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									                                                                        ALASKA LIBRARY ASSOCIATION
                                                                                                  Jan. - Mar. 2007
                                                                                                Vol. 20 Number 1

                          MARKETING MAT-SU LIBRARIES
Training is like Janus: it has two       be a welcome break from our daily     The Mat-Su librarians decided to
faces. When we attend training, we       work.                                 develop a marketing campaign for
know that we are valued employ-                                                their borough libraries. They
ees in our libraries, because some-      The other face of training is the ex- planned that their first target audi-
one is investing in our continued        pectation that we will change some- ence would be the Mat-Su Bor-
education. The topic is usually in-      thing because of what we have ough Library Board. The librarians
teresting or challenging. Training can   learned. Change is hard because our thought the campaign should start
                                         comfort zones are really comfort- with an explanation of what the li-
                                         able ruts. It’s hard to see out of a brary network is and why it’s im-
   NEWSPOKE                              rut, let alone climb out of one. The portant. Another goal for the librar-
   Volume 20, Number 1                   press of work we did not get done ians was to get the Borough Library
   Jan. - Mar. 2007                      while we were at training makes it Board “on board” to advocate for
   ISSN: 1088-1808 -- Quarterly          that much easier to lie back into the adequate funding for all the librar-
   Editor: Loretta Andress               warm arms of “rut-ine” and ignore ies.
   Tnx: Loraine Andress,                 the need to change, to try some-
                                         thing different.                      As the first step in their marketing
                                                                               journey, the librarians put together
   Submit items for publication:
     Loretta Andress                     This attitude toward training may be The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to
     510 Togiak Circle                   true for many, but for some Mat- the Mat-Su Library Network
     Anchorage, AK 99503                 Su librarians, training for library (MSLN). At the November Library
                                                                               Board meeting, the librarians gave
     Email submissions:                  marketing was the first step in a new                                                             a presentation on their library net-
                                         journey. K.J. Martin-Albright, di-
                                                                               work which included three talk-
   Deadlines for future issues:          rector of Wasilla Public Library, at-
                                                                               ing points on the value of librar-
     Apr. 30, 2007                       tended the Building Library Mar-
     July 31, 2007                                                             ies, as well as tips on how to ad-
                                         keting Communication Plans work-
                                                                               vocate. The Library Board mem-
                                         shop, held at Loussac Library dur-
   Article reprints are included                                               bers received handouts describ-
   with permission.                      ing September 2006. Peggy Bar-
                                                                               ing the network, a wallet card with
                                         ber and Linda Wallace of Library
                                                                               three advocacy talking points
   Pls. note: Editor must produce        Communication Strategies in Chi-
   pages (for printer) in multiples                                            about the libraries, and were of-
                                         cago trained 50 librarians during
   of four: 4 pages, 8 pages, 12,                                              fered CD-ROMs that contained
   etc. Your submission may need         their workshop tour of Alaska last
                                                                               the entire presentation they had
   to be altered due to space            fall. This workshop was sponsored
                                         by AkLA and was repeated in both
                                         Fairbanks and Juneau.                                       (Cont. on pg.10)
NEWSPOKE–ALASKA LIBRARY ASSOCIATION                                          Jan. - Mar. 2007           pg. 2

                     LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT
                                            Joe D’Elia

   Goodbye, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, adieu –

   Goodbye, that is, to my tenure as President of AkLA and good luck and best wishes to our new
   President, Jane Fuerstenau. Jane brings a wealth of experience to the office, and I predict that
   she will be an outstanding leader for our organization. And, she is surrounded by talented people.
   Your new Vice President, David Ongley, has served AkLA as ALA Representative for several
   years. Moreover, David chaired the local arrangements committee for the very successful AkLA
   Conference in Barrow in 2005. I am counting on David’s expertise and help when the confer-
   ence comes to Kodiak in 2009.

   Joyce McCombs takes over as AkLA Secretary, and I know she’ll excel in this important
   position. I have known Helen Hill for a number of years as a fellow member of the DirLead
   group of library directors. I have admired her contributions to DirLead, and I am very impressed
   by her efforts in getting a new library built in Homer. Helen will bring energy and talent to her
   position as PNLA Representative. Charlotte Glover has served AkLA as a Chapter Chair,
   Secretary, President, and PNLA Representative. Now she is our ALA Representative. Talk
   about serving the organization! And, finally, Diane Ruess continues the fine job she has been
   doing as Treasurer for AkLA. And I say, thank goodness for that!

