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SCHOOL DAYS by nyut545e2


									                                             SCHOOL DAYS
                                                                          ROBERT B PARKER
                                                                                  new title
                                     SALES POINTS:

                                     •   Every new Parker sells 150,000 hb's in the US and is a NY Times Top 10 bestseller
                                     •   Excellent new title and stock sellers in the UK
                                     •   Spenser is by far Robert B Parker’s most popular character


                                    Crime fiction, literary fiction
                    21st September 2006
 date:                                            Lily Ellsworth — erect, firm, white-haired and stylish — is the grand dame of
 price:             £6.99                         Dowling, Massachusetts, and possesses an iron will and a bottomless purse. When
 isbn:              1-84243-172-2                 she hires Spenser to investigate her grandson Jared Clark's alleged involvement in
                                                  school shooting, Spenser is led into an investigation that grows more harrowing at
 Binding:           paperback                     every turn. Though seven people were killed in cold blood, and despite being nam
 Format:            A (178 x 111mm)               as a co-conspirator by the other shooter, Mrs. Ellsworth is convinced of her
 extent:            320pp                         grandson's innocence. Jared's parents are resigned to his fate, and the boy himse
                                                  doesn't seem to care whether he goes to prison for a crime he might not have
 Rights:            UK & Commonwealth
 Market             Not for sale in the USA
 Restrictions:      & Canada                      As the probe goes on, Spenser finds himself up against a number of roadblocks
                                                  — from the school officials who don't want him investigating, to Jared's own
                                                  parents, who are completely indifferent to the boy's defence. Ultimately Spenser
 BIC code:          FGC
                                                  discovers a web of blackmail and some heavy-duty indiscretions—and a truth too
 Report Code:       NP
                                                  disturbing to contemplate. Before the case reaches its unfortunate end, Spenser
 13 digit isbn:     978-1-84243-172-6             is forced to make a series of difficult decisions—with fatal consequences.
 ean:               9-781842-431726
                                                  REVIEW COVERAGE:

                                                  Praise for School Days:

                                                  "...the Boston private eye redeems himself in School Days, energized by a case
                                                  that demands more brains than braggadocio and challenged by a client who
                                                  could really use a hero...." - Marilyn Stasio, New York Times
For a review copy, or for further information,    "...School Days is a reminder of how good [Robert B Parker] can be...." -
please contact:                                   Susanna Yager, The Sunday Telegraph
Chris Burrows PR on 0161 445 6635 or
                                                  AUTHOR BIOGRAPHY:

Publisher:            UK Distribution:             Robert B Parker is the best-selling author of over 50 books, including Small
No Exit Press         Turnaround
                                                   Vices, Sudden Mischief, Hush Money, Hugger Mugger, Potshot, Widows Walk,
PO Box 394            3 Olympia Trading Estate
                                                   Night Passage, Trouble in Paradise, Death in Paradise, Family Honor, Perish
Harpenden             Coburg Rd
Herts                 London N22 6TZ               Twice, Shrink Rap, Stone Cold, Melancholy Baby, Back Story, Double Play, Bad
AL5 1XJ                                            Business, Cold Service, Sea Change, School Days and Blue Screen. He lives in
Tel/Fax 01582 761264                               Boston.

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