Marketing _ Startup by wuxiangyu


Bangalore Entrepreneur Meetup, Sunday Aug 9th
   Marketing deals with identifying & meeting human & social
   “meeting needs profitably”
   A marketer is someone who seeks a response from another
    party, called the prospect
   Needs, Wants & Demands – starting point
   Target Markets, Positioning & Segmentation
   Offerings & Brands – across marketing channels
   Competition – how is the competition?
   Marketing for Consumers & Business – requires different
We will mostly talk about consumer products / services here
Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning
   Demographics, Geographical, Behavior
   Understand which segments you want to market
   Selected segments of the market – is your target for
    marketing your product
   Each target segment – will need a different means / way of
   Ex: Leather Shoe – you want to market the shoes to 22-
    26yrs working men & 50-55yrs retiring folks
   Positioning to a segment, need to deliver the message to
    target users
   NOTE: Be careful on your target selection, no point in trying
    to sell to all the segments
Sales = Marketing?
   Sales is not Marketing
   Marketing gives you the insight for positioning your product
   Sales is using marketing inputs, channels to sell your product
    or service
   Marketing has spread the word about product & created
    the awareness to right people
   Sales help you talk to these aware people & get the
   Sales could be like 6 blind people, giving different
    description of Elephant, without the right marketing backing
   Do I need to spend on Marketing or Sales force good for
Marketing Channels
   Web
       Banner Ads
       Paid Searches
   Word of Mouth
       Spread the word through high profile people
   Radio
       Ads or Sponsorship
       Talk shows
   Print
       Write Articles on Paper or Ads
   Mobile
       SMS
   Social Media
       Web is becoming Social, recognize – if you are targeting netizens
Take Away!
Hope this session was helpful & you have identified
  key take away for your startup!

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