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					?Millions on earth are at a complete loss in their corporate jobs. Are you one of them?
Are you researching into work from home opportunities or contemplating conducting
some tiny businesses from home so that you can earn extra income from home?

If I had more knowledge in my younger years, I would have striked out on my own at
an earlier time instead of having been trapped in my corporate job for approximately
half of my existence. The monthly salary that my job was bringing in allowed me to
have enough money for the pleasures of life. On the other hand my time bank was
empty. Senior managers in the corporation expected the employees to be 'on standby'
and around the area. Black faces would be noticed or you would be informed by the
grapevine the next day if you had left early, i.e. less than three hours after your official
time. With a negative time bank, quality family time was rare and more precious than
a diamond. On occasions I had to bring work home in order to beat goals and
deadlines. My loved ones had to put up with the impact of all my aggravation.

That stage of my life was traumatic. I had to put a stop to it. Slowly I began
researching into work from home opportunities. The thought of being able to earn
extra income from home grew more and more intense to the stage of even looking
around for some small businesses that could be carried out from home. Whilst I was
exploring some kind of business opportunities, I was introduced to network marketing.
It was captivating to find out the potential of leverage and passive residual income.

As J Paul Getty says, "I would rather have one percent of the efforts of 100 people
than 100 percent of my own efforts." That is what makes network marketing so
interesting - leverage.

After studying the power of leverage, I realized that in no way can you achieve
leverage in corporate jobs. Nevertheless, if you are engaged in any network marketing
business opportunities, you will be familiar with the power of leverage.

I decided to experiment with my first network marketing business eight years ago. A
love affair started for me and the industry of network marketing. In the beginning, the
business was not quite as rosy. It was tough even to bring in that litle trace of extra
income. Hence I did what seemed expected. I skipped to another network marketing
company which seemed to have better products and an improved reward plan. Once
more I kept to the instructions of my uplines with regards to prospecting. I followed
everything my uplines told me but with no success. The cycle maintained every single
year. I did not want to give up.

Have you ever speculated why some people who join network marketing business
opportunities move up the rank so fast and yet others can take forever and ultimately
leave the work from home business for lack of money and lack of leads?

I finally found the response to that. One day, I made the discovery that jolted me out
of my seat. The best network marketers who are succeeding in their network
marketing businesses all have a system to work with. The majority take advantage of
a funded proposal where they are able to make money even if their leads do not join
their primary business opportunity. That is how they can stay in the business for such
an extended period. Building the list is another benefit of the system. Not only do they
make money from their prospects who do not sign up in their business opportunities,
they also create a relationship with their prospects who come to know, like and trust
them. When that period takes place, it is easy for the best network marketers to sell
any product or opportunity to their database.

I will act now. Only action determines my value in the marketplace and to multiply
my value I will multiply my actions. Og Mandino

Be your own master. Take actions that will bring you to success and get you out of
your corporate jobs. Be like the master marketers who make seven figure incomes
consistently with their work from home opportunities. You can live your dream life
too if you know how. Would you learn to play the piano from a pianist or a
non-pianist? I'm sure you would choose the former. In the same way, you should be
learning how to be successful in your business from home or network marketing
business opportunities from the top network marketers who have been through what
you are going through at this moment. That is if you are seriously desiring to earn
extra income from home. "Don't wait. The time will never be just right." ~ Napoleon
Hill. The time is right now for you to start taking action!

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