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Volume 7, Issue 4_______________________________________________________October 2001

October is SIDS Awareness Month. Although the death of our babies is always
on our minds, this month we pay special attention to educating the public
about safe baby practices. With that in mind, we bring you news from the
National SIDS Alliance and from the NICHD. See page 4.

Special articles include: Joe Dobson’s review of the relationship between
Sudden Infant Death and RSV. Pat’s Page demonstrates parallel grief: ter-
rorism and SIDS.

  RSV AND SUDDEN INFANT DEATH                  stopped breathing and turned
                                               blue at home. The only pre-
   Each winter, between the                    ceding problems these infants
months of November and March,                  had were slight runny noses.
doctors examine thousands of                   One was born prematurely.
infants across the United                      Both sets of parents told me
States for cold symptoms and                   that their infants were sleep-
wheezing. The infants are                      ing comfortably and simply
usually between birth and 2                    stopped breathing with no sign
years of age. The most common                  of struggle. After admission
diagnosis made by doctors is                   to the hospital, I observed as
one of “RSV bronchiolitis.”                    the premature infant repeated-
RSV (Respiratory Syncictial                    ly stopped breathing and
Virus) is a virus that infects                 dropped her heart rate. The
the nose and lungs of young                    only way I could stabilize the
infants, causing a distinctive                 infant was to put her on a
illness (Bronchiolitis) where                  ventilator. Both infants had
the infant has congestion and                  early RSV infection. Neither
narrowing of the bronchial                     had developed the obvious
tubes of the lungs, resulting                  symptoms of wheezing or chest
in wheezing. Because it is a                   congestion. Both appeared to
viral infection, like a cold,                  simply have a cold. If not
there is no specific cure.                     for the timely intervention of
The vast majority of infants                   their parents and prompt eval-
improve over 1-2 weeks’ time                   uation at our hospital, I am
with just supportive care:                     certain they would have died
rest, fluid, fever control.                    in their sleep.
   Why is this important for                      Why does RSV sometimes
those of us interested in                      cause cessation of breathing
SIDS? Because in rare in-                      (also known as apnea)? We
stances, it is a medical cause                 don’t know. We do know that
of sudden unexpected infant                    infants at risk are younger--
death, which may go undiag-                    generally less than 6 months--
nosed. Last winter, I admit-                   are often premature, and gen-
ted two infants to the inten-                  erally get sick during RSV
sive care unit after they had                  season (November to March).
suddenly and unexpectedly                      It is not caused by the lung
infection because they usually
have apnea before any obvious           Cameron P. Sterling
chest congestion. It appears             5-24-01 to 9-19-01
that the infection in some way          Son of Renee Art iaga & Keith Sterling
affects the area of the brain            To ledo, OH
that tells the baby to                                       +++++
breathe.                                WE REMEMBER BIRTHDAYS OF
   Is RSV apnea preventable?
