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					                                                  GENERAL INSTITUTIONAL INFORMATION
Name of the Institution
Erasmus Code of the Institution
Internet Address of the Institution
General Mailing Address of Exchange / International Office
Mailing Address for Student Exchange Applications (if different from general mailing address)
Internet Address of the Exchange / International Office
Telephone Number of the Exchange / International Office
Fax Number of the Exchange / International Office
General e-mail of the Exchange / International Office
                                                              CONTACT INFORMATION
                   please indicate the name, last name, tel.number, fax number & e-mail address of the
Contact Information for Head of Exchange / International Office
Contact for Students coming to your Institution (i.e., your Incoming Student Exchange)
Contact for Students coming to Koc University (i.e., your Outgoing Student Exchange)
Contact for Student Inquiries
                                                             APPLICATION INFORMATION
Nomination Deadline (For both Fall & Spring Terms)
Link to online Nomination System (if applicable)
Application Deadline (For both Fall & Spring Terms)
General Website Link for Student Exchange Application Procedure & Requirements
Link to online Application Form (if applicable)
Do you have any TOEFL / IELTS / English Language Requirements?
Do you have any GPA (Grade Point Average) Requirements?
                                                             ACADEMIC INFORMATION
Language of Instruction
Website Link for Courses offered in English
Semester Dates (For both Fall & Spring Terms)
Website Link for Academic Calendar
Do you offer Erasmus Intensive Language Course? (if yes, dates & fees)
                                                                 BASIC INFORMATION
Do you offer Housing? (if yes, fees per semester)
Website Link for Housing Office
Contact for Housing Office
Alternative Housing Options
Please indicate other Additional Costs per Semester
Do you offer Health Insurance? (if yes, fees per semester)
                                                        SOCIAL NETWORK INFORMATION
Suggested Websites for Student Social Activities
Website Link for Local Erasmus Student Network
Contact for Local Erasmus Student Network
Other Useful Links for Students to Learn more about your Institution
Cultural Events Calendar for the University
Cultural Events Calendar for Surrounding Area
Tourism Information
Useful Associations and Coalitions
                                                OTHER ERASMUS COLLABORATION OPTIONS
Do you have any active Erasmus Mundus Collaborations?
If not already established, are you open to Faculty & Staff Exchange with Koc University?
Do you offer Internship Positions or Assistance in Internship Placements?
Contact for Internship Opportunities
Website for Internship Opportunities
               Zagreb School of Economics and Management
               HR Zagreb 06
               Jordanovac 110, Zagreb Croatia
               same as above
ax number & e-mail address of the contact person
               Mr.Javier Aguayo
               Ms.Iva Kaurinovic
               Mr.Javier Aguayo
               either of the aboves
               Before application deadline specified below
               May 16th for Fall semester, Oct.17th for Spring semester
               student need to have enough knowledge of English to follow lectures in English
               Host institution's judgement is being respected
               Croatian and English
               to be distributed on top of semester
               Private accommodations
               International Office supports students who need help
               Food/public transportation
               Health insurance needs to be obtained at home country before arrival in Zagreb
         yes, upon request
         International Office