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					NHS North Somerset Board Meeting – 23 February 2011                    Agenda Item 19

NHS North Somerset
Professional Executive Committee
Held on 13 January 2011 at 9am

                                                      North Somerset

Present:             Dr Mary Backhouse (Chair)
                     Dr Richard Darling
                     Chris Born
                     Rachel Webber
                     Jeanette George
                     Becky Pollard
                     Catherine Williams
                     Dr Trina England
                     Dr Mike Pimm
                     David Fife
                     Mary Hutton
                     Jane Smith

In Attendance:       Graham Nix, Non Executive Director
                     Peter Ballantyne, Associate Director Governance
                     Penny Smith, Associate Director Quality and Redesign
                     Suzanne Golding-Ellis, Head of Infection Control (for item PEC
                     Debbie Campbell, Head of Medicines Management (for item PEC
                     008/11 and 009/11)
                     Jan Bond, Health Improvement Manager (for item PEC 011/11)
                     Ruth Kipping, Consultant in Public Health (for item PEC 012/11)
                     Susan Hamilton, Consultant in Public Health (for item PEC 013/11)
                     Andrew Day, Consultant Microbiologist, WHAT (for PEC 014/11)
                     Richard Smale, Programme Director, Healthy Futures
                                                                      (for PEC 014/11)

Apologies:           Julie Clatworthy

PEC 001/11       Declarations of Interest

                 Catherine Williams declared an interest in C1, Urethral
                 Catheterisation and Supra-Pubic Re-catheterisation Policy.

PEC 002/10       Introductory Items

                 Dr Mary Backhouse welcomed everyone to the meeting and
                 introductions took place.

PEC 003/10       Minutes of Meeting held on 9 December 2010

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NS PEC Meeting

             PEC 211/10 Corporate Risk Register – replace final
             paragraph with the following:

             “Chris asked the committee for any views on the
             Histopathology risk. He confirmed that UHB actions/planned
             actions as a result of the review had been circulated and
             advised that a progress report would be provided to the next
             meeting of the committee.”

             With this correction, the minutes were approved as an
             accurate record of the meeting.

PEC 004/10   Matters Arising

             PEC 209/10 – Anticrobial Prescribing Guidelines for dentists      JG
             – deferred to the next meeting.

             PEC 209/10 – seasonal flu vaccine - Becky advised that she
             had contacted Nick Gallegos regarding the take up by staff at
             Weston and that he had written further to staff to encourage
             increased take up.

             PEC 210/10 – Ear Nose and Throat, Oral and Maxillofacial
             and Head and Neck Cancer Services Review – Mary advised
             that details of the review had been communicated to GP
             commissioners at the Joint Board meeting on 12 January.

             PEC 213/10 – Breast Feeding Review – Becky provided an
             update on the actions from the last meeting and confirmed
             that guidance had been issued to Practice Nurses on what
             constituted a private space for feeding.

             PEC 214/10 – North Somerset Safeguarding Adults
             Partnership Annual Report 2009/10 - Cath undertook to             CW
             forward to Jane Smith the concerns she had regarding a
             current adult safeguarding case.

             PEC 215/10 – Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Health Quality
             Standards and Assurance Framework – Becky advised that
             action was progressing on changing the GP lead/champion           BP
             to a clinical lead and that she had not as yet discussed the
             framework with Thelma Howell.

             PEC 216/10 – Consent Policy – Penny Smith advised that
             the commissioner scrutiny of the policy was complete and
             the approved policy had been issued.

             PEC 218/10 – North Somerset Briefing – Jeanette confirmed
             that the briefing regarding the proposed list of services for
             Wrington Vale Medical Practice had been circulated.

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NS PEC Meeting

PEC 005/11   NHS North Somerset Briefing

             Chris Born presented this report and highlighted the GP
             practice development for Wrington Vale.

             In response to a question from Richard Darling, Jeanette
             George agreed to circulate details of the cost of the public         JG
             consultation exercise for this project.

