for
his laser vision correction patients.

State-Of-The-Art Technology
The Pankratz Eye Institute has
invested in the newest, highest quality

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