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					?Are you getting slow responses in your designs for brochure printing? Well, there are
many factors that can make custom brochures boring. While there is no one solution
to prevent this, there are a few important techniques that you can adopt to make sure
you minimize the chances of being boring. Below are five strategies that usually

1. Veer away from common template layouts - The best strategy that I usually
encounter is the move to veer away from common templates. This means that you can
leave the common and boring trifold brochure template behind in favor of more
interesting template layouts. You can try using other kinds of folds like French folds,
accordion folds or even gate folds. This small shift in layout can be a big thing as
people will be easily attracted to unusual brochure folds like this.

2. Review your contemporaries and distinguish yourself - Next, you can also avoid
being boring by directly designing your brochures so that they look original and
considerably different and distinct from other brochures. Do this by reviewing the
other brochures in the market and simply designing something that is not them. By
making your brochure distinctively different you can have that original and novelty
value that is hardly boring for most people when compared to other brochures.

3. Do not be afraid to try new untested designs - Also, one of the barriers why people
end up making a boring brochure is fear about designs. Most want to play it safe and
go for "tried and tested" concepts. However, in most circumstances these designs are
already very ineffective and boring. To really make a mark in your brochures and
avoid being boring like that, you need to risk it and try new untested designs. Why not
try using abstract art, or going for an exotic theme in your brochures? Maybe you can
try printing differently shaped brochures to make things interesting? You will be
surprised at people's positive reactions when they do see a brochure that is trying to
innovate and test new design concepts. It is really enough to make your brochures
look exciting, eliminating any kind of boring feature in them.

4. Make use of both images and text effectively - Another great way to avoid being
boring with your brochures is to use the text and images effectively and in tandem
with each other. Lots of people think that using lots of images can make brochures
immune to being boring. However, if your images are not supported by appropriate
text, people may not be able to get the whole point of the images effectively. With the
creative use of images with inspiring text content, people can be totally engaged and
interested in your brochure pictures. This makes your images more effective,
entertaining people more and decreasing the risk of your brochures getting boring.

5. Exploit color differences - Finally, you may want to try printing in a very different
and interesting color with your brochures. While most people might be printing white
brochures or light colored ones, rarely will you see brochures in black or deep red.
However, these very vibrant and unusual brochure colors can be the key to making
them very interesting and memorable to your reader's eyes. Everyone will notice that
one and only batch of red or black brochures in the sea of white and light colored ones.
So it pays to exploit color differences to prevent your brochures from looking boring.

So those are the strategies the commonly work to make brochures interesting and not
boring. Try to apply some of these tips when you can and you should have little
difficulty with your brochures. With a little luck, you might not just avoid being
boring in your brochures, you can also achieve brochure printing success with these
little strategies.

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