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         Why Women Don’t Get What They Deserve
                                                       by Stefano Spadoni, author of the book
                                                      “What Men Don’t Want You To Know”


   I have studied hundreds of men and women to                                                      This creates, in men, a necessity to have an edge, to
   research how they interact with one another and with                                             create and use marketing tools to get women, but
   the society surrounding them. Consistently apparent                                              these tools can be used also to succeed in other areas,
   to me: the ability of men to use a battle-proven market-                                         including business.
   ing approach to life that gives them a definitive advan-                                         In addition, because dating a woman is costly, power
   tage over women. In today’s world, men are at a great                                            and money give a man a better chance with women.
   disadvantage in comparison to women.                                                             During their teen years, men are used to the concept
   For instance, in the USA (as in many other western                                               of a “price to pay,” women are not. She may even be
   countries) women:                                                                                offended by that ver y notion of that particular ‘cause
   - make up 52% of the population                                                                                                              esult of con-
                                                                                                    and effect’ of having to ‘pay’ for an ‘end’ r
   - on average, live longer than men                                                               necting in business, intimacy or otherwise. Therefore,
   - own more than 50% of the wealth of the country                                                 for the majority of women, it is almost impossible to
   - through pill and abor tion, have full control of pre-                                          use such an effective marketing approach. Applying
   venting procreation (meaning a man requires the con-                                             these concepts in their personal, sexual or working
   sent and cooperation of a woman in order to have a                                               environs appears not possible.
   baby)                                                                                            A few examples of men’s marketing techniques
   - have equals rights under the law                                     BaiLin and Stefano        involve:
   - possess a highly desirable, widely acclaimed aspect of                                         - convincing women that men are not so different with
   sexuality (men crave it so much that there is even a                                             regard to sex drive, emotions, goals, and their way of
   market for it, resulting in creating a sub-culture of                                            thinking. In this way men diffuse one big advantage
   what is touted to be the oldest profession in the world)                                         women have: sexuality. Convincing women that hav-
   - live in a technological world where physical strength                                          ing sex with a man is a fair exchange, all the while
   is no longer a factor of superiority.                                                            knowing it is not.
   - can vote since 1920 at the Federal level, earlier in                                           - convincing women that they have to expose all they
   some states.                                                                                     bring to the table, while men “fix” their “resumes” to
                                                                                                    appear suitable to women or offers they’re seeking to
   So, why are men still in control of practically all politi-                                      pursue
   cal, judiciary, cultural, and financial institutions?                                            - keeping women busy with little tasks mixed with a
   Why do women make less money working the same                                                    lot of emotional and sexual pressure, especially in their
   job and why don’t many get what they deserve from                                                early years, so women wind up wasting their time
   life?                                                                                            making these men the center of their universe and
   The old excuse that women cannot get what they want                                              miss the opportunity to plan their future and under-
   because they are discriminated by men does NOT                                                   stand how much their self worth.
   explain it.                                                                                      - creating “circles” of men, where men can exchange
   When a minority becomes the majority in an electoral                                             information, not only about women but also about
   district, they usually vote a representative belonging to                                        business situations and help each other stay on top
   such minority, while on the other end we have never                                              - creating the illusion of a “cage” made of attention and
   had a woman elected President or Vice President.                                                 (sometimes false) security disabling her from develop-
   Even if it happens in the near future, it will be just one                                       ing wings with which she can fly solo if that is/was her
   woman in more than 20 elections since suffrage.                                                  preference.
   If the Supreme Court was representative of the elec-
   torate, it should have at least 4 women, or better 5.                                            What can women do to react to these strategies and be
   So, my reasoning will be true even if we are going to                                            fully in charge of their live?
   have one woman President, please do not tell me we’ve                                            Women can use the same techniques men use. This is
   seen a shortage of women looking to become president                                             what I teach in my individual consultations and in my
   or justices!                                                                                     seminars and classes, including my exclusive course
   But it is not just about politics, it is about money too.                                        featured at New York City’s Learning Annex.
   Women get less money for working in the same work                                                It is not always an easy task, because the first reaction
   arena doing the same thing.                                                                      from women when the ‘learn’ the truth is to resent
   The reason men are so successful is that they use                                                men for what they are and the techniques they use to
                                                                 Judy Nathan and Rudy Giuliani      get what they want. Men are just being ‘human’ try-
   proven marketing strategies in their lives in addition to
   using these “tricks of the trade” to control women, the                                          ing to get what they want using the best possible tech-
   majority of whom are not even aware of them.                                                     niques to create the conditions that contribute to their
   It is derived from how we approach sex in our teen                                               happiness and ultimate success.
   years based primarily on testosterone and from addi-                                             Because men are often in charge in many areas within
   tional evolutionary and cultural factors.                                                        our society, a woman must come to terms with this
   Men and women grow up beside one another with a                                                  and those with whom prove to be successful if she
   woman constantly thinking during her life, “Who                                                  wants to achieve her goals, whatever they are, and my
   would I like to have sex with?” while a man is con-                                              book explains exactly how.
   stantly thinking, “Who can I afford to have sex with?”                                           The few women who are aware of the marketing
   and to a larger degree, “How can I convince that                                                 strategies used by men, end up incredibly successful. I
   woman to have sex with me?”                                                                      am just helping more women to join the “club.”
                                                                   Sirio Maccioni and friends

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