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									                    The HMSA/Weight Watchers Hawaii Program
                           Frequently Asked Questions

1.   What is the HMSA/Weight Watchers Hawaii program?
HMSA recognizes that the national obesity problem also affects a significant portion of Hawaii’s
population, and we’ve explored different tools to help our members address the issue of weight
management. To encourage our members to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, HMSA
developed the HMSA/Weight Watchers Hawaii program with Weight Watchers Hawaii (WWH).

2.   Why did HMSA choose WWH?
During 2005, HMSA conducted a pilot program with over 700 HMSA members. This pilot
program tested the effectiveness of the WW program for those who were committed to losing
weight. The effectiveness of the WW program was confirmed when participants lost over 6,200
pounds. Additionally, participant feedback was overwhelmingly positive regarding WW as a tool
to address their weight situation.

3.   How does the HMSA/WWH program work?
HMSA wants to help our members take that difficult first step if they want help to lose weight.
Under this program, HMSA pays the required initial registration fee and provides the first three
weekly meetings at no cost to the member. After the first three meetings, HMSA and WWH
hope the member will be committed to attending the next 10 meetings at a discounted rate of $11
per meeting. After the member completes their 13th meeting, they will receive WWH coupons
for three additional meetings. In total, HMSA pays for the registration fee and six meetings, and
the member pays a discounted rate for 10 meetings.

4.   Who can participate in the HMSA/WWH program?
The program is open to HMSA members who are 18 years old and older.

5.   If I participated in the HMSA pilot program, can I still use the discount program?
Yes, the HMSA/WWH program is open to new and current WWH members.

                                            1                                            Rev. 6/11/08
                    The HMSA/Weight Watchers Hawaii Program
                           Frequently Asked Questions

6.   How do I register for the HMSA/WWH program?
It’s easy. Just call the WWH main office in Aiea at (808) 487-3373. Interested members on the
Neighbor Islands can call toll-free 1 (800) 651-6000. You will be asked to provide information
on your HMSA membership, such as your subscriber number. WWH will then confirm your
eligibility with HMSA. After confirmation, WWH will call you with registration information and
will help you select a convenient meeting location and time.

7.   How does the HMSA/WWH program work?
The HMSA/WWH program was developed to be as convenient as possible for our members.
a.   Call WWH and provide your HMSA subscriber number to confirm your eligibility. WWH
     will call you back within 48 hours to confirm.
b.   Complete the WWH and HMSA registration forms at your first WWH meeting. The HMSA
     form includes a program description and guidelines. Complete the lower portion of the
     HMSA form and separate it at the perforation. Submit the lower portion to the WWH staff
     at the meeting site.
c.   The WWH staff will give you two coupons for your next two meetings.

8. Why do I have to complete a separate registration form for HMSA?
HMSA pays a negotiated fee to WWH for each eligible member who participates in the program,
and the HMSA form enables us to verify each member’s eligibility. The information also allows
HMSA to survey program participants to measure member satisfaction with the HMSA/WWH

9.   Why is HMSA asking for information on the registration card and coupons in addition
to my HMSA subscriber number?
HMSA collects other information for two purposes. One is to verify WWH attendance
information. Also, the starting weight and weight after completing later meetings helps document
program effectiveness and measurable goals achieved by participants to justify continuing the

                                            2                                           Rev. 6/11/08
                   The HMSA/Weight Watchers Hawaii Program
                          Frequently Asked Questions

10. Can I choose any meeting site?
Yes, you can choose to attend any weekly meeting in Hawaii. There are currently over 30
meeting sites at various locations statewide. Some of the meetings are held during the day, such
as at lunch, and others are in the evening. You can choose the site that is most convenient for
you. Contact WWH for a list of all meetings sites.

11. After the first meeting, how do I get coupons for future meetings?
You’ll receive coupons for your second and third meetings when you register with WWH at your
first meeting. You’ll be asked to complete the information on each coupon and submit it to the
meeting facilitator. Later, after you attend and pay for 10 meetings, WWH will provide you with
three additional coupons for your 14th, 15th and 16th meetings.

12. Is there a specific timeframe for me to complete the HMSA/WWH program?
Yes, the program is designed to be completed in no more than 22 weeks.

13. Will I be dropped from the program if I miss a weekly meeting?
Everyone has daily challenges that may force them to skip a weekly meeting. If you miss a
weekly meeting, just continue the following week. WWH’s standard policy regarding missed
meetings will apply to all participants. WWH will provide you with coupons for the first three
meetings that you miss. WWH might charge you for any additional missed meetings, but at a
reduced fee. However, if you miss six meetings during the program, you will be discontinued
from the program. To rejoin the program, see #19.

