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					JEB BUSH, GOVERNOR                                                              ALAN LEVINE, SECRETARY


TO:         CHIS Advisory Council Public Relations Workgroup

VIA:        Lisa K. Rawlins, Bureau Chief, State Center for Health Statistics

FROM:       Penny Walker Bos, Administrator, Office of Research and Development

DATE:       May 8, 2006

RE:         CHIS Advisory Council Public Relations Workgroup Florida Compare
            Website Draft Communications Plan

In compliance with the Comprehensive Health Information System (CHIS) Advisory Council
Public Relations Workgroup’s request on March 31, 2006, to develop a
website communications plan this memorandum is submitted. Its contents represent workgroup
members’ comments and recommendations. The plan will be released in June 2006.

Its goal is to promote a consumer centric website that will help make Floridians America’s most
informed health care consumers. The plan will identify activities and strategies that may be used
to inform the public about the website, to make them aware of the
website’s enhanced search tool features and to publicize its unique ability to display specific
pediatric information.

Although was released in November 2005, the enhancements to the
June 2006 release will include the ability for persons to search for specific details pertaining to
pediatric-specific procedures. The release of this website will be one more step towards
implementing transparency in health care.

Your comments and recommendations are requested. Please submit (E-Mail) your edits and
recommendations to Penny Bos at ( by close of business Thursday,
May 11, 2006.

 2727 Mahan Drive  Mail Stop #1 6                                             Visit AHCA online at
 Ta llahassee, FL 32308                                         
                  Florida Compare Draft Communications Plan
     The communications plan has three parts:

          1. Target Audiences:

                    a. Policy Makers
                    b. Parents and Grandparents
                    c. Health Care Providers

          2. Communications Plan Deployment Strategies

          3. Long Term Communication Strategies

1.        Target Audiences

          A. Policy Makers

               Audience:           Local, state, and national policy makers; National Conference of State
                                   Legislators, and the National Governor’s Association; Ask business
                                   leaders and local officials to participate in website media events.

               Message:            Florida is the first state in the nation to publicly report hospital
                                   infection rates, and quality and performance outcomes by facility. The
                                   June 2006 release of the enhanced website
                                   will be another first in America. This enhanced consumer-centric
                                   website will be the first in the nation to provide detailed pediatric-
                                   specific health care information by hospital.

               Strategy 1:         Conduct press conference with Agency and legislative leaders, and
                                   CHIS Advisory Council and workgroups members. Invite policy
                                   makers, parent groups and children advocates to join Secretary Levine
                                   in media events. Each event will include a discussion of the
                                   legislature’s transparency mandates, AHCA’s accomplishments in
                                   implementing public reporting and will present a demonstration of the
                                   website’s features and capabilities.

               Strategy 2:         Provide Web broadcasts of press conferences. Coordinate a live
                                   simulcast (from St Cloud) of Governor Bush’s and Secretary Levine’s
                                   Kickoff Press Conference. Look into hosting at public libraries to
                                   bring attention to the free web access through the libraries and relate to
                                   free access to health information. Set up monthly live Internet telecasts
                                   to get the message out to involved parties.

Draft Communications Plan                                                                       Page 2 of 13
               Invite Executive Office of the Governor Representatives, AHCA officials, children
               advocates, parental organizations, and CHIS Advisory Council and CHIS Public
               Relations Workgroup members to media events

               Include Rose M. Naff, Executive Director for the Florida Healthy Kids Corporation
               since 1990, to join the Tallahassee press conference and identify regional contacts to
               be included in media events.

               a. Tallahassee: Kick off Press Conference with Governor Bush, Secretary
                  Levine, CHIS AC and Group Chairs

