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									                                The University of Montana—HOME OF THE GRIZZLIES!!!

                                Greek Task Force
                                Volume 1, Issue 6                                                                    December 2009

Donating to the GTF Scholarship: A Gift to UM's Greeks!
Our best guess is that           gift and instead looking        been building a scholar-
right now you have a 'to         for that one-size-fits-all      ship fund for the last cou-
do' list that probably ri-       gift because, after all, it's   ple of years. This scholar-
vals Santa Claus's (except       the thought that counts.        ship fund is used to en-
without the staff of elf-                                        courage students to “Go
                                 When it comes to the UM
laborers and no-gasoline,                                        Greek!” since only UM
                                 Greek Task Force and
low-emissions reindeer                                           Greeks may benefit from
                                 helping support our Greek
transport to help get it all                                     the endowment. Not only
                                 heritage and future at
done). We start out the                                          are these scholarships a
                                 The University of Mon-
season seeking the per-                                          compelling recruitment
                                 tana, you don't need to
fect gift and trying to get                                      tool, their presence reaf-
                                 compromise. It's true! It
the home perfect (or at                                          firms our commitment to
                                 is the thought that counts
least acceptable) for
                                 and, even better, the per-
                                                                 positive Greek culture        Special points of interest:
guests and decorated for                                         where scholarship and          Chapter Update: Sigma Phi
                                 fect gift is your gift be-
the entertainment of                                             leadership are held dear.       Epsilon
                                 cause your gift is what we
passers-by. By mid-                                                                             Items of Interest
                                 have been waiting for!          Thanks to the generosity
season, we're starting to                                                                       Greek Task Force: Looking
                                                                 of our many supporters,
compromise, no longer            As many of our UM Greek                                         Ahead, Organizational Structure
looking for that perfect         alumni may know, the
                                                                 (Continued on p. 3)            Homecoming 2009: 100-Year
                                 Greek Task Force has                                            Celebrations for KK and 

           orce: Looking Ahead
Greek Task F
As we ring out the old year      Greek viable. Although          tion to assess how we can
and bring in the new, it is a    there is still much work        best harness, organize,       Learn More…
good opportunity to ad-          ahead, we feel successful       and leverage the talent
dress where the Greek            in many ways with recruit-      and person-power being        Brian Dirnberger
                                                                                               President, Greek Task Force (GTF)
Task Force is going in           ment numbers increasing,        offered to take the GTF to    h. (406) 327-5429
2010 and beyond. When            academic performance            its next stage, positioning   e.
the Greek Task Force was         improving, and stronger         our team to continue to
                                                                                               Ken Lawrence
founded in 2004 by a             ties evident between the        support UM Greeks.            GTF Kitchen Cabinet
small group of committed         alumni and college mem-                                       h. (210)493-7936
                                                                 Effective 2010, we will be    e.
individuals, we were fo-         bers, as well as a growing
                                                                 implementing a tiered or-
cused on the immediate           number of Greek alumni                                        Ashley Young Fuchs
                                                                 ganizational structure (see   GTF Newsletter Editor
problem at hand: how to          who want to come on                                           e.
                                                                 diagram, next page). At its
build awareness of the           board to help Greek im-
                                                                 head, we have our admini-     Timberly Marek
benefits Greek and our           prove further.
                                                                 stration team which will      GTF Newsletter Editor
traditions and values bring                                                                    c. (503) 860-3769
                                 It is this latter point where   include the people whose      e.
to the University of Mon-
                                 we feel the GTF has great       names are most familiar to
tana and engage other like-                                                                    Tyson McLean
                                 opportunity going for-          you: Brian Dirnberger, (
minded alumni to respond                                                                       UM Greek Life Advisor
                                 ward. As the GTF enters its                                   c. (406) 243-2005
to the call to help keep                                         (Continued on p. 2)
                                 sixth year, we are in a posi-                                 e.

