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					?Limousines are executive vehicles that are rented by those people who like
uniqueness and like lavish lifestyles. Taxis on the other hand are common vehicles on
every corner of the city.

What are the main differences between taxis and limos? Taxis and limos have their
similarities because both of them are for hire and the most common of all is that both
are vehicles. Ha! Just kidding. Who can not tell that both are vehicles?

Limousines are hired for special occasions like wedding parties, hen nights, stag
nights and other important occasions. On the contrary, taxis are hired just for
transportation from one place to the other without having to mind about the levels of
comfort. Taxis are also very common and are seen on every corner of the streets of
any town. Their fares are also very different from those of limousines. Taxis prices are
not inclusive of extra services like drinks on board. With limos you are offered the
best and the finest drinks like champagne.

The prices of the taxis are also pocket friendly and just about any one can afford to
pay for a taxi but in some cases the prices of the taxis can be a bit high depending on
the type of the car and the services that you are treated with that are not part of the

The prices of the limos are very high and this why only those who are luxurious and
extravagant go for the limos. The rental prices of the limos will also depend on the
type of limo that you are hiring. It is not logic to have the price of for example a Ford
Excursion limo and a Hummer Limo as the same. The Hummer H2 Limo is way
much expensive than a Ford Excursion limo. Those who want recognition would also
go for the Hummer H2 limo. This is a limo for the rich and the strong. It oozes
strength and wealth. May be due to its military background.

The taxis can be used for airport transfers and the same for limousines. But for those
who would like to get to their destinations in style and the best of comfort will go for
the limousine. If they want to announce to every one that they have arrived they take
the classiest limo that they know of. On board a taxi no one will realise that you are in
town. You are guaranteed of attention with the limo.

The limo is also for those who love to be entertained while sipping their favourite
drinks. The taxis do not have these extravagant services. The aim of the taxi is just to
get you to your destination.

Some of the features that a taxi has are not even comparable to those of a limo.
Limousines have a lot of extras to keep their passenger busy to the levels of not
realizing if they have reached their destinations. The amenities you get are just too
Limousines pick people from their homes. This is treating the passengers like
executives. For taxis you have to go and get them in the town. But only few of them
have the services of picking their passengers at their houses which comes with an
extra fee.

Limousines also come with the most beautiful and head turning colours that are
usually well presented. The colours of the taxis are not comparable to the limousines.
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