                             Name                             Workgroup                        Representing
                                                                                      Associate Dean for Academic
                    Alma Littles, M.D.                 Physicians
                                                                                      Florida State University
                                                                                      College of Medicine
                                                  1. Advisory Council
                                                     (Proxy for Alan Levine)
                                                                                      Bureau Chief,
                                                  2. Health Care Facility Website
                                                                                      State Center for Health Statistics,
                    Lisa Rawlins                  3. Health Plan
                                                                                      Agency for Health Care
                                                  4. Hospital Acquired Infections
                                                  5. Physicians
                                                  6. Public Relations
                                                  1. Advisory Council
                                                  2. Health Care Facility Website
                    James Bracher,                3. Health Plan Consumer             Insurance Consultant,
                    M.B.A.                           Reports                          J. Bracher & Associates
                                                  4. Hospital Acquired Infections
                                                  5. Physicians
                                                                                      Senior Advisor for Health Plan
                                                  1. Health Care Facility Website
                    Tom Granatir                                                      Policy,
                                                  2. Hospital Acquired Infections
                                                                                      Humana, Inc.
                                                  1.   Advisory Council, Chair
                                                  2.   Health Care Facility Website   President/CEO,
                    Robert Wychulis,
                                                  3.   Health Plan Consumer           Florida Association of Health
                                                       Reports                        Plans, Inc.
                                                  4.   Hospital Acquired Infections
                                                                                      Director, Office of Safe and
                    Lorraine Allen                     Advisory Council               Healthy Schools
                                                                                      Department of Education
                                                  1. Advisory Council
                    Sharon Binnun,                                                    Deputy Commissioner,
                                                  2. Health Plan Consumer
                    C.P.A.                                                            Office of Insurance Regulation
                                                                                      State Registrar & Director,
                                                                                      Planning, Evaluation, & Data
                    Meade Grigg, M.A.                  Advisory Council
                                                                                      Florida Department of Health
                                                                                      Policy Coordinator,
                    Charlie Liem                       Advisory Council
                                                                                      Executive Office of the Governor
                    Randy Miller                  1.   Advisory Council               Executive Vice President,

Draft Communications Plan                                                                             Page 3 of 13
                                                  2.   Hospital Acquired Infections   Florida Retail Federation
                                                  1. Advisory Council                 Director of State Government
                    Harry Spring                  2. Health Plan Consumer             Relations,
                                                     Reports                          Humana, Inc.
                                                                                      Executive Vice President,
                    Sam Miller                         Public Relations
                                                                                      Florida Insurance Council
                                                                                      Deputy Chief of Staff, Agency for
                    Brandi Brown                       Public Relations
                                                                                      Health Care Administration
                                                                                      Government Affairs Consultant,
                    Leslie Dughi                       Health Care Facility Website
                                                                                      Greenberg Traurig Law Firm
                                                                                      Executive Director,
                    Peter Lohrengel                    Health Care Facility Website   Florida Society of Ambulatory
                                                                                      Surgical Centers
                    Phil Rond, M.D.                    Health Care Facility Website
                                                                                      Health Strategies, Inc.
                                                                                      Head of the Investigations
                    Joann Schulte, D.O.                Hospital Acquired Infections
                                                                                      Department of Health, Bureau of
                    Chuck Bombard,
                                                                                      Director of Quality Improvement,
                    RN, MHA, CPHQ,                     Health Care Facility Website
                                                                                      Tampa General Hospital
                                                                                      Director, Board of Medicine,
                    Larry McPherson                    Physicians
                                                                                      Florida Department of Health
                                                                                      VP Strategic Communications,
                    Rich Rasmussen                     Public Relations
                                                                                      Florida Hospital Association
                                                       Health Plan Consumer           Quality Improvement Manager,
                    Mary Keister
                                                       Reports                        Capital Health Plan, Inc.
                                                                                      Bureau Chief,
                                                       Health Plan Consumer           Managed Health Care,
                    Tom Warring
                                                       Reports                        Agency for Health Care
                                                                                      Legislative Counsel,
                    Adam Babington                     Public Relations
                                                                                      Florida Chamber of Commerce

               b. Pensacola

                    There are no CHIS Advisory Council and workgroup members from Pensacola,
                    however there is a strong key Legislative support in this area.