PEC 006/11   Urethral    Catheterisation       and     Supra-Pubic       Re-
             catheterisation Policy

             Cath Williams presented the Policy which had been
             developed by the Bladder and Bowel Service and District
             Nursing Service in consultation with all relevant clinical areas
             to provide guidance for all clinical staff who perform urethral
             catheterisation and supra-pubic re-catheterisation.

             The committee thanked Cath for leading on this
             comprehensive piece of work and approved the policy with
             immediate effect for a period of three years.

             The committee discussed how to ensure the policy is rolled
             out to the wider community including nursing homes and
             agreed to issue the policy along with the CSU policy to              CW
             Practice Managers for GPs to circulate to Nursing Homes.

             Jeanette George agreed to work with Jane Smith on
             monitoring the policy compliance in Nursing Homes and in           JG/JS
             exploring mechanisms to assure Clinical Standards via the
             contracting mechanism.

PEC 007/11   The Management of Norovirus across the Community in
             Winter 2010/11

             Suzanne Golding-Ellis presented the report to inform the
             committee of the work that has been undertaken within NHS
             North Somerset during the winter to help prevent the spread
             of Norovirus.

             The committee noted the report and the priority placed on
             this work by NHS South West and agreed to promote the                ALL
             messages contained in the report in their own areas of work.

PEC 008/11   Patient Group Direction for the Administration of
             Influenza Vaccines for the 2010-2011 immunisation

             The committee ratified the decision to sign and distribute the
             Patient Group Direction for the Administration of Influenza
             Vaccines for the 2010-2011 immunisation programme in

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NS PEC Meeting

             December 2010.

             The committee noted this amendment to the PGD suite and
             thanked Debbie Campbell for her report.

PEC 009/11   Procedure    for   the    Development,    Approval            &
             Implementation of Patient Group Directions (PGDs)

             Debbie Campbell presented the updated procedure which
             sets out the steps that must be followed when developing,
             seeking approval for and implementing into practice Patient
             Group Directions. Debbie highlighted the changes proposed
             to the procedure.

             The committee approved the procedure with immediate
             effect for a period of three years and requested Debbie to
             bring the revised terms of reference for the Medicines
             Management Advisory Group back to the next meeting for
             approval. Peter Ballantyne agreed to assist Debbie in the          DC/PB
             revision of the terms of reference.

PEC 010/11   Guidelines for The Use of the Royal Marsden Hospital
             Manual of Clinical Procedures

             It was agreed to defer this item to the next meeting.

             Jeanette George agreed to liaise with Penny Brown on
             Community Services representation at meetings of the                 JG

PEC 011/11   Local Enhanced Service for Alcohol

             Jan Bond presented the proposal for a Pilot Local Enhanced
             Service (LES) for Alcohol. Jan highlighted that the aim was to
             reduce health inequalities by tackling alcohol related harm in
             general practices in deprived areas and with the highest
             rates of alcohol related hospital admission. The service will
             identify patients at increasing risk of alcohol related harm and
             offer Brief advice to them.

             Subject to the outcome of consultation with LMC, the
             committee approved the pilot of the LES and to
             commencement of discussions for the inclusion of this pilot
             service within the Alternative Provider Medical Services
             (APMS) contract with the Locality Practice.

PEC 012/11   Evaluation of the GP Slimming Referral Scheme

             Ruth Kipping informed the committee of the outcomes from
             the NHS North Somerset slimming referral scheme

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NS PEC Meeting

             The committee agreed to commission Weight Watchers to
             provide the slimming referral scheme and to discontinue
             commissioning Slimming World. The committee noted that
             services from the Rosemary Conley franchise were no longer
             available in North Somerset.

             The committee agreed that the service should be rolled out
             across North Somerset and be linked to prescribing guidance
             for obesity drugs. Ruth agreed to liaise with Debbie Campbell    RK/DC
             on the development of this guidance.

PEC 013/11   Health Inequalities in North Somerset Annual Report of
             the Director of Public Health 2010

             Becky Pollard as Director of Public Health presented the
             Health Inequalities in North Somerset Annual Report 2010
             and Susan Hamilton ran through the key findings.

