Arizona- Boom Towns in the Painted Desert

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					?Arizona is known for a number of things during its development as a state. Its copper
mines are extensive, it grows cotton and citrus fruit, and its excellent dry climate has
attracted millions. Phoenix, the capital city has a population of almost 1.5 million and
a metropolitan area of over 4 million. It is the headquarters of some leading mining
companies, such as Phelps Dodge, and also is the center of various hi-tech and
computer operations. The Intel computer chips company has large manufacturing
facilities around Phoenix. The leisure time industry seems to be the largest industry,
with the large number of golf courses and golf resorts and indication of this. Quite a
basis for a number ideas for your Arizona Incorporation. The strong orientation to
tourism can be seen in the outlying suburb of Scottsdale Arizona, where 40-percent of
the population is employed in some section of the tourism industry. Scottsdale is also
a center for art galleries, with over 125 art galleries throughout the city. The modern
art borrows heavily from Native American themes. Located 60 miles north of the
Mexican border is Arizona?s other large city, Tucson. Native American artwork and
handicraft work is available from some of the largest reservation and Indian
settlements in the country.

 Arizona is also known the world over for its stunning topography, starting with the
Colorado River that cut through up to 3,000 feet of rock, the world famous Grand
Canyon. Grand Canyon National Park is one of the oldest US National Parks. Other
ways to view the Grand Canyon are by helicopter tours from the surrounding region.
Here is an example of a profitable business that can literally involve possessing the
infrastructure of three or four helicopters, and storage and landing pad for them near
the Grand Canyon.

 In addition, the Arizona Office of Tourism is working together with National
Geographic to form a geo-tourism zone of the Sonora desert, on both sides of the
Arizona- Mexican (Sonora) border. Eighty-four sites have been marked off on the
Arizonian side of the border. For example, the Tucson based Arizona State Museum
has a permanent exhibition on 10 Indian tribes located on both sides of the border and
their way of life. The Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson is a careful documentation of
the flora and fauna of the desert. There are 1,300 varieties of native plants on display,
and the goal of the exhibit is to get people to relate better to their environment, and
other people?s environment. These city-based and further out in the country-based
sites are also surrounded by souvenir stands, restaurants and bed-and-breakfast type
resorts. There are many ideas on forming corporations to exploit the large flow of
tourism to the state of Arizona, including visitors enjoying and studying Arizona?s
unique environment. Certain small resorts and bed-and-breakfasts, like the ?Casa de
San Pedro? in Hereford, Arizona can attract an endless stream of customers because
of the well known vegetation surrounding their 10-bed establishment that attracts a
beautiful crowd of tiny hummingbirds.
 Note that the corporate tax rate in Arizona is 6.968%, with a $50 minimum. Personal
income taxes go up to 5.04% for incomes over $300,000 per year.
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