               c. Tampa / St. Petersburg / Clearwater / Naples

                                               Tampa / St. Petersburg / Clearwater / Naples
                             Name                                 Workgroup                    Representing
                                                                                      Vice President,
                                                                                      Medical Affairs,
                    Brad Bjornstad, M.D.          Physicians
                                                                                      University Community Hospital -
                    Peggy Thompson,                                                   Director of Epidemiology,
                                                  Hospital Acquired Infections
                    R.N., C.I.C                                                       Tampa General Hospital

Draft Communications Plan                                                                             Page 4 of 13
                                   Tampa / St. Petersburg / Clearwater / Naples (continued)
                             Name                                 Workgroup                   Representing
                                                                                    Chair, FMA Committee on
                    Michael A. Wasylik,
                                                  Physicians                        Managed Care,
                                                                                    Florida Medical Association
                                                                                    VP Managed Care,
                    Diane Kazmierski              Health Plan Consumer Reports
                                                                                    BayCare Health System
                    Mark Michelman,
                                                  Health Care Facility Website      Florida Medical Quality
                                                                                    Assurance, Inc.
                                                                                    Media Relations Manager, Florida
                    Mitch Lubitz                  Public Relations                  and Georgia,
                                                                                    Humana, Inc.
                                                                                    Chief of Emergency Medicine,
                    David Orban, M.D.             Physicians
                                                                                    Tampa General Hospital
                                                                                    Associate Director of the Institute
                    Lisa Simpson,
                                                  Health Care Facility Website      for Child Health Policy (ICHP),
                    MB BCh, MPH, FAAP
                                                                                    University of Florida
                                                                                    Director of Infection Control and
                    Jackie Whitaker               Hospital Acquired Infections      NPSG Administrator,
                                                                                    University Community Hospital
                    Cindy Righter,                                                  Director, Clinical Outcomes,
                                                  Health Care Facility Website
                    R.N.                                                            BayCare Health System
                    Allen Weiss, M.D.             Physicians                        Naples Community Hospital

                    Sharon Nisbit,                                                  Corporate Director,
                    R.N., BSN, CPHQ               Health Plan Consumer Reports      Quality Improvement
                                                                                    Well Care HMO, Inc
                    Cathy Ricchezza,                                                Infection Control Manager,
                                                  Hospital Acquired Infections
                    R.N.                                                            St. Joseph's-Baptist Health Care
                                                                                    Medical Director, Corporation
                    Alan Smith,
                                                  Health Care Facility Website      Quality Management,
                                                                                    Well Care HMO, Inc

               d. Jacksonville / Gainesville

                                                            Jacksonville / Gainesville
                             Name                                 Workgroup                   Representing
                    Walter Hollinger,                                               Managing Medical Director,
                                                  Hospital Acquired Infections
                    M.D.                                                            Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida
                                                                                    Director, Non-Facility Networks,
                    Victoria Bloodworth           Health Plan Consumer Reports      Blue Cross and Blue Shield of
                                                                                    Blue Cross and Blue Shield of
                    Martin Cone                   Health Facility Website

Draft Communications Plan                                                                            Page 5 of 13
                                                             Jacksonville / Gainesville (continued)
                             Name                                 Workgroup                    Representing
                    Lennox Archibald,                                                 Medical Director,
                                                  Hospital Acquired Infections
                    M.D.                                                              Regenerations Technologies
                                                                                      Professor & Chair/Garenski
                                                  1.    Advisory Council              Professor,
                    Paul Duncan, Ph.D.            2.    Health Care Facility          Department of Health Services
                                                        Website                       Administration, University of
                                                                                      Senior VP/Managed Care
                    Paul Jennings                 Health Plan Consumer Reports
                                                                                      St. Vincent's Health System
                                                                                      Director, Infection Control,
                    Loretta Fauerbach,
                                                  Hospital Acquired Infections        Shands Hospital at the University
                    M.S., C.I.C.
                                                                                      of Florida
                                                                                      Dean Emeritus, Vice President of
                    Richard Gutekunst,                                                Health Affairs,
                                                  Hospital Acquired Infections
                    Ph.D.                                                             University of Florida,
                                                                                      Health Science Center

               e. Orlando / Maitland / Winter Park;
                  (Potential Web cast from St. Cloud via Karen van Caulil)