   As I move on to become Past President, thank yous are in order. As I just mentioned, Diane
   Ruess has been a wonderful Treasurer. The organization is lucky to have her in this position for
   another year. Vice President Susan Grigg kept me organized concerning committees, chapters
   and roundtables. Secretary Caitlan Dixon slaved over meeting minutes and reminded us when
   our teleconferences were running over time. David Ongley and Corey Hall have been exem-
   plary AkLA representatives to ALA and PNLA, respectively. Thanks, also, to Amelia Jenkins
   and others for making the Juneau Conference possible and to all the Chapter, Committee and
   Roundtable chairs that I had the privilege to work with over the past year. And last but most
   certainly not least, thank you Ann Myren for all your help. You are one in a million.

   Well, you haven’t seen the last of me. As Past President I will be chairing the Nominating Com-
   mittee, so don’t be surprised when I ask you to run for office. Seriously, we need folks to step
   forward to make this organization work. So, please consider putting your name forward for the
   next election.

                                                                                       It’s been fun,
NEWSPOKE–ALASKA LIBRARY ASSOCIATION                                                    Jan. - Mar. 2007        pg. 3

“PicturingAmerica” applications are plications may be submitted on be-             • Romare Bearden, The Dove,
available online through March 19 half of the schools by school librar-            1964 (collage)
                                         ians, art teachers, classroom teach-
CHICAGO - The American Li- ers and other educators and school                      • James Karales, Selma-to-Mont-
brary Association (ALA) Public administrators. The online applica-                 gomery March for Voting Rights in
Programs Office (PPO), in collabo- tion is available at http://                    1965, 1965 (photograph)
ration with the National Endowment p u b l i c p r o g r a m s . a l a . o r g /
for the Humanities (NEH), is picturingamerica                                      • Dorothea Lange, Migrant
pleased to announce “Picturing                                                     Mother, 1936 (photograph)
America,” a new grant opportunity Among the artists and images fea-
for schools and school libraries.        tured in the “Picturing America”          • Norman Rockwell, Freedom of
                                         poster collection are the following:      Speech, 1943 (oil painting)
A pilot project of the National En-
dowment for the Humanities’ We • Grant Wood, The Midnight Ride                     • Martin Puryear, Ladder for Booker
the People program, “Picturing of Paul Revere, 1931 (oil painting)                 T. Washington, 1996 (wood sculpture)
America” has been created to pro-
mote the teaching, study and under- • Mary Cassatt, The Boating Party,             • Walker Evans, Brooklyn Bridge,
standing of American history and 1893/1894 (oil painting)                          1929 (photograph)
culture in K-12 schools through
examples of the nation’s most sig- • Joseph Stella, Brooklyn Bridge,               • Louis Comfort Tiffany, Autumn
nificant works of art and architec- ca. 1919 (oil painting)                        Landscape, 1923-1924 (stained
ture and to facilitate interdisciplinary                                           glass)
partnerships between school library • Charles Sheeler, American Land-
media specialists, art teachers, scape, 1928 (oil painting)                        • Mission Nuestra Señora de la
classroom instructors and other                                                    Concepción de Acuña, 1755, San
educators. “Picturing America” will • William Van Alen, Chrysler Build-            Antonio, Texas (architecture and
provide 500 public and private ing, New York, NY, 1928-1930                        fresco)
schools with a collection of 20 (architecture)
double-sided, laminated posters                                                    A complete list of “Picturing
(24" x 36") depicting works of • Edward Hopper, House by the                       America” images, as well as guide-
American art; related reading lists; Railroad, 1925 (oil painting)                 lines, programming ideas, and ap-
and a 100-page resource booklet                                                    plications, are available online at
with information about the paint- • Frank Lloyd Wright, Falling-         
ings, sculpture, architecture, and water (Kaufmann House, Mill                     picturingamerica. Online applica-
crafts reproduced.                       Run, PA), 1936-1939 (architec-            tions will be accepted January 8
                                         ture)                                     through March 19, 2007.
Public, private, parochial and char-
ter schools and home school con- • Jacob Lawrence, The Migration                   Applicants must describe how the
sortia (K-12) are eligible to receive Series, No. 57, 1940-1941 (tem-
“Picturing America” awards. Ap- pera painting)                                                         (Cont. on pg. 6)
NEWSPOKE–ALASKA LIBRARY ASSOCIATION                                                   Jan. - Mar. 2007 pg. 4

