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									?Anybody who has the skills to play with words can venture in the very lucrative
endeavor of article writing. Remember, however, that writing articles for the internet
is not the same as getting published in newspapers and in magazines. Reliable
methods to increase your chances with article writing are:

Your introduction should follow logically and smoothly from your headline. The first
paragraph of your article needs to contain all of the vital information, for which you
should spend the remainder of the article providing supporting details.

Keep practicing your writing. Article writing has no one specific writing style
associated with it. As a writer it's your responsibility to keep practicing to improve
your writing and bring you up to par with other seasoned writers.

Analyze how others do it. You'll be surprised as to how much knowledge you will
gain just by simply evaluating how other writers are doing their job. This can be in the
form of writing style or how to they write their resource box or headline. Do not
advertise. This is both frowned upon by article directories and readers themselves.
Skip the sales pitch and focus on giving information in your article. You can sell
yourself and your business at the resource box.

Do not bother with using indents in any of your articles. Article directories will
reformat your articles for you anyway, so this step is unnecessary. Do not use links in
your writing. Instead, make sure to put all links in the resource box. This is because
most article directories typically will reject any articles that use embedded links. Be
very meticulous when it comes to editing. Spend a lot of time proofreading. Poorly
edited articles appear unprofessional and untrustworthy and are very likely to be

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