                                               Orlando / Maitland / Winter Park / St. Cloud
                             Name                                 Workgroup                    Representing

                    Linna Van Nette               Health Plan Consumer Reports        United Healthcare of Florida

                                                   1. Advisory Council
                                                   2. Health Care Facility Website
                    Kim Streit,                                                       Vice President, Health Care
                                                   3. Health Plan Consumer
                    C.H.E., M.B.A.,                                                   Research & Information,
                    M.H.S.                                                            Florida Hospital Association
                                                   4. Hospital Acquired Infections
                                                   5. Physicians
                                                                                      Director of Government and
                                                   1. Advisory Council, Vice Chair
                    Diane Godfrey                                                     Regulatory Affairs,
                                                   2. Physicians
                                                                                      Florida Hospital
                    Christine Kaptur,                                                 Infections Control Manager,
                                                  Hospital Acquired Infections
                    M.A., R.N., C.I.C.                                                Florida Hospital
                                                                                      Executive Director,
                    Karen van Caulil,              1. Advisory Council
                                                                                      The Health Council of East
                    Ph.D.                          2. Public Relations
                                                                                      Central Florida, Inc.
                                                                                      Program Director,
                    Lisa Portelli                 Health Plan Consumer Reports
                                                                                      Winter Park Health Foundation

Draft Communications Plan                                                                             Page 6 of 13
               f. Miami / Coral Gables / Ft. Lauderdale / Hollywood / Singer Island

                               Miami / Coral Gables / Ft. Lauderdale / Hollywood / Singer Island

                             Name                                 Workgroup               Representing
                                                                                 Quality Management Nurse
                    Patricia DeStefano,
                                                  Hospital Acquired Infections   Epidemiologist,
                                                                                 Mercy Hospital
                    Mark J. Hauser,                                              Vice President, Medical Affairs,
                                                  Physicians                     Baptist Hospital of Miami
                    M.D., FACP, FCCP
                    Linda Quick                                                  South Florida Hospital &
                                                  Public Relations
                                                                                 Healthcare Association
                                                                                 Vice President,
                    Art Weinblatt                 Health Plan Consumer Reports   Managed Care of HCA,
                                                                                 East Florida Division
                    Joseph Giaimo, D.O.           Physicians                     Florida Osteopathic Medical
                                                                                 South Florida Medical Director for
                    Astor Frank,
                                                  Physicians                     Professional Programs,
                                                                                 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida
                    Tamera Meyerson               Health Plan Consumer Reports
                                                                                 Preferred Medical Plan, Inc.

                    Outcomes:           The initial result of these media blitzes may be short lived. This
                                        situation can be optimized by staggering the time and location of
                                        media events across the State.

                    Strategy 3:         Present at national events such as the National Conference of State
                                        Legislatures, the National Governor’s Association, and the
                                        American Legislative Exchange Council.

                    Outcomes:           Increase opportunities to share lessons learned and to facilitate the
                                        spread of transparency across America.


                    Audience:           Parents and Grandparents; Highlight Elder search tool injunction;
                                        Include outreach to state associations for parent teacher
                                        organizations, associations for home schooled children and Health
                                        Kids partners.

                    Message:            Use website to look for
                                        information about health care facilities, and about specific medical
                                        conditions and procedures:

                                        1. The average length of stay

Draft Communications Plan                                                                        Page 7 of 13
                                        2. The average charges
                                        3. The number of specific procedures performed and
                                           conditions treated in Florida hospitals.

                                        The website may be used to find
                                        answers to the following questions:

                                        1. Does my child need surgery or treatment for a
                                           chronic health condition?
                                        2. How can I find the best care for my child?
                                        3. Do I have all the information I need to make an
                                           informed decision about my child’s health care?

                    Strategy 1:         Distribute website brochures to
                                        Governor’s Capital for the Day, and the Florida Legislators for
                                        distribution to community centers in their districts. Focus
                                        additionally on breakouts for seniors. Suggested additional listing
                                        of co-pays and out of pockets, including Medicaid and Medicare.

