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Monthly Sales Record


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									                                               Greatways Tax Service, Inc
                                           Ph:630-663-1500 Fax: 630-409-4147

Name:____________________________                        Month & Year :____________________

                 Item                        Amount           Item                         Amount
Gasoline Sales                                           Liquor Purchase price
High Tax Item
Low Tax
Soft Drink Sales
100 % Biodiesel                                          Must sign & fax with PST
Link Card                                                on or before 10th of every month
News Papers
Lottery Sales
Car Wash
Repairs & Fees

Total Sales / Revenue

"Qualifying food" applies to food not prepared by the retailer for immediate consumption
such as grocery store food items. “Qualifying food, drugs, and medical appliances” include:

(a) food that has not been prepared for immediate consumption, such as most food sold at
grocery stores, excluding hot foods, alcoholic beverages, and soft drinks;

(b) prescription medicines and nonprescription items claimed to have medicinal value, such as
aspirin, cough medicine, and medicated hand lotion, and

(c)prescription and nonprescription medical appliances that directly replace a malfunctioning part of
the human body, such as corrective eyewear, contact lenses, prostheses, insulin syringes, & dentures.

Information taken form http://www.revenue.state.il.us/Businesses/TaxInformation/Sales/rot.htm

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