                                                                                                                                   Page 1
Greek Task Force

                                                     Cont’d: Looking                          Ahead (Continued from p. 1)
Volume 1, Issue 6

                                                     ) GTF president; Bernd Schulte () as our chair-                                       open. But if you're someone who would like to be
                                                     man; and Ken Lawrence (, GTF coordinator.                                             involved beyond the pocketbook, we want to speak
                                                                                                                                               with you!
                                                     In addition, we will have four areas or committees
                                                     that will focus on Communications (including the                                          We are currently seeking individuals to chair each of
                                                     newsletter and social media/networking), Scholar-                                         our four committees and take on various responsi-
                                                     ship/Service, Alumni Relations & Outreach, and                                            bilities within them. Volunteers from all graduation
                                                     Fundraising/Accounting.                                                                   years, Greek affiliation (whether currently on cam-
                                                                                                                                               pus or not), and located anywhere are invited to
                                                     There will be committee leads or chair people for                                         make themselves available. The only requirements
                                                     each of these areas who will coordinate the area's                                        are that you support Greek life and its values, be-
                                                     activities and act as a point-of-contact to on-board                                      lieve in the potential it has to offer UM students,
                                                     new committee members. The responsibilities for                                           and have the time to give (estimated at 4-10 hours
                                                     each area are defined in the diagram below.                                               monthly depending on desire, role, and season).
                                                     What is left in this picture is you: How do you want to                                   To learn more or take on a leadership position,
                                                     be part of Greek at UM for the next 100 years?                                            please contact Timberly Marek (timberly.theta@
                                                     Many of our alumni are content simply making do-                                 or any other member of the Greek Task
                                                     nations to the GTF scholarship or administrative                                          Force for more information. Thank you, in advance,
                                                     fund. We appreciate that deeply since without those                                       for your help, support, and contributions of time and
                                                     contributions, we could not keep the doors                                                talent. Ω

                                                      CHARTER: Coordinate all UM Greek Task Force activities and act as first- and central points-of-contact.

                                                      •   Lead weekly GTF meetings including distribution of agendas and minutes.
                                                      •   Maintain distribution list for weekly GTF meetings.
                                                      •   Direct and help place prospective GTF members in a committee/role.
                                                      •   Help set GTF goals and ensure execution of plans/programs
                                                      •   Be primary contact/own relationship with UMAA, UM President, and Office of Greek Life
                                                      •   Direct and emcee the GTF Workshop for UM Greek collegians

                              CHARTER: Partner and                                CHARTER: Act as the central                            CHARTER: Identify                                     CHARTER: Identify
                              maintain relationships with                         hub for GTF communications                             opportunities for fundraising                         opportunities and implement
                              the UMAA, area Greek                                and alumni outreach.                                   and manage the GTF’s tax                              programs relating to
                              alumnae/ alumni chapters,                                                                                  status and financial                                  scholarship and service.

                              Montana State, and college                                                                                 relationship with the UM
                                                                                  • Produce newsletter
                              chapters.                                                                                                  and alumni.                                           • Scholarships
Alumni Relations & Outreach

                                                                                      • Edit, solicit content
                                                                                                                                                                                                   • Create criteria for GTF

                                                                                      • Produce editorial

                                                                                                                                         • Manage the GTF’s tax                                      review/approval
                              • Homecoming events                                        calendar
                                                                                                                                           status                                                  • Promote scholarship
                                  • Gather information                                • Submit to UMAA for
                                                                                                                                         • Manage the scholarship                                    opportunities with
                                    and promote Greek                                    distribution
                                                                                                                                           and administrative funds                                  “Communications”
                                    alumni activities                             • Facebook/LinkedIn groups
                                                                                                                                         • Report on GTF financial                                 • Seek and acquire
                                  • Work with                                         • Maintain
                                                                                                                                           status regularly or on-                                   donors with
                                    “fundraising” for                                 • Encourage
                                                                                                                                           demand to GTF and UMAA                                    “Fundraising” and
                                    income generation                                    participation
                                                                                                                                         • Identify fundraising                                      “Alumni Relations”
                                    opportunities at                              • Inter-/National
                                                                                                                                           opportunities                                       • Service
                                    events                                          organization liaison
                                                                                                                                         • Ensure compliance with                                  • Identify opportunities
                              • Alumni/alumnae chapter                                • Obtain mailing lists,
                                                                                                                                           IRS regulations regarding                                 to showcase Greek
                                & UM Greek chapter                                       share information as
                                                                                                                                           fund management and tax                                   commitment to
                                Advisory Board outreach                                  needed
                                                                                                                                           status                                                    service (collegians
                              • Identify networking                               • Special projects
                                                                                                                                                                                                     and alumni together)
                                opportunities between                                 • Brochures, collateral
                                                                                                                                                                                                   • Promote and organize
                                UM Greek collegians and                                  materials, etc.
                                UM Greek alumni (i.e.
                                could include
                                homecoming mixers,
                                leveraging LinkedIn, etc.)

