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Louis Pasteur Fundamental Middle School Bands

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					                      Louis Pasteur Fundamental Middle School
                               Mrs. Markley Rm. 107
Welcome to the Louis Pasteur Fundamental Middle School Choir!

My goal is to provide you with a musical foundation to grow upon. I plan on doing this
in a caring, fun, and respectful environment. I look forward to meeting each of you as we
begin this new year. Music is a wonderful skill that is for a lifetime.

If you have any questions, please email me at Pasteur:

                                       Classroom Rules
1.   Students are expected to be in their assigned seats when the bell rings.
2.   The binder reminder is the only hallway pass.
3.   Follow directions.
4.   No food, gum, candy or drinks.
5.   Raise your hand for permission to speak or get a drink of water.
6.   Practice Respect in order to receive Respect.

                               Classroom Procedures
1. Name = Warning
2. Name + check = lunch detention
3. Name + 2 checks = buddy room and phone call home
4. Office Referral

*Students can earn their name/check off of the board by choosing to quietly follow Mrs.
Markley’s classroom rules.

Gum – if caught, throw it away. Asked twice and you get classroom cleaning duty!

                                       Concert Dress
Gentlemen: Black pants, black button- up shirts, black socks, and solid black shoes.
Ladies: Black skirts, dresses or pants, black blouse, b lack dress shoes. Skirt length
should be below the knees when seated.

For field trips all choir students should wear Choir or Pasteur shirts and blue jeans. You
have the option of pants or shorts.
Academic: Grades will be based on in class participation, tests, quizzes, and
Citizenship: Individual evaluation will be based on Mrs. Markley’s set of classroom
Make-ups and Extra Credit: One concert may be made up by attending a “pre-
approved outside concert” (community groups, symphonies, college and university
groups, community bands, etc.), submitting a program and one page review of the
concert. Student grades will drop one grade letter for every other concert missed after

                                   Books and Materials
Choir: Choir students will need a small, black, three-ring binder. Bring a pencil, school
binder and binder reminder. Books and music will be on loan. Students are responsible
for lost, stolen, or abused music.

I look forward to a great year!

Mrs. Markley