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					?Apple had launched the iPhone in the US in June 2007 and has sold about
7.5-million iPhones since its launch. Today iPhone has become a global status icon.
Its growing popularity among the elite buying class has also ushered in a growth in
the concerned apps development industry as well. And many overseas farms have
started to outsource

To deal with iphone application programming solutions one must have the following
work environment. To develop applications for iPhone OS, you need a Mac OS X
computer running the Xcode tools and Visual Studio Developer. Xcode is Apple's
suite of development tools that provide all of the tools you need to create and manage
your iPhone projects and source files, build your code into an executable, and run and
debug your code either in iPhone simulator or on a device. This should be
accompanied by a good Interface Builder, the tool used to assemble the application's
user interface visually. Using Interface Builder, one can assemble the application's
window by dragging and dropping pre-configured components onto it.

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