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									 Online Education: The Wave of the

A Jenny Walko, Steven Fye, and Alex Paradis presentation…
• E-learing is the wave of the future
• World continues to speed up
• Evolution
  – Computer
  – Internet
  – Classes
  – Universities
                    To Come…

•   Large online facilities
•   Small online facilities
•   Advantages
•   Disadvantages
•   Future
     Advantages of Online Education
Designed to help kids that don’t have time to go to school actually
get the education they deserve. Two example of this are…

 Micah Williams, an actor and a high school student at Lutheran High School in
Orange County, California. He was able to get his education online at the OLO
(Orange County Lutheran High School Online) and pursue his career as an actor at
the same time without skipping a beat.
 Dan Hathaway, a kid raised on a farm doesn’t have a fair chance at achieving a
“normal” education because his father is never home and his mother doesn’t have
time to take him to school, due to the extensive farm work that has to be taken
care of. He also attends the OLO and is getting straight ‘A’s. In addition to him
getting good grades, he is also able to tend the farm at home.
     Advantages of Online Education
 The distance learning aspect of online education helps kids to attain more
 This distance learning also gives the student a sense of individualism, as many
courses are taught half in a physical world and half in a cyber world.
Disadvantages of Online Education
 Many students cannot complete the assignments without that physical
  teacher present.
   Disadvantages of Online Education
 When a student has a question regarding an assignment, it is much
  harder for the student to get a clear-cut immediate response with the use
  of e-mail.
   Disadvantages of Online Education
 Online, students have a much higher chance of cheating and this limits the
  student’s ability to absorb the material on his/her own.
 Out of 3,123 students surveyed in a study done by Who’s Who Among
  High School Students, 80% of the participants admitted to cheating on an
  exam online.
         Large Online Facilities
• Larger schools usually geared towards adults
• Common degrees: arts and animation,
  business, computer networking, computer
  science, education and teaching, engineering,
  law and paralegal, medical, and nursing
         Top 5 Online Universities
•   Devry University Online
•   Everest College Online
•   Capella University Online
•   Westwood College
•   The University of Phoenix Online
•   Online universities offer: Associate, Bachelor,
    Certificate, Master, JD, MBA, and PhD degrees
         Small Online Facilities
• Land based schools offer online access
• Specific classes, high school level, and smaller
• Allows drop outs to get the GED
• Classes can use online resources to learn both
  in and out of the classroom
     Future of Online Education
• 200,000 in 2000 to 1.5 million in 2006
• More directed towards college students
• Improvements
  – Better teacher/ student relationships
  – Better curriculum
•   Very high demand for college education
•   Need for E-learning
•   World continues to speed up
•   Get education on ones personal schedule
•   Can only get better

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