SEATTLE - More than 12,100 li- , 
brarians and other library staff, pub-   drew more than 5,000 more view-
lishers and guests filled the Wash-      ers. A complete list of award win-     Joe Klein, senior writer for Time
ington State Convention and Trade        ners is available online at            magazine and author of several
Center in Seattle for the American               best-selling books, drew a stand-
Library Association Midwinter                                                   ing-room-only crowd to the eighth
Meeting, January 19-24.                  Representatives from the Environ- annual Arthur Curley Memorial
                                         mental Protection Agency (EPA) Lecture, where he discussed “Is-
The conference kicked off with sev-      discussed the recent controversy lam, Iraq and the War on Terror.”
eral daylong programs devoted to         over closed regional libraries and Klein said he had used libraries ex-
how libraries are engag-                                                                  tensively to educate him-
ing technology to meet                                                                    self about Islam, national
the changing needs of                                                                     security and related top-
teens, scholars and                                                                       ics, and encouraged au-
families.Anational panel                                                                  dience members to in-
discussed how and why                                                                     crease displays and in-
teens interact online and                                                                 formation available on
discussed ways libraries                                                                  Islam. “The library was
can take advantage of                                                                     the place where the
free online tools to enhance services    the agency’s move to digitization. world opened to me,” he said.
to young adults as part of “Build-       There was no shortage of feedback
ing Teen Communities Online.”            from attendees, who voiced con- Two ALA divisions - the Associa-
                                         cerns about access to environmen- tion for Library Collections and
Another program explored how             tal, health and safety information. At Technical Services (ALCTS) and
podcasts translate in the educational    the urging of Congress, the Gov- the Young Adult Library Services
sphere and shared opportunities for      ernment Accountability Office has Association (YALSA) - kicked off
libraries to become more deeply          begun an investigation into the their 50th anniversaries during the
engaged on campus through them.          EPA’s practices in reorganizing and conference and plan a full year of
“Definitely Digital” investigated        recycling its materials and shutting events in 2007. More information
scholarship in the digital age, new      down some of its libraries. More is available on their Web sites,
communication models and digital         information is available at the ALA w w w. a l a . o rg / a l c t s 5 0 and
collections.                             Web page www.ala.o r g /
Books took center stage, however,                                               The Midwinter Meeting draws
when more than 1,000 attendees           Sessions from the ALA Washing- more than 10,000 leaders in the li-
packed the press conference to be        ton Office also forecast the 110th brary and information industry.
the first to learn about the best        Congress - including telecommuni- Some 425 exhibits feature the lat-
books for children and young adults      cations reform, reauthorization of est in books, videos, computers and
- including the Caldecott, King,         the No Child Left Behind Act and other materials available to today’s
Newbery and Printz Awards - on           unfinished appropriations bills. Ad- libraries and their users.
January 22. A live Webcast, which        ditional information on federal leg-
is archived and available at             islation can be found at                                    (Cont. on pg. 5))
NEWSPOKE–ALASKA LIBRARY ASSOCIATION                                                  Jan. - Mar. 2007         pg. 5

    (ALA Meeting -- Cont. from pg. 4)    winter Meeting.                        Exhibitor: 2,758
                                                                                Grand Total: 11,084
For more information re-                 Attendance Figures:                    2005 Boston
garding ALA Midwinter                                                           Registration: 10,028
                                         2007 Seattle
Meeting programs, please                                                        Exhibitor: 3,204
                                         Registration: 9,222
visit                                                    Grand Total: 13,232
                                         Exhibitor: 2,974
ALA will meet next at its An-
                                         Grand Total: 12,196
nual Conference in Washington,                                                             Contact: Macey Morales
D.C., June 21 to 27, and Phila-          2006 San Antonio                           ALA Media Relations Coordinator
delphia will host the 2008 Mid-          Registration: 8,326                                          312-280-4393