Page 2
                                                                                                        Greek Task Force

Cont’d: The        Gift of Greek (from p. 1)
we have been able to           ago, consider a donation        All donations are tax-
create a sizable fund. We
have been able to make
                               of $50). All donations
                               are welcome!
                                                               deductible and managed
                                                               through the UM Founda-
                                                                                            Breaking News!
disbursements from this                                        tion. You may donate via
fund, offering scholar-
                               This is a gift you are mak-
                               ing to not only UM's Greek
                                                               the UM Foundation Web        An anonymous
ships to young men and                                         site or by mailing a check
women as recruitment,
                               students of today but also
                               a fulfillment of a promise
                                                               to the UM Foundation at      benefactor has
retention, and academic                                        PO Box 7159, Missoula
excellence incentives.
                               you made to your frater-
                                                               MT 59807. Please indi-       offered to match
                               nity or sorority when you
However, this scholarship                                      cate on your check or
fund is not yet at the level
                               pledged: to promote its
                                                               online contribution “UM
                                                                                            any donations to
                               advancement and ensure
                                                               GTF Scholarship Fund” so
it needs to be in order to
be self-sustaining, par-
                               its welfare. It is a gift you
                                                               the funds are appropri-
                                                                                            the GTF fund up
                               give to yourself, too, be-
ticularly in this economic
environment. To achieve
                               cause through your sup-
                                                               ately reserved.
                                                                                            to $10,000! If
                               port, the legacy of Greek
that, we need your help.
                               at UM can continue for          Through your generosity,     you are
We ask that every Greek        you to enjoy -- homecom-        not only can you easily
alumnus contribute to the      ings, graduations, and          mark off the list "support   considering
UM GTF Scholarship             impromptu mid-year visits       The University of Montana
Fund. A contribution of        for years to come. Even if      Greeks in 2009," but you     making a
any amount is appreci-         your chapter is no longer       can be part of our efforts
ated but if you’re trying to   at UM's campus, we hope         to demonstrate that we       donation to the
                                                               believe in our organiza-
find an appropriate start-
ing amount, we encour-
                               that you will still consider
                               a donation in the hope          tion’s mottoes and           GTF in any
                                                               creeds, as well as the
age an annual starting
donation of $20 or per-
                               that your chapter may
                               return and in recognition       leadership, scholarship,     amount, NOW is
                                                               and outreach opportuni-
haps a donation of $5 for      of the opportunity that
                                                               ties that are available at
                                                                                            the time to do it!
each year since initiated      Greek life offers young
(e.g. if initiated 10 years    men and women.                  UM. Thank you! Ω

         Data to be shown on the UM Greek Task Force Roster of Supporters:
           Name _________________________ Phone _________________ E-Mail
           Address _________________________________________City ______________________ State ______
           Greek Affiliation ______________________________ GTF Scholarship Donation $ _________________
         (Please clearly designate that your donation is for the benefit of the GTF Scholarship Fund)
           Method 1. Check: The Univ. of Montana Foundation, PO Box 7159, Missoula, MT 59807
           Method 2. Credit card: Visa MasterCard American Express              Discover
             Credit Card # _______________________ CV # (3or4-digit code on card) _______ Exp. Date _______
           Method 3. Give online at

