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					The microwave finally chimed to signal its completed cycle and the door was quickly wrenched open. Hurley grabbed the Hot Pocket and gasped at it burnt his hand. Sam giggled. “I told you to use a plate,” she grinned as Hurley tossed the aptly named food from hand to hand. “Hello, Hugo.” Sam jumped in surprise at the sudden, new voice. Hurley screamed and span around, lobbing the burning Hot Pocket towards the intruder. It hit the wall and smeared downwards as Sam’s eyes focused in on Benjamin Linus. Hurley pressed himself back against the kitchen counter. “Get away from me. Get away!” “What the hell are you doing here?” Sam’s voice was a mixture of fear and disgust. Ben ignored her and spoke calmly to Hurley only. “Hugo, I know you're in trouble. And I can assure you I've taken care of everything. I have a car waiting for us out back. The police didn't see me come in. I can get you out of here.” “No way, dude. Sayid warned me about you.” “Hurley, do not listen to him. You can’t trust him, ever,” Sam argued desperately. “Excuse me, Sam, I’m trying to have a conversation,” Ben said quickly. He turned back to Hurley with a sugared tone. “Hugo, I’m taking you to Sayid. He’s with Jack. That’s why I’m here, Hugo; Jack called me. How else would I know that they’re together?” Hurley stopped and actually considered what Ben was saying. Sam mentally willed him to ignore Ben’s fake words. Finally, Hurley stammered, “No. You’re playing one of your… mind games. They would never trust you.” Sam grinned to herself. Ben nodded. “In their defense, I’m not an easy person to trust. But they came around when they realized we all want the same thing.” “What’s that?” “To go back to the Island.” Sam stared open-mouthed at him. How could he even suggest such a thing? Hurley simply gazed forwards, not actually looking at Ben, but through him, lost in thought.

“Come with us, Hugo,” Ben continued, softly. “And this will be over and you can stop hiding. You can stop worrying about the stories and the deceptions. If you come with me, you won’t ever have to lie again.” Hurley pondered the offer as Sam frowned menacingly at Ben. This didn’t sound right. “Please?” Ben pushed, and took a few steps towards Hurley. “Let me help you.” Hurley finally met Ben’s gaze. The smaller man gave a quick, disgustingly sweet smile, apparently an attempt at reassurance. Suddenly, Hurley yelled, “Never, dude!” and sprinted for the front door. Sam acted quicker than Ben and chased after her friend. To her horror, however, Hurley ripped the front door open and made straight for the planted police car, shouting and waving his arms. “Hey! Hey, you got me! That’s right, you got me!” “Hurley, no!” Sam screamed. He ignored her as the two policemen got out of their car and drew their weapons on him. “Stop, police! Step towards me. Slowly drop down to your knees.” As the men put Hurley in handcuffs, Sam stopped in the driveway and merely looked on at the unfolding scene in dismay, Ben behind her. Hurley looked back at Ben and grinned in triumph. “I’m a murderer. I killed four peoplethree people. However many are dead, I killed them. I killed them all. Just… just get me away from here.” The policemen began reciting Hurley his rights as they took him away. “Just get me outta here.” Once Hurley was in the police car and out of view, Sam rounded on Ben, a rare fury burning in her eyes. She glared at him for nearly a full thirty seconds before storming back towards the house. Ben seized her arm as she passed, however, pulling her around. “What the hell d’you think you’re doing? Get off me,” Sam growled, trying to shake him off, but Ben’s hand wouldn’t budge. He spoke in the calm, eerie voice he always used. “I can’t let you go back in there, Samantha.” “Why not?” She tried again to wrench her arm free. “Because I need you to come with me.”

Sam felt cold metal push into her gut and she looked down at Ben’s Glock pistol. Sam gaped at him again as he finally snarled. “Now.”

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