                    Outcome:            Enhance potential to reach parents in need of information about
                                        their children’s health care needs.

                    Outcome:            Promote transparency through the public reporting of health care

                    Strategy 2:         Prepare an E-Mail release for Department of Management Services
                                        (DMS) to send to all state, city, and county employees to inform
                                        them about the website and transparency. Work with Association
                                        of Counties, and Florida League of Cities

                    Outcome:            A one-time, mass E-Mail will ultimately reach hundreds of
                                        thousands of people.

          C. PROVIDERS

                    Audience:           Providers:

                                        1. Physicians
                                        2. Health Plans

                    Message:            Provide patients and parents with on-line information needed to
                                        make good health care choices.

                    Strategy 1:         Work with the Florida Medical Association (FMA) and FOMA to
                                        identify a representative for appointment to the CHIS Advisory
                                        Council Public Relations Workgroup.

Draft Communications Plan                                                                     Page 8 of 13
                                        Work with FMA and the Florida Academy of Pediatricians to seek
                                        assistance with dissemination of consumer website brochures to
                                        targeted physicians.

                    Outcome:            Empower patients to take ownership of their health care selection

                    Strategy 2:         Work with the Florida Association of Health Plans (FAHP) to
                                        disseminate consumer website brochures to health plan
                                        organizations for posting on their provider web pages.

                    Outcome:            Involve providers in helping to empower their members to take
                                        ownership of their health care decisions. Help health plans to
                                        improve the quality of care by providing consumers information
                                        about health care choices.

2.        Communications Plan Deployment Strategies
          “Find the Best Health Care for Your Child…We Provide, You Decide”:

          1. Communication plan deployment strategies that may be used to advertise the
             importance of transparency and the Florida Health website:

                    a. Post links to AHCA’s press releases on,

                    b. Develop website user procedures to post in public places like library
                       and community centers
                    c. Develop Transparency in Florida information brochures
                    d. Highlight key pieces excerpted from the “Why is this Important?”
                    e. Post links to Chapter 2004-267, Laws of Florida, and to Section
                       408.05, F.S., and Section 408.06,1 F.S.
                    f. Advertise pending website enhancements
                    g. Draft articles for business organizations and heath care facilities to
                       post on their websites
                    h. Publish news clips and testimonials
                    i. Publish consumer asked questions and answers on Florida Compare
                    j. Encourage facilities to post links to the CHIS Advisory Council’s

Draft Communications Plan                                                                    Page 9 of 13
                    k. Encourage businesses to post information about Florida Compare
                       Care in employees’ work spaces
                    l. Release overview of enhancements
                       with breakout of pediatric measures that are most useful to parents
                    m. Request that each entity post the
                       logo and link on their websites

               Tasks involved:

                    a. Assign specific coordination and implementation responsibilities
                    b. Conduct preliminary research
                    c. Coordinate with Bureau of Information Technology, and State
                       Center for Health Statistics website vendor
                    d. Identify budget and workload requirements
                    e. Develop implementation schedule
                    f. Draft press documents for Secretary Levine’s release.
                    g. Obtain internal review and approval
                    h. Provide electronic links for loading website information
                    i. Coordinate use of website information with business and
                       community leaders
                    j. Coordinate schedule for conduct of press and media events (e.g.,
                       Tallahassee, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Naples, Orlando,
                       Maitland, Winter Park, St. Cloud, Miami, Coral Gables, Ft.
                       Lauderdale, Hollywood, Singer Island, Pensacola, West Palm
                       Beach, Jacksonville, Gainesville and Florida Face-to-Face to be
                       aired across Florida
                    k. Coordinate mail out of information and advertisement materials

          2. Establish cooperation agreements with the following interest group organizations:
             FHA, FMA, FAHP, AARP, FOMA, DOH, and FIC

          3. Develop press articles for distribution to target reporters. Each article should describe
             what consumers can do to become informed about their families health care options

                    a. Identify key health reporters in all Florida markets

                    b. Encourage consumers to review hospital websites for pediatric
                       conditions and procedures
                    c. Draft “Getting Started” document to assist novice internet users in
                       navigating the website; and

Draft Communications Plan                                                                Page 10 of 13
                    d. Provide an outline for the family to identify what issues are most
                       critical when searching, (e.g. the
                       number of specific procedures performed; the average charges, and
                       the average lengths of stay by procedure and facility).

