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                Monday 17 June – Friday 21 June 2002
                    MASS BIKE- IN PROGRAMME

                Cycling to work is healthier for the individual, better for the                Shipley (Leeds-Liverpool Canal)- Bradford
                environment, and often quicker than going by car.                              Days: Monday – Friday
However, the journey can seem a bit daunting, especially if you have to negotiate rush hour    Each day follows a different route, starting at the canal in Shipley / Saltaire
traffic, so what better way to start than by cycling in with a group of experienced cycle      Contact: Duncan Hall: 01274 757648,
commuters, who will look after you?                                                            DAY           TIME      RENDEZ VOUS          Route Description                            Arrive
There are several routes to choose from. Just turn up at one of the rendez-vous points and     Monday        07.45 Dock Lane swing          Follows as closely as possible the NC N      08.15
then hop aboard the bike train! If you have any questions or concerns, just contact the ride                           bridge               Route 66. All on minor roads or cycle
organiser at the contact details below                                                                                                      tracks, with a little bit of rough stuff /
All rides finish at the Acropolis restaurant, Broadway, just across the road from Centenary                                                 walking. Generally a flat route.
Square, with a FREE BREAKFAST organised by Bradford Cycle Action Group.                        Tuesday       07.45 Dock Lane swing          Follows as closely as possible the NC N      08.15
        Days           Route to Bradford                                    Contact                                    bridge               Route 66. All on minor roads or cycle
        Mon - Fri      Keighley-Bingley-Shipley                             Brian Ford                                                      tracks. Takes in a hill to avoid the
        Mon, Thur      Keelham-Thornton                                     Pam Ashton                                                      rough stuff
        Mon - Fri      Shipley (Canal towpath)                              Duncan Hall        Wednesday     07.45 Victoria Road            (via Manningham Lane)                        08.20
        Tues           Oakenshaw-Bierley (Spen Valley Greenway)             Dave Stevens                               bridge (Saltaire)    Quiet minor roads, then main roads
        Wed            Oakenshaw-Odsal (Spen Valley Greenway)               Steve Thornton                                                  mostly with cycle lanes. Slow traffic. A
                                                                                                                                            bit of a climb through Shipley. Join the
                                                                                                                                            Aire Valley cyclists at the Branch at
Aire Valley Route : Ke ighley - Bingley - Shipley- Bra dford                                                                                08.00
A flat route down the main road, mainly along cycle lanes, past slow-moving traffic            Thursday      07.45 Otley Road               (via Canal Road)                             08.10
Days: Monday – Friday                                                                                                  Bridge (Ellis        Main roads all the way. No cycle lanes,
Contact: Brian Ford: 01274 233421,                                                             Briggs)              but slow traffic.
TIME       DEPART                 RENDEZ VOUS POINT                                            Friday                                       details as for Monday
07.15      Keighley               Entrance to Keighley Railway Station
07.35      Crossflatts            Bus shelter just past the Royal Public House. This is just
                                  prior to the station                                         Spen Valley Gree nway Route: Oa kensha w - Bie rley - Bradford
07.45      Bingley                Bus shelter opposite the Bradford and Bingley Building       Quite minor roads, some uphill off-tarmac sections which can be tricky for road bikes..
                                  Society, just past Boots.                                    Follows closely the proposed line of NCN route 66
07.55      Saltaire               Bus shelter opposite the car wash in Gordon Terrace, just    Day: Tuesday
                                  past the top of Victoria Rd                                  Contact: Dave Stevens: 01274 757409,
08.00      Shipley                Bus shelter by the Branch Public House                       TIME           DEPART                           RENDEZ VOUS POINT
08.05      Frizinghall            Orlando's Restaurant, opposite Park Hotel, at bottom of      07.30          Oakenshaw                        Victoria Park
                                  Emm Lane.                                                    08.00          Bierley                          ASDA
08.20      arr. Centy. Square     FREE BREAKFAST at Acropolis Restaurant, Broadway             08.15          arr. Centenary Square            FREE BREAKFAST at Acropolis Restaurant