14. What information is required on the registration form?
You must provide all requested information on the coupon for it to be accepted by WWH. The
requested information includes:
a.   Registration date.
b.   Member’s name.
c.   HMSA subscriber number.

                                             3                                            Rev. 6/11/08
                      The HMSA/Weight Watchers Hawaii Program
                             Frequently Asked Questions

d.   Date of birth.
e.   Gender (male/female).
f.   Daytime phone number.
g.   How member heard about the program.
h.   Current weight.
i.   Current height.
j.   First meeting date.
k.   First meeting location.

15. How will the information on my coupon be used by HMSA?
HMSA uses the information to ensure that only eligible members are using the coupons, and that
measurable results are tracked on an aggregate level. This means attendance and height and
weight information are only used in looking at the all of the participants as a whole. Any results
achieved during the program will help HMSA determine if a continued relationship with WWH
can benefit its members. Individual names and identifiable information are NOT be used in any
of the program reports.

16. Are there any restrictions on the coupons?
Yes. The following are limitations for coupons used in the program:
a.   Coupons are good only at sites within the state of Hawaii.
b.   Coupons expire nine weeks from issue date.
c.   Coupons are not transferable.
d.   Must be original coupons (no photocopies).
e.   Coupons have no cash value to the participant.
f.   Coupons will not be replaced if lost or stolen.
g.   Coupons can not be used for WW Online or WW At Home.
h.   Before WWH submits coupons to HMSA, all information must be filled in completely.
i.   WW standard policies apply to all participants, including policies on discontinued

                                             4                                            Rev. 6/11/08
                    The HMSA/Weight Watchers Hawaii Program
                           Frequently Asked Questions

17. Does the HMSA/WWH program apply to WW Online or WW at Home?
No. The program has been negotiated with WWH only. The coupons issued to members are only
applied to the traditional WWH weekly meetings or WW at Work.

18. If I’m an eligible HMSA member and I currently attend WW, can I participate in the
discount program?
Yes, eligible HMSA members who are currently WWH members can join the program. They
will have to complete an HMSA registration form and check the box labeled “Current WW
Member.” WWH staff will then issue the member coupons for the next two meetings. The
member will also be able to receive the discounted rate of $11 for each weekly meeting during
the member-paid part of the program.

19. If I join the program and then become discontinued because I miss more than six
meetings, can I re-enroll in the program?
If you miss more than six meetings during your participation in the HMSA/WWH program, you
will be discontinued, in accordance with standard WWH policy. If there are special
circumstances, please discuss this with WWH staff.

Generally, if a member becomes discontinued, they are dropped from participating in the
program. However, if the discontinued member attends a WWH meeting within 90 days of their
last meeting, they will be allowed to rejoin the program at the place they left. This means that if
the member used their three free meeting coupons, they will start at the point where they pay for
the middle 10 meetings. A member who rejoins within 90 days of their last meeting will not have
any expired coupons replaced upon rejoining. However, they can receive the three coupons for
their 14th through 16th meetings after attending and paying for 10 meetings.

20. Can I rejoin the HMSA/WWH program if it has been more than 90 days since my last
No. The opening for the discontinued slot will have been used by another program participant.
You can still attend WWH meetings, but will have to discuss financial arrangements with WWH.

                                              5                                            Rev. 6/11/08
                    The HMSA/Weight Watchers Hawaii Program
                           Frequently Asked Questions

HMSA has encouraged WWH to offer discounts to members who have been discontinued, but
the final decision is up to WWH. If a discontinued member tries to re-register for the program at
another meeting site, HMSA will check the registration database and notify WWH that the
member is ineligible.

21. Can I continue with WWH after the 16-week program?
Absolutely. If you benefited from your WWH membership and would like to continue, we
encourage you to do so. You’ll just be responsible for paying the negotiated discounted weekly
fee. (Subject to change if WWH increases fees.)

22. Will I have to prepay the entire $110 for the middle 10-week part of the program?
No. WWH will work with you to either prepay for the entire 10-week program or a “pay as you
go” option to attend each weekly meeting. (Subject to change if WWH increase fees.)

23. Is this a better deal than other WWH programs?
Yes. The HMSA/WWH program provides HMSA members with a 16-week program for a
member cost of only $110. (Subject to change if WWH increases fees.)

24. Once I start the program, can I continue if my HMSA coverage is terminated?
No. The HMSA/WWH program is for current HMSA members only. If you lose your HMSA
membership during the program, you will not be eligible for the last three free coupons from that
point. You can continue to attend your WW meetings, but should check with the WWH staff on
the fees for their regular programs.

25. Where do I call for more information on the HMSA/WWH program?
If you have any questions or would like more information, please call the WWH main office at
(808) 487-3373 on Oahu. On the Neighbor Islands, call 1 (800) 651-6000.

                                            6                                            Rev. 6/11/08

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