              PRESIDENT’S 2008 BUDGET
WASHINGTON - The American                Grants to States funding as this      tics. By investing in this analysis, the
Library Association (ALA) ap-            funding level will allow full imple-  government can evaluate which li-
plauds the funding increases for li-     mentation of a 2003 law to pro-       brary services best serve the needs
braries proposed in President            vide a more equitable distribution    of patrons, and librarians can adapt
Bush’s fiscal year (FY) 2008 bud-        of state formula grants.              policy to changing trends accord-
get and thanks the administration for                                          ingly. The ALA applauds the admin-
its consistent support of increased      “This Administration has demon- istration for this proposal and agrees
library funding. In an extremely tight   strated once again how important it will help to better meet Ameri-
fiscal environment, the President’s      libraries are to this country,” said cans’ needs from their libraries.
commitment to increase federal           Leslie Burger, President of the
funding for libraries demonstrates       American Library Association. The Improving Literacy Through
his recognition of the many ways         “The need for Federal support is School Libraries program was level-
libraries serve communities.             greater than ever, as libraries work funded.
                                         to do more with less.
The President’s Budget requests                                                “It’s wonderful to see another in-
$226,182,000 for the Library Ser-        These funds will allow for the con- crease in funding for libraries,” said
vices and Technology Act (LSTA),         tinued development of countless Emily Sheketoff, Executive Direc-
an increase of $15,585,000 over          valuable services that libraries pro- tor of the ALA Washington Office.
FY 2006 and an even bigger in-           vide, including Internet access, “The Improving Literacy Through
crease than LSTA would have re-          public meeting spaces, mentorship School Libraries program will help
ceived for FY 2007. The LSTA             programs, cultural development school libraries continue to provide
number includes an increase in the       series, and of course traditional li- students with up-to-date technology
Grants to States program, bringing       brary materials.”                     and top-quality, age-appropriate
funding for that program to                                                    reading materials. These resources
$171,500,000. The ALA has ac-            The Budget also includes $4 mil-
tively supported an increase in          lion for policy research and statis-                         (Cont. on pg. 6)
NEWSPOKE–ALASKA LIBRARY ASSOCIATION                                                   Jan. - Mar. 2007         pg. 6

            (NEH -- Cont. from pg. 3)   record of developing library pro-         literature, philosophy and other
                                        gramming initiatives, including the       areas of the humanities. NEH
                                        acclaimed reading and discussion          grants enrich classroom learning,
images and curriculum materials will    series “Let’s Talk About It,” film        create and preserve knowledge
be used by educators and school         discussion programs on humanities         and bring ideas to life through
library media specialists to deepen     themes, traveling exhibitions,            public television, radio, new tech-
students’ understanding of the          LIVE! @ your library®, and other          nologies, exhibitions and pro-
nation’s history and culture through    programs. Recently, it has estab-         grams in libraries, museums and
an introduction to some of              lished the Cultural Communities           other community places. “Pictur-
America’s art treasures. The im-        Fund, an endowment created to             ing America” grants are part of the
ages must remain on display during      help all types of libraries across the    NEH’s We the People program,
the September 2007 through May          country bring communities together        which aims to encourage and
2008 grant term. Applications must      through cultural programming              strengthen the teaching, study, and
also address the school’s plans for     ( More than              understanding of American history
future use of the images.               8,000 libraries and at least 10 mil-      and culture through libraries,
                                        lion individuals have participated in     schools, colleges, universities, and
Awards will be announced in May         library programming initiatives sup-      cultural institutions. For more in-
2007, and “Picturing America” col-      ported by the Public Programs Of-         formation about NEH and its We
lections will be distributed in Sep-    fice. For more information, visit         the People programs, visit
tember 2007. With questions,        or www.wethe
please contact the Public Programs                                      
Office at Created in 1965 as an independent
                                     federal agency, the National En-                                    Lainie Castle
Established in 1992, the ALA Public dowment for the Humanities sup-                        ALA Public Programs Office
Programs Office has a strong track ports lifelong learning in history,                      

