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					?About guardian angels become legend and myth, and warrior angels can stay right
here and now. talks about the game, Angels Online, offers to go
together in the Holy Garden of Eden.
Reference to the Holy Eden is not accidental about this place many of you know from
the Bible. It is in the Garden of Eden lived the first people - Adam and Eve, in the
sacred groves they had tasted the forbidden fruit, and marked the fall of man. For that,
actually, were expelled from Eden, or Paradise - so it will be clearer.
Event Angels Online tells us about the developments, which could take real shape, if
Adam had not succumbed to the entreaties of the serpent-tempter. In those bright, but
unfulfilled, the world is not divided into human and heaven, all God's children live
side by side in peace and harmony. But this idyll can not last forever, the dark forces
build cunning plans and intend to deprive the residents of Eden happiness.
The plot is also an alternative to the biblical story. Archangel us with a familiar name
Lucifer fell in love with an ordinary girl who, in turn, feel for another angel. Love
triangles do not lead to good, especially if one of the "corners" mentally unbalanced.
Lucifer with a broken heart fell into a state of passion, and so did not get another pet,
turned it into a dew, a rival - in the light of stars. And then I decided to be really quite
bad and tried to overthrow the Jupiter (the name of God, it seems from another story)
from the throne.
"Upstart" was struck down with a loud ruler of Eden, and the punishment of Lucifer
was exiled to the distant "frontiers" of the empire - in Hell. Cutting the wings and
parted with an angelic white, wretch has opened the call in the army of hell - demons
and fallen souls, according to his plan would help to seize control of Heaven and take
revenge on Jupiter.

To stop a former colleague a force of only "the army" angels, of which you are and
become. In Angels Online, it is easy to guess, raised the age-old problem of good and
evil. No matter how corny it was this confrontation, it still generates a sense of his
soul from his childhood, when "good and bad" was known from the tales of the
Brothers Grimm.

Then, like only one thing - that the good will certainly win! In Angels Online on the
balance of power to influence, and it responds to internal state "vsemoguschnosti"
about which way you dreamed at night many years ago, and, perhaps, until now this is

Closer to the case. You have to fight on the light side, the choice of social class of
angels is very wide: the options already 14! Classes are divided into three logical
groups: combat, magic, and industrial or handicraft. Depending on the imagination,
can become an ordinary soldier or a wizard, but if you want - the chef squad.

Setting the game - Fantasy, Graphics - anime, but there are details that do not tally
with the idea of these genres, but they give a special entourage. For example, a
"domestic" robots.
Every hero of the game may find yourself a mechanical pet! Look like those "tin
cans", which is called "cute" - hello, anime. It is true to say that they are just cute, but
totally useless it would be wrong: Your Personal Penguin or Polar Bear will defend
the host, and can also provide substantial help during some quests.

Do not want a metal other - please crank this. You can take care of a horse, a rooster, a
lizard, a donkey, wolf, wild boar and even a wild cat.

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