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                          REGISTRATION FOR THE 2005 SEASON
Manly Allambie United Soccer Club invites all players to re-register for the 2005 season. The proposed
amalgamation with Manly Vale Soccer Club do not eventuate and we will be strengthening the club. This year
we are providing free socks to all sub junior players and all registered sub juniors and juniors will
go into a draw for 2 bikes (either BMX or mountain) to be drawn on 2 April 2005.

Enclosed is a registration form and information regarding registration and material you may need to provide.
Invite your friends to play, extra forms are available at registration or call the registrar.

Registration fees cover Manly Warringah Football Association fees, player insurance, referee fees (where
applicable), council playing fees, sporting union fees, club expenses for shirts, footballs, newsletters, trophies,
etc. Fees are also subsidised by profits raised from the Club canteen.

It is the policy of our club that we do not require players to participate in any fundraising activities during the

      Registration days will be held at the Millers Reserve Canteen on Campbell Parade near the
      corner of Condamine Street, Manly Vale on:
                            Saturday 5 February 10:00am - 3:00pm
                            Saturday 12 February 10:00am - 3:00pm
       Senior Registration & BBQ Sunday 27 February 1:00pm - 5:00pm
 All registrations must be completed on a Manly Allambie United registration form.
 U6 to U9 - new registrations only, birth certificates need to be sighted only to ensure correct age group.
 U10 – all players must provide a recent passport sized photograph for use on their player ID card and
  provide a photocopy of a document providing proof of age, such as a birth certificate or passport.
 U13, U16 and womens U16 – all returning players must provide a recent passport sized photograph.
 U10 to U18, O35 and womens O35 – new players must provide a recent passport sized photograph
  for use on their player ID card and provide a photocopy of a document providing proof of age, such as a
  birth certificate, passport or driver’s licence.
 Amateur League – new players must provide a recent passport sized photograph.
 U18, AL, womens AL, O35 and womens O35-
  1. All players who did not play with Manly Allambie in 2004 must complete and sign a ‘Register with
       MWFA’ form.
  2. If you were registered with a club outside MWFA in 2004, but within Australia, you must provide a
       clearance from that previous club, on a club letterhead and signed by the club registrar or secretary.
  3. If you were registered with an overseas club in 2004, you must provide a clearance from that club, on
       a club letterhead and signed by a club committee member or alternatively sign a Statutory Declaration
       and witnessed by a Justice of the Peace. (Forms available from registrar).
  4. The following applies to players who are full time students and wish to pay the student insurance rate
       (student insurance does not cover loss of earnings if you need to take time off work following an
       4.1 ‘School’ below applies to high schools, TAFE, colleges and universities.
       4.2 You must supply a photocopy of a current student ID card, showing your name, name of school
            and the current year (2005) or an expiry date later than the end of the football season (August
            2005). Last year’s student ID expiring in March 2005 are NOT acceptable.
       4.3 If your student ID does not display a date or you are not able to obtain an update of last year’s
            card, you should supply a photocopy of your receipt for fees paid to the school, showing date paid
            and the name of the school.

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                   BOX 9, 343 CONDAMINE STEEET               
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        4.4 Alternatively, you can provide a letter from the school, stating your name and attesting that you
            are enrolled at that school for the year 2005.
        4.5 If a number of senior players are attending the same school, a single letter, as above, listing all
            players is sufficient.
        4.6 For U18 and above, if you cannot provide any of the above at time of registration, full payment is
            required, with student reduction to be refunded when adequate proof of full-time student status is

       1. No registration will be accepted without all the required documentation, including
          fees, being supplied.
       2. Payment difficulties: Alternative arrangements may be possible. A letter, outlining circumstances,
          will be considered by the Club Executive.
       3. The Club will endeavour to place each applicant for registration in a team which is appropriate to
          his/her age and skill level. Acceptance of this registration form and the associated fee does not
          guarantee placement. If a suitable team is not available, the fee will be refunded.
       4. The Club will only enter a team with the MWFA if enough players have paid total fees to cover the
          team entry cost by the scheduled MWFA team entry cut-off date.
       5. Player withdrawal: Fee refund or part thereof, is at the discretion of the Club Executive. A written
          application is required stating the reason/s for withdrawal. No refund is available due to an MWFA
          decision relating to the placement position of a team in an MWFA competition.

On this day, players will be put into teams and managers and coaches will be arranged.
The Sub-Junior Orientation Day will be held at Millers Reserve Canteen on:

                           Sunday 20 February         11:00am - 12:30pm.

Information on grading and/or training arrangements will be issued at registration.

U6 to U8 Players are not graded but are placed in teams based on social or geographical criteria.

U9 to U18 Players If there are enough players for more than one team in any age group, it is Club policy
that all players are to be graded based on skill level.

The Club carefully considers which MWFA division is appropriate for each team so that players will be
challenged and have fun. Each Club requests their preferred placements. However, the MWFA makes the
final decision on which division each team will be placed in. Clubs cannot appeal the MWFA placements.

All players, including Sub-Juniors, are required by the MWFA to wear football boots and shin pads. Playing
shirts are provided by the Club. Club socks can be purchased at the canteen. Some second hand boots are
also available at the canteen.
Dates for trial games will be advised at registration & the playing season begins on Saturday 2 April 2005.

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                   BOX 9, 343 CONDAMINE STEEET                 
                   MANLY VALE 2093 NSW

PLAYING FEES FOR 2005 (Including Player Insurance and GST)
                                                                        FEE –                   FEE –
                            YEAR BORN IN          AGE GROUP
                                                                      CASH/CHQ               CREDIT CARD
   Sub-Juniors             1999/2000                    U6                   $120                    $126
                           1998                         U7                   $120                    $126
                           1997                         U8                   $120                    $126
                           1996                         U9                   $120                    $126

   Juniors                 1995                        U10                   $130                    $136
                           1994                        U11                   $130                    $136
                           1993                        U12                   $130                    $136
                           1992                        U13                   $130                    $136
                           1991                        U14                   $130                    $136
                           1990                        U15                   $130                    $136
                           1989                        U16                   $130                    $136

   Seniors                 1987 or 1988                U18                   $200                    $210
                                                       AL1                   $250                    $260
                                                   AL2 / AL2R                $210                    $220
                                                   AL4 – AL10                $190                    $200
                                                   Womens AL1                $210                    $220
                                                 Womens AL2 – AL5            $190                    $200
                           1970 or earlier          O35/1 - 2                $220                    $230
                                                    O35/3 - 4                $190                    $200
                                                   Womens O35                $190                    $200

  Note: Credit card payment includes a fee to cover bank charges.
  Seniors: Student discount available on proof of full time student status

Under 6 to Under 18 teams:
2 players: 10% off total registration fee
3 players: 20% off total registration fee
4 players: 30% off total registration fee
Womens: 50% off registration fee with 1 or more child registered with MAUSC
The club will reimburse any coach who wishes to undertake a Level 1 or Level 2 coaching course.


Registrar          Trevor Watson       h: 9975 5280    w: 9782 1625
President          Dave Howell         h: 9905 0745    m: 0418 261 832
Secretary          Rob Hessell         h: 9948 3814    m: 0416 082 540

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