  (ALA Applauds -- Cont. from pg. 5)    The Library Services and Technol-         materials, and model projects between
                                        ogy Act (LSTA) is the only federal        libraries and museums.
                                        program exclusively created for li-
are essential in order to ensure that                                             The Improving Literacy Through
                                        braries, and is administered by the
America has a strong 21st-Century                                                 School Library program is part of
                                        Institute of Museum and Library
workforce.”                                                                       the No Child Left Behind Act and is
                                        Services (IMLS). The law’s defini-
                                        tion of a library includes institutions   designed to improve student literacy
The Budget request includes
                                        of all types and sizes, such as pub-      skills and academic achievement by
$26,500,000 for The First Lady’s
                                        lic, academic, research, school,          providing schools with up-to date li-
Twenty-First Century Librarian
                                        state, and even digital libraries.        brary materials and to ensure that
Program, a $2,740,000 million in-
                                                                                  school library media centers are
crease over 2006. The funding in-
                                        The law includes grants for Native        staffed by well-trained and state cer-
crease demonstrates a consistent
commitment by the President and         American and Native Hawaiian library      tified school media specialists.
the First Lady to ensure that the       services, as well as National Leader-
nation has another generation of        ship grants aimed at education and
                                                                                                       Andy Bridges
trained librarians to serve its com-    training, research and demonstration               Communications Specialist,
munities.                               projects, the preservation of library                 ALA Washington Office
NEWSPOKE–ALASKA LIBRARY ASSOCIATION                                                    Jan. - Mar. 2007         pg. 7

AwesomeStories - the subscrip-      access to the site by simply re-              Web.” Links to audio/video clips
tion-based web site http://         questing it with this form. https://          (such as Dr. Martin Luther King’s                           speeches) or animations (such as
(with 125,000 links to primary      signup.php?ua=individual                      how to make a mummy, build a
sources at national archives, li-   _signup We recognize that many                pyramid or design a Viking ship)
braries, government and aca-        students, and their families, cannot          help to engage students and hold
demic websites worldwide) and       afford ‘extras’ like on-line subscrip-        their interest. It is anticipated that
freely used in more than 25,000     tion fees. In an effort to encourage          stories behind the films “Miss Pot-
schools and libraries - recently    students, and others, to read - and           ter” and “Eragon” will be on the
announced a holiday gift for stu-   to assist them as they use the                site shortly. A privacy policy http:/
dents which has been extended       Internet to research topics and lo-           /
through the month of January        cate primary sources - we are say-            tent/privacy.shtml is strictly en-
(to assist students as they begin   ing ‘Happy Holidays!’”                        forced.
their search for topics, and
sources, on African-American        With their individual password,               Free academic-group status - for
History Month):                     people can access the database                educators, schools and libraries -
                                    from any computer connected to                is always available, without re-
“As our holiday gift to students,   the Internet. A story about the sci-          striction, by submitting this form.
their parents and the general       ence of spiders http://                       https://
public, we are waiving the          w w w. a w e s o m e s t o r i e s . c o m    signup.php?ua=group_signup
$9.95 annual subscription fee.      movies/charlottes_web/
There will be no ‘group access’     charlottes_web_ch1.htm was re-                   Carole Bos,Dean’s Advisory Board
for these memberships, but stu-     cently released to coincide with the                 Grand Valley State University
dents (and their parents, if they   above announcement and the                                Grand Rapids, MI 49504
wish) can receive free individual   opening of the movie “Charlotte’s                        

                             MARGARET LEIBOWITZ
   Juneau resident Margaret Leibowitz died Jan. 12, 2007, in Juneau. She was 78.She worked
   for the Alaska State Library from 1963 to 1985 and retired after serving as deputy director for
   many years.

   As deputy director for the state library system, she helped numerous Alaska communities
   establish local libraries. She was one of the incorporating members of the Alaska Library
   Association and was active in the Pacific Northwest Library Association. After retiring from
   civil service, she volunteered for Friends of the Library.

   The family requests that instead of flowers, memorial donations be made to the Juneau Friends
   of the Library, 292 Marine Way, Juneau, AK, 99801, or to the Juneau Arts and Humanities
   Council, 206 N. Franklin St., Juneau, AK, 99801.
                                                                                 Juneau Empire January 24, 2007
NEWSPOKE–ALASKA LIBRARY ASSOCIATION                                                    Jan. - Mar. 2007         pg. 8

                              BOOK BUZZ –JANUARY 2007
                              Compiled by Patience Frederiksen

