Kingdom Eubacteria

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                                        Kingdom Eubacteria

1. In the kingdom _______________ the cell wall contains the chemical peptidoglycan. These
organisms are ____________ since their organisms contain single celled bodies.

2. ____________ organisms cannot make their own food. These organisms may live off of dead
and decaying matter. They are called _____________. If an organism lives off of a living host
they are called ____________. If an organism can make its own food it is called a(n)

3. Since bacteria are single-celled organisms it is very hard to study them without a good
microscope. The outer covering of most bacteria is composed of a slimy material. This is called
the __________. It functions are _____________________________________.

4. Bacteria contain _____________ chromosome. It is located in the __________ area pf the cell.
The ribosomes of the cell produce ________ so the bacteria can grow and reproduce. Many
bacteria can move using their _____________.

5. When a bacterial cell reproduces asexually it is called ____________. During this process it
___________ as the cell prepares to divide. This is different from what occurs to a cell during
mitosis. Each daughter cell is __________ the size pf the original cell.

6. The sexual form of a bacterial reproduction is called ____________. During this process the
two bacterial cells ____________ during the first step of the process. A special cytoplasmic
tunnel, called the _________ is produced connecting both cells. This connection allows one of the
cells to ____________ to the other cell. Some bacteria have small circles of DNA called

7. ______________, ____________, ______________, and _______________ are examples of
bacteria. Many of the bacteria are helpful. Some live in the soil and help plants use __________
as a fertilizer. The plants that contain root nodules are called __________. These nodules contain
bacteria that turn ___________ into fertilizer.

8. If all the bacteria in the world were killed off today, discuss the major things that would

9. In the space below, draw and label a typical bacterial cell.

10. Explain what happens to a bacterial cell during binary fission.
11. Bacteria are classified according to shape. The round bacteria are called ___________ while
the rod shaped bacteria are called ________________. The corkscrew shaped bacteria are called

12. Bacteria can also be classified according to gram staining. A purple colored bacterium is also
called a(n) _____________ bacterium, while a pink colored one is called a(n) _______________

13. If an organism must have oxygen in order to survive it is said to be ____________.

14. If atmospheric oxygen kills the organism, it is said to be _____________.

15. _________________ is an example of a photosynthetic bacterium.

16. The term ______________ refers to a disease causing organism.

Graph the following data and then answer the questions that follow.

      Temperature                           Number of Bacteria Produced per 15
         15                                               100
         20                                               250
         25                                               200
         30                                               350
         35                                               500
         40                                               350

Graph title ________________________________________________________

    1. What is the independent variable? ________________________________

    2. What is the optimum temperature for this bacterium? _________________

    3. How many bacteria will be produced in one hour at 30 degrees C? __________

    4. Why does the number of bacteria decline after 35 degrees? __________________


5. What is the average number of bacteria produced per 15 minutes in this experiment?