My_Bacterium by nuhman10


                                                  My Bacterium

Bacteria are unicellular organisms that have evolved to suit almost any environment. They have many different
shapes, colony types, and methods of obtaining nutrients. The names that we give to the bacteria reflect the
information we know about it.

You will be creating your own bacterium, naming it properly, and telling what it does. The genus name of a
bacteria describes its shape and colony type. The species name can give a description of the bacteria.
For example: Staphylococcus rectangleius → “Staphylo” tells us it grows in clusters or clumps, “coccus” tells
us the bacteria are round, and “rectangleius” gives more details on a specific species of the bacteria.

Here is some information to help you out:

Growth arrangement:

       1. Diplo- the bacteria occurs in pairs

       2. Strepto- the bacteria occur in chains

       3. Staphylo- the bacteria occur in clumps or clusters

      1. –coccus: the bacteria grows in a round spherical shape

       2. –bacillus: the bacteria grows in a rod-shape

       3. –spirillum: the bacteria grows in a spiral-shape

Give the genus name for the following bacteria:
Example of new bacteria:
                                            Streptospilillium flowerius

In the box below, draw you own bacteria. You will need to color and label the bacteria

Name of Bacteria:
**Be sure you name if properly using the guidelines on the front. Also remember the genus is capitalized, the
species in lower case, and the whole thing is italicized or underlined.

Below, write a paragraph (3 to 4 complete sentences) describing where your bacterium would be found and its
role in the environment.

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