lucy by niusheng11


									                  My E-pal

Presenter: Lucy
Instructor: Shuli-Lai
• E-pal 1
Name: Tony
Country: United Kingdom
Age:44 (M)
Brief introduction:
 An IT worker with three daughters.
 Having interests in outdoor activities
 Being Artistic
• E-pal2
Name: Renee
Country: United States
Age:39 (F)
Brief introduction:
Interests include Yoga/Pilates,
  martial arts, and doing creative
  things etc.
• …besides you can read it two ways
  and being a "glass half full" - not "half
  empty" person I took the positive

• … like to keep up to date with
  everything new.
• …when on the aeroplane…
• best regards (regards)

• You have the ice, with a backdrop of
  trees and skyscrapers.
• ...the picture isn't perfect because I
  didn't have my tripod…

• I was "buddied" up with someone
  who was less experienced...
 buddy up with = make friends with
• He recommended Weight Watchers,
  but I couldn't afford that …

• There are days when I am simply
  ravenous and I'll eat a bigger meal…
• …but I always manage to snap out
  of it and get myself to exercise…

• Europeans tend to be a nomadic lot
 (people who travel and move around
 a lot)
• The weather in FL today is very
  overcast, rainy, and even cold.

• I doubt perfect weather exists
  anywhere in this world. Keeps us on
  our toes, I guess.
• Interesting parts

It’s very happy to receive the letters.
I can learn some new words.
Word usage is very different between
 the English and American.
• Challenging parts

Hard to come up with topics when the
 E-pal is too passive.
Easy to lose contact
Easy to make mistakes. (Focus less
 on grammar accuracy.)

             but over all
It’s an interesting homework.

  Thank You!!

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