The Bookseller of Kabul, by               Do Re Mi: If You Can Read Mu-           munity reading event. (Karen Keller,
Asne Seirstad, 2003, is a good            sic, Thank Guido D’Arezzo, by           Anchorage Municipal Libraries)
read. Told from a woman’s point           Susan L. Roth, 2006. Nancy Ferrell
of view, this book takes place in         of Juneau reports that this juvenile                  **********
Afghanistan in 2001. The author           book provides a system of lines and
gives an inside look at what people       spaces for music, with excellent        Adults might have fun reading about
learn to deal with in their everyday      text and illustrations. “If you can     Gregor the Overlander, a juve-
lives: not being able to go to the                                                nile series written by Suzanne
store or speak in mixed company.                                                  Collins. Six books have been pub-
These are things that we take for                                                 lished so far. Gregor is just a nor-
granted. It was surprising to me that     read musical notes, you can sing mal 11 year old boy, trying to get
all this is going on right now and to     any song or play any piece. But mu- along in life with what has been dealt
discover what we are really fight-        sical notes have not always been to him: a missing dad, an over-
ing for in Afghanistan. (Audrey Bad-      here. Long ago, songs were memo- worked mother, a grandmother
ger, Palmer Public Library)               rized. If songs were forgotten, they who is bedridden, and two younger
                                          were lost forever. Thanks to one sisters. When his youngest sister falls
             **********                   man, Guido D’Arezzo, music now into the underland, he has to fol-
                                          can last forever.” (Summary from http:/ low, only to find an entire world
Bulls-Eyes and Misfires: 50               /                        with threatened by war clouds. An
People Whose Obscure Efforts                                                      adult could steam through these
                Shaped the Ameri-                       **********                well-written, non-stop action books
                   can Civil War, by                                              in little time. (Gillian Dabney, Ander-
                      Clint Johnson,      Fahrenheit 451, by Ray son Village Library)
                        2002.Very         Bradbury. Originally published in
                          easy read       1953, this book is more relevant                      **********
                          ing. Johnson    than ever a half-century later. A
                         takes on–        book for the ages and for all ages, Leaving Microsoft to Change
                         perhaps a        13 to 93, the book depicts a scary the World: An Entrepreneur’s
                         little too su-   future in which books are illegal and Odyssey to Educate the World’s
                        perficially–      happily so, because citizens are too Children, by John Wood, 2006.
some of the most cherished histori-       busy watching their wall-sized tele- Wow,talk about inspirational!
cal assessments. Johnson treats           visions and listening to their in-ear                             John Wood
some people much better and some          “seashell” radios to care about the                                chronicles
much worse than mainline histori-         loss of good literature… hmmm.                                      his journey
ans usually have. It’s interesting to     Censorship and freedom of thought                                     f r o m
read about “just people,” rather          are just of few of the “burning” is-                                   hard-
than battles, leaders and campaigns.      sues the book addresses. Fahren-                                       driving
(Larry Hibpshman, Alaska State Ar-        heit 451 is the featured book for                                     Microsoft
chives)                                   The Big Read, Anchorage Munici-
                                          pal Library’s one book/one com-                                 (Cont.on pg. 9)
NEWSPOKE–ALASKA LIBRARY ASSOCIATION                                                   Jan. - Mar. 2007         pg. 9

