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									?The last few years has seen a boom in the art environment of India with many
famous contemporary artists displayed by contemporary art galleries. A contemporary
art gallery gets much more media coverage these days and the reports are full of
admiration for the coming of age of Indian art and it getting its long overdue attention
and respect. Famous contemporary artists like Laxman Shreshtha, Satish Gujral,
Deepak Shinde, Sanjay Bhattacharya, S.H. Raza, etc. are featured more prominently
in these art galleries along with budding talented artists of India.

An Indian art gallery having on display contemporary Indian paintings renders Indian
art a great service as the distinct characteristics of them that reflect the emotional and
intuitive concepts of Indian culture are popularized. These paintings have a feel of
tender and palpable magic about them which is a unique quality of Indian art works,
especially paintings. The web portals that display these Indian art works do the
budding artists a great favor as they popularize their art works at relatively much less
price than the art galleries. He can create his account to upload an image of his
artwork and the art lovers or collector can look at the art work and buy it if he wants.

The art promotion website takes the order from the art collector on the behalf of the
artist and sends the artist the shipping address. Then he can courier the artwork to the
address of the art collector with the authenticity certificate that bears his signature.
The company that is running the art website pays the money due to the artist after
deducting the nominal service commission and tax within a few days.

To get the benefits of the promotion of their art works which is admirably done by a
contemporary art gallery for famous contemporary artists, the budding new artists
from India can take the services of art promotion websites. All they need for this
purpose is a good internet connection and access of a good courier service. Even
exponents of traditional art can use such services for reaching out to exponentially
more buyers. The artists in their turn need to be responsible for submitting good
quality images, record details of their artwork correctly, offer reasonable prices, use a
courier service of good repute take care to send their authenticity certificate duly
signed in the proper format. An Indian art gallery is not as useful in promoting new
artists as a good art promotion website.

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