             The committee noted the key findings and recommendations
             set out in the report and endorsed the wide circulation of the
             report to stakeholders.

             In response to a question from Richard Darling, Mary Hutton        MH
             agreed to look into the development of a Locally Enhanced
             Direction for Deprivation.

PEC 014/11   Pathology Review Update

             Andrew Day and Richard Smale presented a progress report
             on the Pathology Review. Andrew described the background
             to the review and made reference to the two national reviews
             Phase One in 2006 and Phase Two in 2008. Both national
             reviews propose the consolidation of services into managed
             pathology networks which reflect patient flows.

             Andrew assured the committee that point of care testing and
             developing technology would be taken into consideration
             during the project. The draft Commissioning Service
             Specification would be available in March and Mary                 MB
             Backhouse indicated that this would be circulated to GPs for
             comments and contributions.

             Richard described the project structure and support
             mechanisms. The project plan and key milestones would be
             considered by the Project Board in February. He highlighted
             the need for an overarching IT strategy/solution.

             Penny Smith asked that the Project Board undertake a
             clinical risk assessment as part of the Project Risk
             Management Plan. Richard confirmed that this would be

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NS PEC Meeting

             The committee noted the progress made on the Pathology

PEC 015/11   NHS North Somerset & Avon Health Protection Unit
             Specification for Local Health Protection Services 2011-

             Becky Pollard presented the draft agreement for health
             protection services between Avon Health Protection Unit and
             NHS North Somerset in relation to health protection in
             2011/12. The draft agreement was based on one developed
             by NHS Bristol and specifically tailored for North Somerset.

             The agreement covers four areas:

                    Managing Outbreaks of infectious diseases;
                    Responding to incidents;
                    Maintaining surveillance; and,
                    Giving advice to partners and the public.

             Jeanette George highlighted the need to ensure that the
             provision of support to Bristol Airport is included in the
             contracting process and asked that Becky contact Kim Forey       BP
             regarding Community Services and Helen Goody regarding
             Primary Care Services.

             The committee considered the draft specification and
             approved the agreement.

PEC 016/11   Re-configuration of Gynaecology Cancer Services

             The committee noted the decision of NHS BANES PEC and
             Board to adopt the proposed local solution to service
             reconfiguration of Gynaecology Cancer Services.

PEC 017/11   Venous Thromboembolism Policy (VTE)

             Penny Smith advised that the policy sets out the clinical
             arrangements for the assessment and prophylaxis of Venous
             Thromboembolism within NHS North Somerset.

             In response to a question from Chris Born; Penny confirmed
             that the policy was aimed for use by hospital rather than
             community staff.

             The committee agreed to approve the policy with immediate
             effect for the period of one year.

PEC 018/11   Diabetes Network Minutes – 23 November 2010

             Received by the committee.

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NS PEC Meeting

             Jeanette George agreed to review the effectiveness of this      JG
             group and report back her findings to the committee.

PEC 019/11   Urgent Care Network Minutes – 17 November 2010

             Received by the committee.

PEC 020/11   Urgent Care Network Minutes – 14 December 2010

             Received by the committee.

PEC 021/11   Commissioning Group Minutes – 25 November 2010

             Received by the committee.

             Mary Hutton responded to a question from Cath Williams
             regarding the triage of Urology Services.

PEC 022/11   Any Other Business

             Chris Born advised the committee of Julie Clatworthy’s
             decision to leave the PCT at the end of January under the
             MARs scheme. Mary Backhouse asked Chris to pass on the          CB
             committee’s greetings to Julie and to thank her for all her
             support to the committee during her time with the PCT.

             Chris Born suggested that the time was approaching when
             the role of PEC should be reviewed. Mary Backhouse            MB/CB
             concurred with this view and suggested a discussion on this
             at the next meeting.

PEC023/11    Date of Future Meetings

             10 February 2011
             10 March 2011
             14 April 2011
             12 May 2011

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