      (Book Buzz -- Cont. from pg. 8 )                                            hurricane in Galveston, Texas.
                                                                                  These books entertain and teach
executive to CEO and creator of                                                   while they inspire you to delve even
                                         The Thirteenth Tale, by Diane
the non-profit “Room To Read,”                                                    more deeply into history. (Mary Jo
                                         Setterfield, 2006. Main character
which has built more than 2,000                                                   Joiner, Kenai Community Library)
                                                                   Vida Winter
schools and libraries for children                                 has been an
across Asia. From sorting piles of                                                             **********
                                                                   author for
books in a garage to fundraising                                   60 years,
banquets around the world, you’ll                                                 The Worst Hard Time: The Un-
                                                                   but after giv-
cheer as John uses his astonishing                                                told Story of Those Who Sur-
                                                                   ing inter-
drive and managerial skills to make                                               vived the Great American Dust
                                                                   views for all
a difference in the lives of children.                                            Bowl, by Timothy Egan, 2006. We
                                                                   of those
(Charlotte Glover, Ketchikan Public                                               all know the other side of this story,
                                                                   years, noth-
Library)                                                                          having made that long road trip with
                                                                   ing is known
                                                                                  the Joads to California, but what of
                                                                   about her.
                                         Why? Because she tells each inter-
Nowhere in Africa, by Stefanie
                                         viewer a different story. Now she
Zweig, 2004, is an autobiographi-
                                         is ready to tell the truth, in her own
cal novel about a
                                         way, no asking questions and no
Jewish family
                                         skipping ahead. A great read.
that fled                             (Gillian Dabney, Anderson Village Li-
Nazi Ger-                             brary)
many in
1938. The fam-                                     **********
ily emigrated to
Kenya, where the fa-                  What do Marconi and the telegraph          their neighbors who stayed behind?
ther, who had prac-                   have to do with the notorious Dr.          This book shows the causes, ex-
ticed as a lawyer in Germany, ended Crippen of London? Read                      tent, and human impact of the eco-
up as a farmer. This is an amazing                                               logical disaster that caused millions
                                      Thunderstruck, by Erik Larson,
story of survival, culture shock, and                                            of tons of topsoil to blow away in
                                      2006, to find out. The author takes
family love. (Ellen Borders, Haines                                              epic storms that, at times, reached
                                                          what seem to
Borough Public Library)                                                          the nation’s capital. The color of the
                                                          be two wildly
                                                                                 dust told where it had come from:
                                                          disparate sto-
              **********                                                         black dust from the north, red dust
                                                          ries        and        from the west, yellow from the
Team of Rivals, by Doris Kearns                           weaves them            south. Housewives kept towels
Goodwin, 2005. This book is heavy                         together for a         wrapped around the handles of
sledding, but is still an interesting                     fascinating look       their ovens and men would not
multi-biography of Abraham Lin-                           at history. This       shake hands so they could avoid
coln, William Seward, Salmon non-fiction reads like the best fic-                nasty discharges of static elec-
Chase, Edward Bates, Ewind tion. While you are at it, go back                    tricity during the storms. Children
McMaster Stanton and how they and read the author’s two previous                 and cattle both succumbed to
won the Civil War. (Larry Hibpshman, books The Devil in the White                dust pneumonia during the Dirty
Alaska State Archives)                City (2004), about Chicago and             Thirties. Not a happy read, but a
                                      the World’s Fair, and Isaac’s              fascinating one. (Patience Frederiksen,
              **********              Storm (2000), about the 1900               Alaska State Library)
NEWSPOKE–ALASKA LIBRARY ASSOCIATION                                                                            Jan. - Mar. 2007          pg. 10

           (Marketing -- Cont. from pg. 1)One board member gave the                                        the top posters from each library
                                     presentation to the Palmer Friends                                    and have them made into book-
just witnessed.                      of the Library group. She gave out                                    marks. She plans to approach lo-
                                     copies of her wallet card with “The                                   cal businesses to sponsor the cost
These items were essential for the Message” and three talking points                                       of the project and in return, will list
next stage of the marketing journey: to the Friends.                                                       the contributing businesses as
The librarians challenged the Li-                                                                          “Champions of the Library” on the
brary Board members to do three          Using the information from the                                    back of each bookmark.
things to advocate for libraries be- wallet card, the Palmer Friends de-
fore their board meeting in January veloped a bookmark and began                                               The Sutton representative has
2007. Each board member pledged cooperating with the Wasilla                                               also started working at the Fron-
to take “The Message” (which is Friends of the Library on a post-                                          tiersman newspaper. She has been
that MSLN libraries are a good card campaign to support funding                                            pitching the idea– to all the report-
value for taxpayers and a vital part for libraries..........................                               ers, but especially to the new re-
of the Matanuska-Susitna Borough                                                                           porters, of writing stories on the
community, along with the three           Several of the other libraries                                   libraries.
talking points) to different commu- showed interest in the postcard
nity groups, such as the Lions Club, campaign. Representatives from the                                         The Talkeetna Representative
the Elks, and the Borough Assem- Big Lake, Willow and Sutton librar-                                       has investigated the cost of adding
bly.                                 ies all took postcards to pass on to                                  a 24 x 24 foot addition to the
                                     their patrons to garner support for                                   Talkeetna Public Library and is
This winter, the Borough Library funding the libraries..................                                   working to get the cost of the addi-
Board members rose to the chal-                                                                            tion written into the proposed bud-
lenge issued by the Mat-Su librar-       Another board member called                                       get.
ians and went a-marketing: all of her teacher friends and got
                                     them well riled up about funding for                                 What will this flurry of advocacy
                                                                                                          activity mean for libraries in the
     One board member contacted the libraries........................
                                                                                                          Mat-Su Borough? It is hard to say
the Greater Palmer Chamber of
Commerce to give the library ad-                                      Yet another library board mem- at this point, especially since the
vocacy presentation at the                                         ber met with a representative serv- funding for the libraries in Wasilla
Chamber’s January meeting.                                         ing on the Borough Assembly to and Palmer is being threatened.
                                                                   discuss library funding issues. She Currently, there are seven libraries
    The Willow representative on                                   continues to attend Wasilla City in the Mat-Su Library Network–
the Mat-Su Library Board gave the                                  Council meetings to advocate for the two city-owned-and-run librar-
presentation for the board of the                                  the Wasilla Public Library and is ies, Wasilla and Palmer, and the five
Friends of the Willow Library.                                     planning to meet with the Borough borough-owned-and-run libraries:
                                                                   Board of Realtors..................... Big Lake, Sutton, Talkeetna, Trap-
                                                                                                          per Creek and Willow.
    The Palmer representative wrote
a letter to a borough assembly mem-                                    The Sutton representative is
                                                                                                           Last summer, each city received a
ber, telling him that libraries are a                              working with the Greater Wasilla
                                                                                                           letter from the Borough manager,
good value for taxpayers. The as-                                  Chamber of Commerce, which is
                                                                                                           John Duffy, stating that due to tax
sembly member wrote back and                                       sponsoring an Iditarod Days poster
                                                                                                           cap issues, the cities should no
stated that he would support a                                     contest. The libraries are distribut-
                                                                                                           longer plan to receive the block
supplement to add money to the                                     ing information about the poster
budget for the Palmer Public Li-                                   contest to interested children. The
b r a r y. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   Sutton representative plans to take                         (Cont. on pg. 11)
NEWSPOKE–ALASKA LIBRARY ASSOCIATION                                                 Jan. - Mar. 2007          pg. 11