Unfortunately, the answer is            Emma Lucile Harlan
no. Less than 2% of infants              10-3-95 to 1-26-96
who catch the infection are             Daughter of Lucy & Ken Harlan
likely to have apnea, so it is
a rare occurrence. As noted             Kristin Ogle
above, they have problems be-            10-3-96 to 10-21-96
fore anyone knows they are              Daughter of Kristin & Terry Ogle
sick, so it is impossible to
predict. My recommendation is           Caleb David Fult z
to remain vigilant and seek              10-6-00 to 11-16-00
medical help if your infant             Son of Ch rista & David Fu ltz
ever stops breathing, espe-             Jacob LaRou
cially if the apnea lasts                 10-9-92 to 1-14-93
longer than 10-20 seconds, or           Son of Kim & Jon LaRou
is associated with cyanosis (a
blue discoloration of the               Grant Williams
skin).                                   10-12-00 to 12-11-00
   Because of the family’s              Son of Karen & Scott Williams
timely intervention, both in-
fants discussed above are cur-          Sean Cotton
rently healthy and living at              10-16-97 to 11-16-97
home.                                   Son of Marquitta Cotton
--Joseph V. Dobson, MD; director of
Pediatric Emergency Services, Mercy     Kaylee Nowicki
Children’s Hospital/St. Vincent’s        10-21-92 to 12-4-92
Mercy Medical Center; Assistant Pro-    Daughter of Danette & M ike Nowicki
fessor of Pediatrics at the Medical
College of Ohio, Toledo, Ohio. Dr.      Samantha Rodriguez
Dobson is currently involved in de-
                                         10-21-98 to 12-17-98
veloping the new Pediatric Emergency
department at St. Vincent’s Hospital.   Daughter of Peggy & Alex Rodriguez
He will continue to write occasional
articles for our newsletter.            Ashlyn Judith Horvath
                   +++++                 10-25-94 to 12-14-94
                                        Daughter of Amy & Steve Horvath
                                        Taylyn Alexis Hernandez
Zacory O’Connor                          10-29-96 to 1-17-97
 4-11-01 to 7-29-01                     Daughter of Linda Hernandez
Son of Kelly Dailey & Cory O’Connor
 To ledo, OH                            Bailey Dircksen
                                         10-31-98 to 11-8-98
Kiera J. Duncan                         Son of Lisa & Jason Dircksen
 7-1-01 to 9-18-01                                          +++++
Daughter of Kelly Kroeckel
 Defiance, OH
        WHO IS NICHD?                in sudden infant death and
                                     the incorporation of
   “The National Institute of        screening for disorders of
Child Health and Human Devel-        fatty acid metabolism as a
opment (NICHD) seeks to ensure       diagnostic tool of autopsy;
that every individual is born       Establishment of a system
healthy, is born wanted, and         to monitor infant care
has the opportunity to fulfill       practices and health out-
his or her potential for a           comes associated with SIDS
productive life unhampered by        risk reduction interven-
disease or disability.               tions;
   “The institute further           Identification of unsafe
strives to help parents have         bedding practices in the
the children they want, at the       infant sleep environment;
times they want them, and to
                                    Delineation of the patterns
ensure that every mother expe-
                                     of risk factors that con-
riences a pregnancy free of          tribute to the increased
adverse complications. . . .
                                     incidence of SIDS in spe-
Programs at the NICHD are
                                     cific minority populations;
based on the concepts that
adult health and well-being         Assessment of current me-
are determined in large part         thods of cardiorespiratory
by episodes early in life,           monitoring to identify use-
sometimes before birth; that         ful physiologic markers of
human development is conti-          SIDS risk; and
nuous throughout life, and          Discovery of the neurologic
that optimal outcomes of de-         abnormalities unique to
velopment are important not          SIDS infants and explora-
only to the individual but to        tion of how they may place
society. . . . Thus, the NICHD       an infant at risk.”
                                 “From Cells to Selves”, Targeting
mission truly spans the life     Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS):
cycle, and much of the health    A Strategic Plan. For your copy of
and well-being of our popula-    the entire plan, contact the NICHD
tion depends on the success of   Clearing house at P.O. Box 3006,
                                 Rockville MD 20847; Phone: (800) 370 -
the institutes’ research.
                                 2943; FAX: (301) 496-7101; Web:
   “Since the formulation of
the first 5-year plan of the                            ++++
NICHD, the most significant
accomplishments are:             MEDICAL ALERT FROM AGAST:
 Establishment of the Back         The Alliance of Grandpa-
   to Sleep coalition and cam-   rents, A Support in Tragedy,
   paign;                        has forwarded cautions regard-
 Revision of the SIDS defi-     ing the use of any medication
   nition and development of     containing Phenylpropanola-
   death investigation guide-    mine. This drug, found in
   lines to improve the scope    such ordinary things as Alka-
   and quality of information    Seltzer, is also found in many
   used to establish the diag-   pediatric medicines. It can
   nosis;                        cause strokes and seizures in
 Elucidation of the role of     children, not only in adults.
   inborn errors of metabolism   Pediatric medications that
contain this drug include                expecting babies, the store is
Orange 3D Cold & Allergy Cher-           an excellent venue for this
ry; 3D Cold & Cough Berry, 3D            activity.