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Greek Task Force
Volume 1, Issue 6
                                      Items of Interest
                                      Fall 2009 Recruitment         agement of the UM Admini-      age (ASA) above the all
                                                                    stration and Greek Life        women's average (AWA)
                                      Congratulations to all of
                                                                    Office, and the availability   and an all fraternity aver-
                                      the UM Greek chapters for
                                                                    of scholarships offered by     age (AFA) above the all
                                      a successful recruitment
                                                                    the Greek Task Force           men's average (AMA). The
                                      this autumn! Each of the
                                                                    (thanks to the generosity of   UM Greeks came very
                                      four sororities had enough
                                                                    UM alumni), chapter aca-       close to meeting this goal
                                      women pledge to meet or
                                                                    demic performance contin-      in 2009 with a ASA
                                      exceed their quota. The
                                                                    ues to improve. Following      (sorority) of 3.09 which is
                                      men also did well with re-
                                                                    are the grades (listed al-     equal to the all women's
                                      cruitment as they broad-
                                                                    phabetically) as reported      average, and an AFA
                                      ened their outreach on
                                                                    by the chapters based on       (fraternity) average of 2.77
                                      campus to identify men
                                                                    their spring 2009 perform-     compared to the all men's
                                      who fulfill the Greek
                                                                    ance. (Fall 2009 grades        average of 2.83.
                                      ideal. As of October, there
                                                                    will be reported in the
                                      are approximately 310                                        No matter which Greek
                                                                    spring newsletter.)
                                      initiated and uninitiated/                                   chapter young men and
                                      pledged Greek young men         Women's Organizations        women call their own, our
                                      and women at the Univer-        Alpha Phi - 3.04 (Fall       youngest brothers and sis-
                                      sity of Montana. While we       2008: 2.79)                  ters are first and foremost
     Aristotle Says…                  expect this number to fluc-     Delta Gamma - 3.05           students, a responsibility
 You can always learn                 tuate somewhat for a vari-      (Fall 2008: 2.79)            they take seriously. If you
                                      ety of reasons (including       Kappa Alpha Theta -          would like to join the Greek
 more about what’s
                                      graduation, transferring,       3.11 (Fall 2008: 2.85)       Task Force or any of these
 happening on campus by
                                      additional recruiting, and      Kappa Kappa Gamma -          chapters in a partnership
 visiting these online
                                      students choosing to not        3.16 (Fall 2008: 3.10)       to help students improve
                                      be initiated), we note with                                  their academic perform-
     Office of Greek Life: http://              enthusiasm and support          Men's Organizations          ance, please contact us at
     UM Foundation: http://          the efforts the UM Greeks       Kappa Sigma - 2.84                 are making to increase          (Fall 2008: 2.58)            or reach out to your Mis-
      campaign/default.htm            their population making         Sigma Alpha Epsilon -        soula alumni/alumnae
     UM Home: http://                                                                             chapter or college chapter
                                      strides toward accomplish-      2.49 (Fall 2008: 2.98)
                                      ing their goal for the num-     Sigma Chi - 2.54 (Fall       advisory board. Opportuni-
                                      ber of Greeks to exceed         2008: 2.51)                  ties include making a tax-
                                      6% of the UM student            Sigma Nu - 2.87 (Fall        deductible donation to the
                                      population by 2011. A full      2008: 2.74)                  GTF scholarship fund, pro-
                                      recruitment report will be      Sigma Phi Epsilon - 3.14     viding snacks during dead
                                      made available in the           (Fall 2008: 3.06)            week/study hours, offering
                                      spring issue.                                                to help tutor, being a men-
                                                                    Regardless of where a          tor, offering an internship,
                                      UM Greeks Academic Re-        chapter ranked, all of the     and more. You need not
                                      port Spring 2009              brothers and sisters
                                                                                                   limit your help to only your
                                      Greek membership brings       worked hard to not only
                                                                                                   own chapter! In the spirit
                                      with it many opportunities,   deliver their personal best    of interfraternal excellence,
                                      including the attainment of   but encourage it in oth-       we encourage all Greeks to
                                      individual academic excel-    ers. As mentioned in previ-
                                                                                                   help each other as we
                                      lence. Thanks to a variety    ous issues of the newslet-
                                                                                                   Make Greek Great at The
                                      of chapter-initiated incen-   ter, one of the UM Greeks'
                                                                                                   University of Montana. Ω
                                      tive programs, support        goals is to consistently
                                      from alumni, the encour-      have an all sorority aver-

Page 4
                                                                                                                       Greek Task Force

 Homecoming 2009: Sweet Home Montana!                                                                                 Volume 1, Issue 6

Homecoming 2009...Singing on the Steps, the Lighting of the M, the annual Homecoming Parade, floats, tailgates, football, class
reunions...and for two University of Montana Greek chapters, the celebration of 100 years at the University of Montana!!
Congratulations to Kappa Alpha Theta and Kappa Kappa Gamma...100 years of sisterhood!!