               Tasks involved:

                    a. Conduct preliminary research
                    b. Draft news release and “Getting Started” documents
                    c. Obtain internal review and approval
                    d. Identify key reporters to release press articles
                    e. Coordinate timing of releases

          4. Develop a poster to assist Florida hospitals and
             ambulatory surgical centers to comply with the requirements of Section 381.26(4)
             F.S.; 395.1055 (1) (h), F.S.; 395.1065 (7), F.S.; and 395.301, F.S. These Statutes
             require licensed health care facilities to conspicuously post information on how to
             access facility performance outcomes and patient charge data that is available on
             AHCA’s consumer websites.

               Tasks involved:
                    a. Conduct preliminary research
                    b. Coordinate with the AHCA’s Division of Health Quality Assurance
                    c. Draft poster(s) and cover letter from Secretary Levine
                    d. Obtain internal review and approval
                    e. Mail posters to 1000+ facilities
                    f. Obtain a list of doctors, facilities and their addresses

          5. Develop parent-focused articles for publication in newsletters, family and trade
             magazines through:

                    a. Child advocates organizations (e.g. Ounce of Prevention, Kid Care
                       and etc.)
                    b. Parent Teacher Organizations;
                    c. Legislators
                    d. Health insurance providers

               Tasks involved:
                    a. Conduct preliminary research
                    b. Draft article and cover letter from Secretary Levine.

Draft Communications Plan                                                             Page 11 of 13
                    c. Obtain internal review and approval
                    d. Identify stakeholder contacts to distribute cover letter and newsletter
                    e. Coordinate timing of releases

          6. Draft letters to the editor about and its new search

               Tasks involved:
                    a. Conduct preliminary research
                    b. Draft letters to the editor
                    c. Obtain internal review and approval
                    d. Identify stakeholder contacts to distribute cover letter and newsletter
                    e. Coordinate timing of release

          7. Editorial Board visits (perhaps in conjunction with Press conferences). Have
             CHIS/AHCA representatives to contact all Editorial Boards in their areas and when
             meeting to get local perspectives to local residents.

          8. Develop interactive function on the survey to
             encourage visitors to share information about their reaction to information found on
             the website

          9. Encourage the Florida Chamber of Commerce to continue collecting survey
             information regarding all AHCA consumer-centric websites to glean additional
             information about usability and recommendations for improvement.

               Tasks involved:

               a. Florida Chamber representatives have been amenable to this request.
                  However we’ll need to confirm ongoing availability through the June
                  release and into July 2006.
               b. Findings from this on-line survey will be used to develop focus group
                  methodology for July/August action.

3. Long Term Communication Strategies

     Reprint pediatric-focused brochures:

               a. Partner with the FOMA, FMA and the Florida Academy of Pediatricians to
                  display website information in member offices.

Draft Communications Plan                                                                  Page 12 of 13
               b. Send brochures to county school boards for distribution to schools.

               c. Send brochures to health plans to place in members’ mail

               d. Continue to Evaluate                    the     Effectiveness   of   Communications    Plan’s
                  Implementation Strategy

               The effectiveness of the communications plan implementation strategy may be
               measured by the change in numbers of visitors that logon to
               and view its website pages. By monitoring visitor website activities following each
               public information event the Agency will know when to modify its outreach strategies
               to improve outcome. ISC, AHCA’s website vendor, currently produces a monthly
               report that permit the Agency to monitor the number of website visitors. The
               workgroup has proposed increasing the frequency of these reports from once a month
               to bi-weekly. The reports would be discussed during scheduled CHIS Advisory
               Council, and CHIS Public Relations Workgroup meetings.

               Request Governor Bush’s office to issue Public Service
               Announcements (PSA).

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