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									?An animator creates animation by creating sequential images on a frame that make
an illusion of movement of images. Animators create the images and decide the flow
of motion in each image to put into the frame. There are several animators may be
required for an animation movie or presentations. There are varieties of animations
are required in film industry, television, the Internet and video games. Animators have
wide fields of career and exploration.

Knowledge for Animator
An animator should know all the relevant activities like storyboard preparation, layout
fixation, sound incorporation, background music sense, lighting, and camera angles
etc. Hence, the animator can keep everything in mind when design and can instruct
the respective artists whenever required. Animators are specialized in two categories.
One is character animator, who is specialized in character (human, animal) movement,
dialogue, acting, etc. and other is special effects animator, who animates objects that
is not a character such as vehicles, road, and natural phenomena such as rain, snow,
and water.

The job
Animators create sequential motion based drawings that communicate a message to
the viewer. Animators should be graphic artist, or knowledge on graphic principles.
They have to draw cells, which are individual pictures strung together to create the
illusion of motion. Most of the animators are computer aided or technical animators.
They may be involved in the graphics motion work or if less graphic design expertise,
can work on animation programs such as the Macromedia Director, Flash and others.
All most all animators work as part of a team and have a specific area of
specialization such as drawing skill, color compositions, animation software tool

The modules are divided among the animators in a animation project. Some of them
work on certain characters, sequences, scenes, objects; storyboard, screen play and
others have the job of assembling these pieces into a coherent whole. Scripting and
planning are critical to success for the large picture animator. Most animation jobs are
in commercials utility, where more than 20 percent have animated sequences and rest
in form of cartoons.

Qualifications and Skills
The basic qualification should be a graduate in fine arts and followed by computer or
digital format knowledge. The formal education or training is better for working in
good firms. Some exceptional talent having very good of sense of art have also
opportunity in animation industries. But professionalism is expected in this industry in
both the cases. A bachelor's degree or graduate in graphic design with computer skills
is can be a part of any animation project. An animation project needs senior and junior
animators to work in different modules. A senior animator has responsible to make a
quality product as per requirement or designed.
Exceptional Skills
There are some exceptional ideas help a lot like idea on camera angle, decision of
light setting in graphics, or using of computer workstations and software tool etc.
Maintaining standard quality and compatibility are most important for an aspiring
animator. Working under an excellent animator teaches a lot on these. There are many
established animators, game designers, and programmers guide aspiring animators.
The Animation industry is very popular and hot, so any creative fine arts students
have keen interest must go for a career as animator. But the success comes to them
who are excellent and extreme in this.

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