Cough Relief, and Yellow 3D                           +++++
   You can get refunds if you                    COMING EVENTS
have any of the listed drugs
by calling (800) 548-3708.               1. October 20: Memorial Ser-
For a complete list, or to               vice and Walk The Toledo CARE
confirm these findings, check            group sponsor this annual   event, and we join them in
ault.htm                                 this commemoration. This
                +++++                    year’s affair will be differ-
                                         ent from the past when we met
A NEW SIDS SUPPORT GROUP was             in various area churches; how-
launched in Sandusky in Sep-             ever, there will be poetry,
tember, with 9 people attend-            music, and a balloon release,
ing. We will announce their              just as there has been in pre-
meeting times in our newslet-            vious years.
ter, and the Huron County pro-              The date for purchase of a
gram for children birth                  brick at special price is now
through 3 years of age will              past, but you can still “buy”
also be giving them publicity            a brick for the walkway en-
in their bulletin.                       graved with your baby’s name
                                         for $40.
Hats off to Karen Williams,                This brick will be placed as
mother of Grant (10-12-00 to             part of the Children’s Memori-
12-11-00), and Candi Tackett,            al Walk in Toledo’s newest
child care provider of Grant             city park, located in front of
and other children, for their            the AMTRAK station. If it
courage and enthusiasm in                should rain, we will move into
reaching out to others by pro-           the lobby of the train sta-
viding a venue for grief sup-            tion.
port in their area. See page 7              To arrange for your baby’s
for more information.                    name to be included in the
             +++++                       event’s program, call Tracy
                                         Thompson 476-5688 before Octo-
CONGRATULATIONS AND WELCOME TO           ber 5. Kim Folk-Axe at 291-
Aidan Matthew Ward, born July            5421 has more information
1, 2001, to Sarah and Kenyon             about the walk.
Ward. His sisters are Laney
and Reilly (4-7 to 6-30-00).             2. October 28, 8:30 to noon:
             +++++                       Health Fair at Epworth United
                                         Methodist Church. This year’s
MANY THANKS TO VOLUNTEERS Jea-           event features youth and
nine Shaffer, Margo Shears,              children—infants through tee-
Lori Heyman and Peggy Heyman,            nage.
for distributing safe baby in-              Groups represented include
formation at the Babies R Us             police for helmet and car seat
Health Fair September 15 and             safety, and the fire depart-
16. With many clients who are            ment for protection against
                                         fire as well as means to es-
 cape burning buildings; Toledo    Bill McConnell and the Du-
 Hospital will offer nutrition     nright Construction and Re-
 tips and “Healthy Bears”; The     modeling Company for continu-
 Red Cross will offer CPR and      ing to support our mailings.
 baby sitting information.         They have helped us since
 There will also be hearing,       1996.
 vision, speech, and dental
 checks for your children.         SNO from their grant from the
 WE NEED VOLUNTEERS to distri-     Ohio Department of Health, for
 bute Safe Baby information,       our support services.
 and answer questions about                     +++++
 sudden infant death at this
 event.                             FREMONT RADIO TO FEATURE SIDS
              +++++                   Steve Sturbaum, news re-
                                   porter for a radio station in
ENTERTAINMENT BOOKS are selling    Fremont, will be giving atten-
well this year. The $25 cost of    tion to people and their ac-
each book is quickly recovered     tivities in recognition of
through use of a few of the many   SIDS Awareness Month, with em-
coupons, and $5 of the cost of     phasis on safe baby practices.
each book is available to us for   To listen to him, tune your
support work in our area. Groce-   radio to 99.1 fm or 900 am
ries, restaurants, fast food,      Tuesday through Sundays from 1
motels, sports and recreation      am, at noon and 4 and 5 pm,
all offer opportunities to save    and Saturdays and Sundays on
with E-book coupons. To arrange    the hour from 7 am to noon.
for your copy or to sell some,                  +++++
call David Balzer at (419) 537-
1663.                              WHO WE ARE:
              +++++                   We are a branch of SNO.