                                      Contributed by Mary Lou Hauck, 
                                                                                      house. There were also pin presentations
                                                                                      for 50, 65 and 75 year members, and music
                                      Beta Phi Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma
                                                                                      selections by the Kappa Keys Quartet. Fund
                                      celebrated 100 years at the University of
                                                                                      raisers included a silent auction and a draw-
                                      Montana at the recent Homecoming week-
                                                                                      ing for sapphire jewelry. The Sun. morning
                                      end of Oct. 9-11. Over 280 Kappas at-
                                                                                      brunch at the Kappa house served about
                                      tended the events over the 3 days. The
                                                                                      300. There were Kappas from the classes of
                                      Friday evening parties were small group
                                                                                      1935 to 2009 and some who came from as
                                      gatherings by year of initiation at various
                                                                                      far away as Australia or New York. All came
                                      homes or locations around town. The Sat.
                                                                                      to renew the friendships from their years as
                                      evening banquet was attended by 424 at
                                                                                      Beta Phi members. It was heartwarming to
                                      the Doubletree Hotel. The Emcee for the
                                                                                      see so many in attendance and a great trib-
                                      evening was Lila Isbell, Fraternity Executive
                                                                                      ute to the Greek system. This has been
                                      Director from 2001-2005. The program
                                                                                      called "The Kappa party of the century!!"
                                      included guest speakers Suzanne Vander
                                      Heyden, Fraternity Director of Alumnae and
                                      John Rimel, historian and great grandson of
                                      the original owner of the Kappa

           KAΘ             Contributed by Ashley Young Fuchs,  and included contributions from alumnae

                           The Alpha Nu chapter of Kappa Alpha
                                                                      and active members alike. A silent auc-
                                                                      tion, musical entertainment by pledge
                           Theta celebrated 100 years of sisterhood
                                                                      classes, and touching audio-visual pres-
                           during Homecoming weekend 2009.
                                                                      entation rounded out the evening.
                           Several hundred Thetas attended three
                                                                      Friendships were renewed, members of
                           days of events, including Friday night’s
                                                                      long-ago pledge classes reunited, as all
                           social at the Governor’s Room in the Flor-
                                                                      paid tribute to the foundation of love
                           ence Hotel, tours of the UM campus and
                                                                      shared among sisters. Special thanks to
                           newly renovated Theta chapter house,
                                                                      Lori Torgerson Warden and the Gala Cele-
                           Saturday morning breakfast and pre-
                                                                      bration committee, who poured much
                           game festivities, and Saturday night’s
                                                                      time, energy, and love into this amazing,
                           Gala celebration at the Hilton. The Gala
                                                                      and truly unforgettable event!!
                           was emceed by Theta alumna Jill Valley,

