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Bipolar Disorder (National Institute of
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Bipolar Disorder (National Alliance for the
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                                                           June 2010
                                             Bipolar kids: helping your child find calm    New hope for people with bipolar disorder
                                             in the storm / Rosalie Greenberg.             : your friendly, authoritative guide to the
                                             CD 304 G74 2007                               latest in traditional and complementary
100 questions & answers about bipolar                                                      solutions / Jan Fawcett.
(manic-depressive) disorder / Ava T.         The Bipolar workbook: tools for               CD 304 F39 2007
Albrecht.                                    controlling your mood swings / Monica
CD 304 A37 2007                              Ramirez Basco.                                Parenting a bipolar child: what to do &
                                             CD 304 B37 2006                               why / Gianni L. Faedda.
The bipolar child: the definitive and                                                      CD 304 F34 2006.
reassuring guide to childhood's most         Break the bipolar cycle: a day-by-day
misunderstood disorder / Demitri F.          guide to living with bipolar disorder /       Scattershot: my bipolar family: a memoir /
Papolos.                                     Elizabeth Brondolo.                           David Lovelace.
CD 304 P37 2002                              CD 304 B77 2008                               CD 304 L68 2008

Bipolar disorder / Guy Goodwin.              Hurry down sunshine / Michael Greenberg.      Surviving manic depression: a manual on
CD 304 G63 2004                              CD 304 G73 2008                               bipolar disorder for patients, families and
                                                                                           providers / E. Fuller Torrey.
Bipolar disorder: a guide for patients and   If your adolescent has depression or          CD 304 T67 2002
families / Francis Mark Mondimore.           bipolar disorder: an essential resource for
CD 304 M66 2006                              parents / Dwight L. Evans.                    The ups and downs of raising a bipolar
                                             CD 302 E93 2005                               child: a survival guide for parents / Judith
Bipolar disorder: a roller coaster of                                                      Lederman.
emotions / Judith Peacock.                   If your child is bipolar: the parent-to-      CD 304 L43 2003
CD 304.5 P43 2000                            parent guide to living with and loving a
                                             bipolar child / Cindy Singer.                 What goes up -- surviving the manic
Bipolar disorder demystified: mastering      CD 304 S57 2004                               episode of a loved one / Judy Eron.
the tightrope of manic depression / by                                                     CD 304 E76 2005
Lana R. Castle.                              Kids in the syndrome mix of ADHD, LD,
CD 304 C37 2003                              Asperger’s, Tourettes, bipolar and more!:     What works for bipolar kids: help and
                                             the one stop guide for parents, teachers,     hope for parents / Mani Pavuluri.
The bipolar disorder survival guide: what    and other professionals / Martin Kutscher.    CD 304 P38 2008
you and your family need to know / David     FM 265 K88 2005
J. Miklowitz.                                                                              When someone you love is bipolar: help
CD 304 M55 2002                              Loving someone with bipolar disorder:         and support for you and your partner /
                                             understanding and helping your partner /      Cynthia G. Last.
The bipolar handbook: real-life questions    Julie A. Fast. CD 304 F37 2004                CD 304 L37 2009
with up-to-date answers / Wes Burgess.
CD 304 B87 2006                              Madness: a bipolar life / Marya
                                             Hornbacher. CD 304 H67 2008

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