                                   Address: SID Network of Ohio,
 PLAYBACK THEATRE OF NORTHWEST     421 Graham Road, Suite H;
 OHIO has been busy this past      Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44221.
 month, with performances at       Telephone 330-929-9911 (or
 the Black Swamp Arts Festival     800-477-7437 for families).
 (for children), for support       FAX: 330-929-0593. E-mail:
 groups at the Common Space
 (Toledo) and St. Rose (Perrys-       David Balzer is a member of
 burg), and at St. Mark’s Epi-     the SNO board; members of var-
 scopal Church for David’s         ious committees are presently
 House. The group has been in-     being solicited.
 vited to perform on October 16                 +++++
 for the United Christian Fel-
 lowship (student group) at        LISTSERVER ON THE INTERNET
 Bowling Green State University    To talk with other SIDS fami-
 and for the Erie County sup-      lies:
 port group (TBA).       
                                   THE WEBSITE FOR SIDSLIST
 THANK YOU FOR CONTRIBUTIONS:      To link with SIDS information:
FOR THE SIDSNET ELECTRONIC         537-1663 or email dbalz-
NEWSLETTER and information
about SIDS, SIDS research,                      +++++
news from the U.S. Consumer
Products Safety Commission and     NEXT SUPPORT GROUP MEETINGS IN
alerts about infant products,      TOLEDO
pictures of babies, addresses
of listservers and support         1. October 9, 7:30 pm NW Ohio
groups throughout the U.S.,        SIDS Support Network will meet
and abroad, call up                in the “Family Room” of the           Center for Women’s Health,
                                   3148 Central Ave., Toledo.
FOR THE NATIONAL SIDS AL-          (See map on cover.) Parking is
LIANCE: write them at 1314         free, safe and convenient. We
Bedford Ave, Suite 210, Balti-     will have supplies available
more, MD 21208; Phone: (800)       for you to include your baby
1221-SIDS; FAX (410) 653-8709;     in our memory book.
e-mail: SIDSHQ@CHARM.NET You can        All who have somehow been
call up for   touched by the sudden unex-
up-to-date information about       plained loss of an infant are
SIDS research, current and fu-     welcome. Meetings provide a
ture events such as legisla-       safe, non-judgmental place to
tive alerts.                       share feelings, where you can
              +++++                speak or be silent, where your
                                   privacy is respected. Whether
Help us save postage. If you       your loss is recent or long
move, please send us your new      ago, you will find others who
address. If you wish to have       know how you feel.
your name removed from our              For information or if you
mailing list, please let us        need a ride, call Milly or Da-
know. When the post office         vid at 419-537-1663.
returns a newsletter, we drop
that name from our list.           NEXT AREA SUPPORT GROUP MEET-
who wish to quote or reprint       1. EMPTY ARMS: A support group
any articles, may FAX us at        that addresses infant and
419-534-2287 or email us at        child death: October 18, 7 pm,         at New Creations Lutheran
We are delighted to know that      Church, 8127 E. Main St., Ot-
some of our stories are appre-     tawa, OH. Babysitting by ad-
ciated by our readers, and         vanced request.
happy to hear when they are           Contact person: Jane Mor-
quoted or reprinted.               gan, Putnam Co. Health Dept.,
                                   days at (419) 523-5608; after
TO CONTRIBUTE STORIES OR POEMS     5 pm at (419) 943-3771, or e-
for our Parent/Poetry page,        mail her at
call Pat brown at 419-873-8020
or email mibrownpat@AOL.Com         2. Sandusky Area SID SUPPORT
                                   GROUP meeting October 10, 6:30
FOR OTHER COMMENTS OR QUES-         pm at Stein Hospice. For in-
TIONS Call Milly Balzer at 419-
 formation call Karen Williams
 at (419)359-1499(H) or (419)
626-8694 (W), or e-mail her at
        KARTAILS@ao m

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