                                                                                                                                 Page 5
Greek Task Force
Volume 1, Issue 6
                     Sigma Phi Epsilon: New Frontiers (Contributed by Derek Duncan, , ’09 )
                                     After a challenging spring and summer, the          The board of directors of the national
                                     Sig Ep chapter is once again going strong at        fraternity voted to suspend the chapter’s
                                     UM. A newly established Alumni and Volun-           charter, and the National Housing Corpo-
                                     teer Corporation (AVC) has been working with        ration put the facility up for sale. To re-
                                     the new undergraduates to guide chapter op-         new the ailing chapter, representatives
                                     erations and recruitment. Members of the            from the national fraternity assisted in
                                     AVC board, led by President Brint Wahlberg,         recruiting and training the AVC with a
                                     are Mike Markovich, Erick Tombre, Erik Nel-         seven-member board of directors, and a
                                     son, Pat Angland, Derek Duncan, Charlie             larger group of interested volunteers.
                                     Palmer and Chris Corbin. The group is meet-         The New Chapter Expansion team from
                                     ing regularly, and excited to advance the chap-     Sig Ep spent a full month on campus,
                                     ter in Missoula, as well as connect the larger      recruiting and training new undergradu-
    To learn more                    community of Sig Ep alumni.                         ates for the chapter. Their efforts were
                                                                                         very successful, and the chapter cur-
 about the current                   The chapter, a presence at UM since 1918,
                                     had risen to the largest on campus with the
                                                                                         rently has 16 new members. While the
                                                                                         AVC explores various options, the chapter
      status of the                  highest GPA in Fall 2008. During the winter,
                                                                                         will operate in an un-housed capacity,
                                     however, internal challenges and conflict be-
                                                                                         which is not uncommon for fraternities
        Sigma Phi                    gan to strain the chapter. After three years of
                                                                                         across the country.
                                     strong growth, there were still remnants of a
Epsilon chapter at                   “frat boy” culture that wasn’t conducive to the     As is often the case, a private developer
                                     new direction the fraternity was taking.            was able to take much quicker action
  UM, contact Pat                                                                        than the AVC, and purchased the facility
                                     It was decided that strong action needed to be
                                                                                         this fall. Fortunately, at this time, there
Angland or Derek                     taken and the members in question removed
                                                                                         are no known plans to demolish the
                                     from the chapter. Unfortunately, alumni sup-
          Duncan.                    port was limited at that time, and undergradu-

                                     ate leaders found themselves unable to man-         Members of the AVC are excited to move
                                     age the fall-out from such a controversial deci-    forward and build a stronger, more stable
                                     sion. Chapter membership declined from near         Sig Ep experience at the University of
                                     40, to 12 members over the course of the            Montana. We have learned that alumni
                                     semester. This decline left Montana Alpha           support is not just a convenience for a
                                     unable to meet its lease capacity for the facil-    college fraternity, but is a necessity for
                                     ity for the coming year.                            long term viability. The AVC will also be
                                                                                         examining options for future housing.
                                                                                         As fraternities grow into their 21st century
                                                                                         roles on campus, there are many chal-
                                                                                         lenges and hurdles to remove, which can-
                                                                                         not be done without the investment and
                                                                                         interest of administrators, educators,
                                                                                         alumni and volunteers.
                                                                                         A comprehensive Alumni Newsletter will
                                                                                         be sent to Sig Ep alumni and supporters
                                                                                         this holiday season. Anyone wishing to
                                                                                         learn more is encouraged to contact Pat
          The former Sigma Phi Epsilon facility, located at 201 University Avenue. Sig   Angland at or
          Ep will continue to operate, in an un-housed capacity, as they strive to in-   Derek Duncan at
          crease membership and strengthen the Montana Alpha chapter.           Ω

Page 6
The University of Montana—
                                           Who Is the Greek Task Force?
209B University Center                     The Greek Task Force is an organization of UM Greek men and women,
University of Montana                      primarily alumni, who work to perpetuate Greek life on The University
Missoula, MT 59812                         of Montana campus, a legacy extending back more than 100 years.
(406) 243-2005 phone                       We do this through supporting, nurturing, and advancing Greek ideals,
(406) 243-4340 fax
                                           promoting recruitment, and helping build a strong Greek student body
E-mail:             at The University of Montana.
                                           We believe that Greek life offers students a unique opportunity to have
 Greeks at UM...                           a balanced college life with a focus on academic excellence, brother-
                                           hood/sisterhood, community service, and responsible social interac-
 Alpha Phi | Delta Gamma |                 tion. It allows students to make lasting friendships with individuals
 Kappa Alpha Theta |                       holding similar ideals and common purposes.
 Kappa Kappa Gamma
                                           For more information about UM Greek Life or the Greek Task Force,
 Kappa Sigma | Sigma Alpha Epsilon |       please contact one of the individuals listed on the cover page.
 Sigma Chi | Sigma Nu |
 Sigma Phi Epsilon

            It’s Great to Be Greek!
                                        — Since 1909 —

AΔΠ                               ΦΣK                         KAΘ
ΦΔΘ                     ΔΔΔ                                         FIJI
                                                                                   KKΓ                    KΔ
   ΣK                            ΣΦE                     ΣX
                        ΔΓ              ΣAE                                AOΠ
    ΘX                                                                                           AΦ
                        ΔΣΘ                                                    ΦKΦ

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