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									David Andy Jordan
215.370.7710 cellular                                                       david@defaultdave.com

Dedicated, hard working, project time estimates and technical documentation of needed steps as
well as user interface layouts and usability testing. Able to keep projects on track, on time and to
explain in non-technical terms project to client as well as give technical details and guidance to
fellow production staff, coming in under budget with a well tested project.

Flash, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop, ActionScript, JavaScript, Asp.net VB, PHP, HTML,
DHTML, Java Server Pages, Captivate, Articulate, AJAX, After Effect, Premier, Creator, Final
Cut Pro, QuickTime Pro, SCALA, Excel, MS office, Lingo, Director, 3d Studio Max, e-learning,

MJM Creative / GlaxoSmithKline
Senior Developer                       Upper Merion, PA                    06/06 to Present
MJM is a premier, Global face to face marketing and communications agency that delivers Face
to Face solutions through our fully integrated services. GlaxoSmithKline is an international
pharmaceutical company.
Major Duties: Research and document GSK specific IT tasks and technical specifications in
relation to internal web development and e-learning. Organize team of designers, html
developers, usability experts, e-learning specialists and business unit owners in the production of
digital content for internal and external use. Support team with asp.net and flash applications.
Develop flash based applications for other developers to easily skin and redistribute.

Yves Rocher
Webmaster                            Exton, PA                            02/05 to 06/06
International traditional catalog company with online storefronts, company is mid-level in sales
Ranked in top 20 world wide beauty companies.
Major Duties: Maintain multiple websites in two countries, updating offers, products, new web
features, assisting marketing team with best web practices, as well as some minor programming.
Play a major role in a move to a new platform. www.yvesrocherusa.com, www.yvesrocher.ca

iPort Media, Inc.
Multimedia Manager                   Exton, PA                            08/03 to 07/04
In-office Digital Signage networks to physicians for patient education and advertisement
Major Duties: Manage flow of incoming advertising materials; Create Flash applications for
internal and external uses; Manage databases for Flash Applications; Create stable and flexible
means of transmitting data to and from Flash.; Edit, create and encode video using wide array of
tools (SCALA, After Effect, Premier); Research and implement new technologies; Manage team
of asp programmers and graphic artists

Production Manager                    Hilton Head Island, SC             02/03 to 06/03
Firm specializing in solutions to business and technology problems
Major Duties: Organize task flow of web creation; Contact clients with updates and questions;
Direct new customers to sales; Assist web team when needed with data entry; Help customers
with technical problems; search engine optimization of sites.
David Andy Jordan
215.370.7710 cellular                                                   david@defaultdave.com

CDTC, Inc.
CD Author                            Orlando, FL                          07/02 to 11/02
Agency specializing in multimedia development for clients
Major Duties: Assist lead author in creation of interactive CD using Director; Created a
searchable database; Created a dynamic image gallery upon the search results; Program interface;
Created movie viewer and PDF viewer/printer; Create installers and ability to decrypt and save
PDF files


Multimedia Consultant                Philadelphia, PA                  5/04 to present
Entrepreneurial company offering services from websites to network content systems
Major Duties: Design main company website, program and create interactive elements for client
websites and provide usability best practices for clients

Bronte Design
Multimedia Consultant                  Philadelphia, PA                 11/04 to 4/05
Web Design and Maintenance company focusing on useful function of sites
Major Duties: Create Flash animations and Flash interactive movies for sites and other marketing
materials deliverable via the internet

JordanComm, L.L.C.
Multimedia Consultant               Philadelphia, PA                  05/03 to present
Entrepreneurial company focusing on creating and launching brands
Major Duties: Create and maintain Web sites created by company; Research and develop new
technologies; Flash, Asp.net, JavaScript, Dreamweaver, SQL

Gulfstream Aerospace
Multimedia Contractor                Savannah, GA                      04/03 to 05/03
Construction and sale of aerospace vehicles and machinery
Major Duties: Create a 3D version of medical bed from photos and drawings using 3D studio
Max, and Photoshop; Use the 3D data to create a real time 3D example of the medical bed in
Director; Make the project be able to work smoothly on a laptop

Drexel University
B.S., Communication & Applied Tech              Philadelphia, PA                  Present
Full Sail
Associates Degree, Digital Media                Orlando, FL                        2002

For complete showcase, please visit www.defaultdave.com

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