Thornton Road Route: Keelham - Thornton - Girlington - Bra dford                               Spen Valley Gree nway Route: Oa kensha w - Odsal - Bradford
Wide main road, sections with cycle lanes. Slow traffic. Flat or downhill                      Main roads, some sections with cycle lanes. Slow moving traffic. Gentle gradients
Days: Monday & Thursday                                                                        Day: Wednesday
Contact: Pam                                                    Contact: Steve Thornton: 01274 757424,
                                                                                               TIME          DEPART                           RENDEZ VOUS POINT
TIME     DEPART                   RENDEZ VOUS POINT
                                                                                               07.30         Oakenshaw                        Victoria Park
07.25    Keelham                  Brown Cow, Keelham
                                                                                               07.45         Bankfoot                         Kwik Save
07.40    Thornton                 Thornton Baths
                                                                                               08.00         arr. Centenary Square            FREE BREAKFAST at Acropolis Restaurant.
07.55    Bingley                  Public House opposite Morrisons/Big W
08.10    arr. Centy Square        FREE BREAKFAST at Acropolis Restaurant, Broadway
                      NATIONAL BIKE WEEK at BRADFORD
                       Saturday 15 June - Sunday 23 June
                           FAMILY & SOC IAL EVENTS
                    Lots of opportunitie s to re lax with your frie nds and fam ily,
                    away from the traffic.                                                            Wome n's Ride
                                PROGRAMME SUMMARY                                                     Date         Thursday 20 June
Date                  Event                      Meet at               Time            Contact        Venue        Meet at Saltaire Roundabout
Saturday 15th         Children's Bike C lub      Richard Dunn          10.30-12.30     Mike Healey    Times        Meet at 7pm
Sunday 16th           Fun Day                    Lister Park           12pm-4pm        Pam Ashton     Details      Ride for women only.
                                                                                                                   Combination of traffic free and quite minor roads. Mostly flat
                      Pedalling Picnic to        Heckmondwyke          11am-2pm        John Gleadow
                      Oakenshaw Park                                                                  Contact      Val Harris: 01274 582191,
Wednesday 19th        Children's Cycle           Myrtle Park           6pm-8pm         Mike Healey
Thursday 20th         Women's Ride               Saltaire              7pm-9pm         Val Harris     Pedalling Pic nic on Spen Valley Gree nway
Thursday 20th         Pedalling Picnic to        Ilkley (bikes         6pm-9pm         Brian Ford     Date         Sunday 16 June
                      Bolton Abbey               transported                                          Venue        Meet at Railway Inn, Heckmondwike
                                                 from Bradford)                                       Times        Meet at 11am
Saturday 22nd         Children's Bike C lub      Richard Dunn          10.30-12.30     Mike Healey    Details      Cycle along traffic-free tarmac surface to picnic in Oakenshaw Park (at approx
Sunday 23nd           Pedalling Picnic to        Calverley             11am-3pm        Geoff Watson                12pm)
                      Shipley Glen                                                                                 Ideal for families
Sunday 23rd           Shipley Glen (off          Calverley             11am-3pm        Dave Stevens   Contact      John Gleadow: 01484 234077,

                                                                                                      Evening Peda lling Pic nic from Ilkley to Bolton Abbey
Childre n's Bike Club (5 years upwards)                                                               (van assisted from Bradford)
Date            Saturday 15 June & Saturday 22 June                                                   Date         Thursday 20 June
Venue           Richard Dunn                                                                          Venue        Meet at Ilkley railway station
Times           10.30 - 12.30                                                                         Times        Meet at 6pm – return for 9pm
Details         Traffic-free dedicated cycle track for children to have fun and develop their         Details      Cycle the 6 miles along the quiet country lane between Ilkley and Bolton
                cycling skills                                                                                     Abbey, and picnic by the river.
Contact         Mike Healey: 01274 602394,                                             Bring your own picnic.
                                                                                                      Support      Transport will be available to take your bikes from Bradford (Foster Square
                                                                                                      Vehicle      station – pick up 5.05pm) to Ilkley, and back - while you take the train.
Childre n's Cycle Skills (5 years upwards)                                                            Contact      Brian Ford: 01274 233421,
Date            Wednesday 19 June
Venue           Myrtle Park, Bingley
Times           6pm – 8pm                                                                             Pedalling Pic nic from Calverley to Shipley Gle n
Details                                                                                               (inc luding Off- Road option)
Contact         Mike Healey: 01274 602394,                                Date         Sunday 23 June
                                                                                                      Venue        Meet at Railway Pub, Calverley
                                                                                                      Times        Meet at 11am
Family Funday and 5 Mile Challenge                                                                    Details -    Traffic-free route & good surface - arriving Shipley Glen approx 12.30pm
Date            Sunday 16 June                                                                        road route   (route can be joined at 11.30am at Apperley Bridge, British Waterways Office
Venue           Lister Park. Assemble at Lister Park Lodge, Oak Lane gates                            Details -    Minor roads and off-road sections - some steep, some rough.
Times           12pm - 4pm                                                                            off-road     Ideal for novice mountain bikers.
Details         Ideal day out for the family - including non-cyclists!                                route
                Events include                                                                        Contacts     Geoff Watson (road route): 01943 873776
                * Cycle Skills,         * Dr Bike (get your bike checked out)                                      Dave Stevens (off-road route) :01274 757409,
                * Lord Mayor            * FIVE MILE Challenge. Can YOU cycle five miles?
Contact         Pam

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