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									                                    PERSONAL FINANCE PROJECT

      Your job is to create a personal monthly budget which you will keep track of using a bank
register and checks. This budget will be maintained the first 10 weeks of this course. You will:
  Be assigned a “job” which you will research where specifically you will be working and
     approximately how much you will earn each week.
  You will have to find an apartment. You will take on one roommate. You will need to create a
     contract between you and that person detailing who is responsible for what each month. You
     will both need to sign this “roommate agreement”.
  You will need health insurance.
  You will need to pay all of your utilities which include electric, gas, cell phone, internet, water,
     and cable as well as pay for groceries. These amounts will be given to you.
  You will buy a car. You will have to research your car’s price and its payment each month. You
     will need to research insurance and premiums and will be assigned a set amount for gas each
  You will need to anticipate and deal with some of life’s unexpected expenses

                             You will need to cite where you got your information.

   Throughout the 10 weeks, you will have hidden expenses. I will simply tell you that you owe a
certain amount and you will have to incorporate that into your checking account balance. Your bank
   register will be updated sometimes daily and at other times only a few times a week. You are
 responsible for bringing your register to class every day and if you’re absent, you need to see me
                 or another student about what you missed in terms of the project.

My Job:_______________________________________________________
Due dates:
  1. Your research on your job, apartment, and transportation are due Monday September 13th.
      Our transactions will begin that week.

    2. Your register is due to me on ____________________.

The project will be graded based on the rubric on the next sheet.

                             For each day your research is late, you lose 5 points.
                             For each day your register is late, you lose 5 points.

Utility costs per month:                                 Other monthly bills:
(split in ½ with roommate)
ELECTRIC-$50                                             AUTO FUEL-$120
GAS-$70                                                  Car payment: __________
WATER-$5                                                 Car insurance: __________
CABLE/INTERNET/CELL PHONE-$150                           Rent: _________
GROCERIES-$200                                           Health Insurance: ___________
                              0                       2                        4                         6
Register            Missing 4 or more       Missing 3 or less        Missing only 1            All transactions are
completeness:       transactions.           transactions.            transaction.              present.

Checking account
Register            There are 3 or more     There are 2 or less      There is only 1           There are no
accuracy:           mistakes in the         mistakes in the          mistake in the            mistakes with the
                    checking register.      checking register.       checking register.        math in the checking
Checking account

                                                     X                        X
Register balance:   There is a negative                                                        There is a positive
Checking account    balance in the                                                             balance in the
                    checking account.                                                          checking account.

Register            Savings account was                              Savings account was       Savings account was
accuracy: Savings   not used or recorded                             used accurately but       used and recorded
                    accurately.                                      not recorded              accurately.

                                                     X                        X
Register balance:   Savings account has                                                        Savings account has
                    less than $500 in it.                                                      at least $500 in it.
Savings account
Register:           The checking account    The checking account     The checking account      The checking account
Checking account    maintained a positive   maintained a positive    maintained a positive     maintained a positive
                    account balance         account balance          account balance           account balance
                    throughout most of      throughout most of       throughout most of        throughout the
                    the quarter but went    the quarter only         the quarter only going    quarter.
                    into the savings more   going into the savings   into the savings once.
                    than twice.             twice.

                                                     X                        X
Job information     The job information                                                        The job information
completeness        was incomplete.                                                            was complete
                                                                                               including proper
Job information     There are 3 or more     There are 2              There is 1 inaccuracy     The job information is
                    inaccuracies in the     inaccuracies in the      in the job information.   accurate.
                    job information.        job information.

                                                     X                        X
Apartment           The apartment                                                              The apartment
information         information was                                                            information was
                    incomplete.                                                                complete including
                                                                                               proper citations and
                                                                                               roommate agreement
                                                                                               if necessary.
Apartment           There are 3 or more     There are 2              There is 1 inaccuracy     The apartment
information         inaccuracies in the     inaccuracies in the      in the apartment          information is
                    apartment               apartment                information.              accurate.
                    information.            information.

                                                     X                        X
Transportation      The transportation                                                         The transportation
                    information was                                                            information was
                    incomplete.                                                                complete including
                                                                                               insurance and gas if
Transportation      There are 3 or more     There are 2              There is 1 inaccuracy     The transportation
                    inaccuracies in the     inaccuracies in the      in the transportation     information is
                    transportation          transportation           information.              accurate.
                    information.            information.
My Job: __________________________________________

My company: ____________________________________________

Hourly wage: _________         Hours working each week: ________

Weekly income (take home pay): __________

Person Spoken to:____________________________________________________________

Contact Info (Address/Phone Number/Email)________________________________________


What specifically will I do?

My apartment address: ________________________________________________________

My rent: _________        My roommate: ___________________________________________

*Remember, you need a roommate agreement which must be attached to this sheet and signed by

both you and your roommate.

Manager spoken to:___________________________________________________________

Contact Info (Email,Phone#,Address):_____________________________________________


My car (Make/model/year): ____________________________________________________

Sticker price: _____________        Interest rate: ________   Monthly payment: ____________

Sell price:_______________

If you purchase your car through a dealership:

Car Dealership:______________________________________________________________

Sales Person:________________________________________________________________

Contact Information for sales person (phone number/email address):

If you choose to get a bank loan instead of going through a dealership:

Bank Name:_________________________________________________________________

Bank info (address/phone #) :___________________________________________________


Loan rate: _________________           Monthly Payment: ________________

Contact person: ________________________________________________

Insurance carrier: ____________________________________________________________

Address of carrier: ___________________________________________________________

Person Spoken to:____________________________________________________________

Phone Number/Email:__________________________________________________________

Monthly payment (premium): ______________

Main points of my policy:

Health Insurance:

Who will you get it through? ____________________________________________________

How much will it cost (premium)? _________________________________________________

Who is your Primary Physician? __________________________________________________

What is your coverage? (co-pays, hospitalization, office visits)

Total monthly bills:                                      Total Income:
Utilities (including gas for                       Hourly wage: _________
car)                                                               X (40-50 hrs)
Car payment
Auto Insurance
                                                                   X          .8
Health Insurance
Rent                                               Take home pay:

      Add the above up for total: ___________                      -           (total monthly bills)

                                                                               (left over income)

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