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Ann Arbor's Business Community


Michigan has seen tough times in the past few decades. As car companies continue to
infiltrate the American automobile market, the Big Three have taken hit after hit in
terms of sales and job losses. With one industry tailing off, another one is rising:
tech-based businesses.

Technology is one place where Michigan is surging.? The fundamentals of tech-based
businesses are perfect for the entrepreneurial spirit found in Michigan. With so many
people out of work, entrepreneurs and business incubators are yearning to get
business flowing again.? These business men and women have turned to the internet
to get their income back on track.

The tech industry in Ann Arbor, Michigan is at the forefront of this economic overall
in Michigan. Due to the wealth of resources and enthusiasm fostered at 3 local
universities, Ann Arbor is able to make ideas a reality. Many small drops of ideas and
capital are turning into one big industry.

Because the resources for web-based businesses are relatively easy to acquire and
utilize, small businesses are making a push in Ann Arbor and the country is taking
notice. Many wonder how Ann Arbor can survive in one of the worst economic and
business climates in the country.? PBS aired a Newshour Special on the small city in
December of 2009 that analyzed some of the great businesses and business people of
Ann Arbor seeking this answer.

Time and time again, these researchers and inquirers found that the tech business is
doing it's part.? Many small towns across the country can learn from the approach this
small town in Michigan.

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