      (Marketing --Cont. from pg. 10)   makes up about half of each             vital part of the Matanuska-
                                        library’s budget. Roughly eighty        Susitna Borough community.
grant from the Matanuska-Susitna percent of the patrons serviced by
Borough. Due to the way in which these city libraries are non-city bor-         Working together, the MSLN li-
monies are collected for property                                               braries have become a system in
                                        ough residents.
taxes in the borough, the money used                                            which the whole is greater than the
to help the city libraries could not be                                         sum of the parts. Nothing is certain
                                        The Mat-Su librarians hope that
used to add funding to the borough                                              at this point in time; however, a loss
libraries; it would quite simply go to the advocacy efforts described in        of funding would almost certainly
other services provided by the this article will demonstrate to                 lead to a loss in services for all li-
Matanuska-Susitna Borough.              assembly members and to oth-
                                                                                brary patrons, which would be a
                                        ers working on the borough bud-
                                                                                tragedy for everyone.
For the Wasilla and Palmer public get that the Matanuska-Susitna
libraries, the funding from the Library Network libraries are a                                 Patience Frederiksen
Matanuska-Susitna Borough good value for taxpayers and a                                         K.J. Martin-Albright

As part of its legal defense in a law-   ing buying, and Yahoo and              to furnish Google with the informa-
suit over its book-scanning project,     Microsoft are members of an alli-      tion it seeks. In a letter explaining
Google has sought information from       ance that is working to develop a      its decision, an attorney from Ya-
other companies about similar            vast online library, not unlike what   hoo said, “There is simply no need
projects. The lawsuit was brought        Google is building with its Book       for Google to be peering into the
by a group of publishers and the         Search program. Google believes        minds and computers of Yahoo
Authors Guild, alleging that             that information about those efforts   employees.”
Google violates their copyrights         will bolster its defense. Following
when it scans protected books. ’s refusal last month to                      Educause Dec. 1, 2006 offers shoppers pre-          provide Google with requested de-      Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 29 11-2-06
views of books they are consider-        tails, Yahoo has similarly declined

Microsoft has released a test ver-       Google is scanning in-copyright        fornia, and the University of
sion of its competitor to                books, though only books out of        Toronto. Books from three other
Google’s controversial book-             copyright will be available on its     institutions will go online in early
scanning project. Unlike Google’s        site. One of the features of Live      2007.. ............................
program, Microsoft’s Live Search         Search Books will allow users to
Books, which went online De-             access and search the full texts of
cember 7, is only scanning out-of-       books included in the program.                       BBC, 6 December 2006
copyright books or those whose           When Microsoft’s site goes live,
copyright owners have given ex-          it will include texts from the Brit- technology/
plicit permission. By contrast,          ish Library, the University of Cali-   6213260.stm
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